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Published on 03/07/2012 at Wed Mar 07 20:08.
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If former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos, the team would have to un-retire Frank Tripucka‘s former number, or Manning would have to pick a new number.  But will that even happen?

According to several sources, including ESPN‘s Adam Schefter and’s Andrew Mason, there is a real possibility that Manning could land in Denver.  Per PFT’s Mike Florio:

Mike Klis of the Denver Post has reported that the Broncos will explore the possibility of signing quarterback Peyton Manning.

There’s a buzz in league circles much stronger than that.

One league source told PFT in response to the Klis report that there’s a belief the Broncos quietly have positioned themselves to make a significant push to land Manning.

With Denver’s up and coming defense and rising receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, Manning might be drawn to a team in a weak AFC West division.  And if Manning signed, several other of Denver’s offensive free agents — including receiver Eddie Royal and tight end Daniel Fells — would be more inclined to stay in Denver.


The question would be, what would become of quarterback Tim Tebow?  Might the team trade him, or change his position?  Perhaps Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy would use him in special packages, or suggest learning behind Manning for a few years.  At any rate, the move of benching Tebow might cause an outcry among the fans in Denver.

Is that something that Denver’s front office is willing to risk?  In return for instantly becoming a Super Bowl contender, probably.

  • Jon
  • gmwb

    Get a grip sports fans, and I use the term loosely, Manning wouldn’t last 5 plays behind Denvers line. Tebow is going to be a force in this game, like it or not.
    Now, go back to your fantasy league and spend your “money”, jeesh. 

  • Armen

    Manning is going somewhere warm so dont get all worked up jesus freaks sorry i mean tebow freaks…ha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Armen


  • gmwb

    the grown-ups are talking, play with your cardboard cutouts

  • Fiire_dee

    tebow is a lot like Jeremy Lin.  Once the hype dies down and people figure out his tendencis he’ll be an average QB.  Manning automatically puts them in superbowl contention.

  • Ninjaix

    Manning wants to play for a contender most teams will be that wij him added not many more than the broncos so it’s a good fit but also assume that he and Wayne are a package deal. Peyton wanted Decker before the broncos drafted him to +1 that would give 1 Wayne 2 dthomas 3/slot decker that’s a great trio! That’s being said Peyton will want at least a 3yr deal neighboring $50 mil. Tebow has 3 years left so you can make a case that the broncos trade Tebow or OR they keep him and he unseats Peyton in year 3. Sounds crazy right but it’s a Rodgers Farve kinda deal it can work….

  • Armen

    Yeah he wanted Decker until he saw him drop all them passes………….ha

  • Vandhfamily

    What a chance of a life time!! If tebow was to learn behind manning for two years he would know how to read anything the d brought againt him. With manning and elways help tebow will be a hall of fame qb. My advise put your ego away and take advantage of this great chace if it were to happen.

  • Sburrows63

    After shipping off Orton and throwing Tebow into the fire last year, the Broncos simply have no way of relegating Tebow to the bench.  Plus I think Peyton Manning is a FOOL if he ever sets foot on another football field in a competitive situation.  The neck is nothing to screw with.  14 yrs, 4 league MVP’s, 1 Super Bowl Ring and  a bagfull of NFL QB records.  Not to mention I am quite sure he doesn’t need the money.  Enjoy life and what you have earned.