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Published on 03/05/2012 at Mon Mar 05 07:42.
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On Sunday evening, PFT‘s Josh Alper noted that Denver Broncos‘ running back Willis McGahee asked — and was denied — a pay-raise from Denver’s front office.

The PFT report was based off of Mike Klis’ original Denver Post report which stated McGahee fired his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, for unsuccessfully trying to re-negotiate McGahee’s contract with the Broncos.  Sunday afternoon, McGahee seemingly denied that report over Twitter.

McGahee first tweeted the above status before continuing:

Last season in Denver, McGahee rushed 249 times for 1,199 yards and scored five total touchdowns.  At age thirty however, it would make sense for the Broncos to hold-off giving McGahee a larger contract before they see how well he produces in 2012.

As for whether he asked for more money or fired his agent over it or not is unclear.  Per McGahee though, he’s not planning on going anywhere soon.

  • Anonymous

    That’s it, I am done reading anything prefaced with “according to Mike Klis”, he is a DB.

  • Monty

    Maybe McGahee fired Rosenhaus for asking for a bigger contract without checking with his client first.

    Or maybe McGahee is covering his ass. Either scenario seems equally likely to me.

  • Anonymous

    I would say that anytime there is a mass exodus from an agent, something happened and they want to distance themselves.


    Hi Willis,
    I am an 83 year old man and a long time Bronco fan, but I for one would like to see you back in uniform during the 2012 season…   I hope you can get your contract worked out because you are fun to watch….    Keep on being a Bronco…  I am sure something can be worked out…  Really my first love for an NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers….   Grew up near the burgh listening to and going to the Steelers game as a mere child…  NOw a long time later, still a Steeler fan as well as a Bronco fan….

  • Sburrows63

    I hope Willis isn’t asking for a new contract after just 1 yr of a 4 yr deal.  These guys are getting out of control. ” I outperformed my salary last year I want a raise”.  Where is the “I underperformed my salary last year here is a rebate”.  You signed the deal, live up to it.  If the performance is there beginning the 3rd year, then ask for the raise.  I love the fact that Denver has him around, great back to watch.  But honor your contract.

  • Anonymous

    I am not opposed to anybody saying “hey boss, can I get a raise?”  Sounds like the answer was no, and you didn’t hear a peep out of either side about it.  There is nothing wrong about asking for a raise…it is how you deal with the answer that would make it a bad situation.

  • Tom9798

    Hi Monty . . . some observations here;
    Willis McGahee is a downhill bull running back worth more than we are paying him.
    Some comments to be looked at;
    On November 23, 2011, McGahee was named a team captain after the release of captain and backup quarterback Kyle Orton. Coach Fox attributed this to the fact that McGahee “had the next most votes when we took the vote [for team captain] back before the season started.”
     In the Week 12 versus the Chargers, he rushed for 117 yards on 23 carries. The 117 yards included two 20 plus yard runs. One of which was a 24 yard run in overtime which set up the Broncos inside of the 20-yard line. This critical run set up the game winning field goal for Denver.
    In a Week 13 win against the Vikings, he picked up 111 yards on the ground, which included a 24 yard touchdown run. This game moved McGahee back up to 10th in the NFL in rushing. This marked McGahee’s sixth 100 yard performance on the year in which he leads the NFL.
    After a week 14 win against the Chicago Bears McGahee had 930 yards on the season. He was expected to eclipse the 1,000-yard mark for the first time since his first season with the Ravens in 2007.
    On week 17 against the Kansas City Chiefs, McGahee rushed for 145 yards on 28 carries averaging 5.2 yards per carry which marked his seventh’s 100 yard performance tying for 1st place with Houston Texans running back Arian Foster for most individual triple-digit rushing performances during the 2011 season.
    January 17, 2012, McGahee was added to Pro Bowl Roster to replace Arian Foster.
    This note about the great Hall-of-Famer John Riggins . . . .
    Oldest player to have 1,300 rushing yards in a season: 34 yrs. oldOldest player to have 1,200 rushing yards in a season: 35 yrs. old
    McGahee is 30 yrs. old and turned in the same performance he did with the Ravens four yrs. ago.  Still top ten in the NFL.
    Do any reader’s here think he might be as good as Riggin’s?
    I’m sure the Ravens would have liked his numbers.  It could have been the difference.
    Without McGahee, Prater wouldn’t have had as many attempts.
    McGahee loves Denver and wants to retire a Bronco.  Re-negotiate a five year deal with some incentive.  If this were Terrell Davis, would there be any question?

  • Anonymous

    Tom, I have loved this guy since watching him in college, he is a “bull” while running the ball.  Unfortunately, that is also why he has problems staying healthy. a five year contract?…not at his age, backs with his style of running just don’t last much past 30.  My heart says you are correct, my inner GM is aghast at the thought of more dead money when he has to retire in two years.  Rework his current contract with incentives, I could see that.

  • Tom9798

    TD . . . you are probably right . . .

  • ryno08

    willis u maybe deserve it but ur 30 not a good track record for rbs over 30