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Published on 03/11/2012 at Sun Mar 11 22:23.
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(Image courtesy of John Leba/The Denver Post)

Amidst reports that Peyton Manning will choose his team by either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, KCNC’s Vic Lombardi just tweeted that Manning is 95% likely to sign with the Denver Broncos and that Manning in fact has, ‘Just contacted the Broncos‘.

Meaning, after spending six plus hours with the Arizona Cardinals, Manning contacted Denver upon landing.

This likely signals the fact that the team and the future Hall of Fame quarterback will be discussing money. The John Elway/John Fox double team did not discuss money as you may have read, whereas the Cardinals pitch likely involved some type of monetary mention or discussion being that Arizona is currently $14-million over the salary cap.

The Broncos currently sit at $44.7-million below the salary cap, this could be a discussion point as Denver can afford to sign the likes of Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark to help Manning’s transition to the mountains.

Update 10:40 p.m. (MT):  There have been conflicting reports as to whether Manning contacted the Broncos or not.  The Denver Post‘s Lindsay Jones is reporting that the team has not contacted Manning today and the team is respecting the process and giving him space to make his decision.

Strap in Broncos Country, I’d be shocked if Manning is not a Bronco in a few hours.

  • Will Hopkins

    Thankfully I’m sick to death of tebow time trade him and get a good deal out of it just want him out of Denver 

  • James Allen

    Manning is more interested in the kind of stadium he will play in. Arizona has the edge.

  • Monty

    Allow me to panic at this news and seeming backtrack. My reading-between-the-lines chain of events:

    1. Manning contacts Broncos.
    2. Broncos leak contact to Lombardi.
    3. Lombardi publishes leak and “95%” number.
    4. Broncos freak out (“that was off the record!”) OR worse…
    4b. Manning freaks out (“WTF yo?”)
    5. Broncos deny 95% leak to others
    6. Damage to Manning done.

  • Matt S

    Even if he contacted the team, how do we know it wasn’t a thanks but no thanks call? Seems like a little premature jockularity on Lombardi’s part. He’ll either look like a modern day prophet or total amateur when everything plays out.

  • Kit Mann

    Exactly how do YOU know what Manning is more interested in? That is a stupid statement. Unless of course, you read minds…

  • Kit Mann

    Do you even know what JOCULARITY means? I don’t think you do…

  • RodSmith80

    me too make him a tight end, Tebow is just a HORRIBLE QB 

  • Seans

    ur so worthless do u know what life means

  • Jon

    Must be a Cardinals fan.

  • Anonymous

    I swear to god, if Vic frickin’ Lombardi of all people winds up queering this deal, he might now make it out of town alive. 

  • Tristanz27

     Keep tim tebow plllleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Tristanz27


  • Tristanz27


  • Anonymous

    according to my sources, Lombardi’s sources are correct 70% of the time….they also stated that Manning has a 90% chance of not caring less about what Lombardi says at least 50% of the time.

  • Anonymous

    gotta hunch herc…Manning isn’t reading Twitter going, “damn that Lombardi for giving up my secrets!”.  He is used to hometown morons giving unqualified statements.