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Published on 02/27/2012 at Mon Feb 27 08:13.
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  • Mike Klis says there’s a “good chance” the Broncos will use their 25th pick on a defensive tackle. [Denver Post]
  • Andrew Mason caught up with four DT’s Saturday night. [MaxDenver]
  • Kim Constantinesco profiles DT Devon Still of Penn State. [Predominantly Orange]
  • Quarterback Robert Griffin III blew away the combine with an unofficial sub-4.40 40 time. [Shutdown Corner]
  • Andrew Luck didn’t do so bad either. [Shutdown Corner]
  • The Broncos interviewed a pair of QB’s and came away reportedly impressed. [First and Orange]
  • Klis says, somewhat offhand, that Brian Dawkins is “expected to retire.” [First and Orange]
  • Perrish Cox‘s rape trial begins today. [Denver Post]
  • Mike Birtwistle

    I’ve heard this before “Mike Klis says there’s a “good chance” the Broncos will use their 25th pick on a defensive tackle. [Denver Post]” I think they should pull the other one, it plays Jingle Bells!

  • Monty

    The “expected to retire” one comes off far worse. You can’t just throw things out there like that, Klis.

  • wznat

    The more they say it’s “likely” we draft a DT, it’s more likely we don’t.  Just like last year, FEX aren’t going to draft who the public wants. It’ll probably be a TE or a CB.

  • Anonymous

    TD30isMVP says there is a good chance they will take the best player available according to their board…just like they said they would do last year and going forward- Klis is an idiot.

  • Hansen

     I’ll see your “Klis is an idiot” and raise you a “Klis is also a clown”. 

  • Jon

    Klis, Klis, Klis.

  • crazykid

    id take a CB

  • Tom9798

    I agree with everyone’s comments!  I’d live with both O-D lines, but our D backfield needs upgrading very soon.

    Our CB’s and SS’s are the most concern. 

    I know, ‘the leadership they bring,’  blah, blah, blah . . . .

    We had teams this past year run circles around our secondary.

    What has changed?  If we let Brady, or Rodgers, or any other QB score at will against us, we will always remain grade B.

    We need a Dennis Smith or a Steve Atwater to line up 5-yds. off, and knock their teeth out.  Make them feel like their in a dream somewhere.

    New England’s O-D line was not as good as ours . . . although when ‘Big Wil’ woke up, it was a riot!

    Yet, they went to the dance.  The team we ran 160+ yds. against in the first quarter of our first meeting. 

    Don’t think Bill will forget that.

    We need to improve the D secondary immediately!