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Published on 03/13/2012 at Tue Mar 13 14:48.
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Reunited and it feels so… well, weird for this Denver Broncos fan. Former Broncos BFF’s Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler are about to be teammates again after the Chicago Bears reportedly traded two third round draft picks to the Miami Dolphins to acquire the 27-year-old, high maintenance wideout.

Marshall is the type of tall playmaker the Bears have been looking for since they acquired Cutler via trade in 2009.

The Dolphins traded two second round draft picks in 2010 for Marshall’s services, who tallied 167 catches for 2,228 yards in two seasons with the club. Not bad to get that production then turn it into a pair of third-rounders.

The reunions don’t stop there — Marshall will also be joining former Broncos offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates, who signed with the Bears this offseason. Cutler and Marshall’s on-field relationship was the focal point of Bates’ offense in Denver, and it led to both Cutler and Marshall having their best statistical seasons in 2008.

It’ll be surreal seeing this trio performing together again, in blue and orange no less. Now if only we can convince the Bears to hire Josh McDaniels as head coach next year…

Bears acquire Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall [Chicago Tribune]

  • Anonymous

    Some are saying that they got rid of Marshall per Mannings request.  As ridiculous as that sounds, I hope it isn’t true.  Come on PM, sign with Denver!!

  • Monty

    Big thanks to Steve and Craig for the tip.

  • Monty

     I wondered this too. Might have more on this.

  • Fan From Spain

    or they made sure PM has no one to throw to in Miami…

  • Anonymous

    /crossed fingers.  I hope your right.

  • Anonymous

    Wanker and Whiner together again!

  • CJ

    Glad to see more than one city can’t handle that damn personality disorder drama queen 

  • Jon

    Bla bla bla… I’d rather have Thomas/Decker/Wayne and Manning!

  • Anonymous

    Jim Rome thought it was ridiculous:

    @jimrome: Peyton might have had concerns about playing with Brandon Marshall, but is fired up to play w/ Hartline and Bess? Wait, what?

  • Anonymous

    No way.  If it’s true, they’d wait until after he signed to trade BM.  

  • Virginiabronco

    Peyton stopped off in Denver to fuel the jet.   He never intended to play in Denver.  Just used the inexperienced front office to bid him up a bit and airport to fuel the jet.  That was it.  I can’t believe all the Denver fans fell for this. Save your energy and passion for the draft picks.  Truth be known, Denver was never on a short list or a long list. 
    It makes perfect sense that PM would want Marshall out of there so he could claim he had nothing to do with it.  IF they traded him after Manning arrived, the media would have been questioning that for weeks.  This way, it is all out of the way for him to arrive in Maimi though I am still not fully convinced it won’t be Arizona. 
    One thing is for sure, IT was NEVER Denver.