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Published on 02/22/2012 at Wed Feb 22 12:30.
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Tim Tebow throws to Brady Quinn before facing the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010. (REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

If there is tension between Denver Broncos quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn, former Colorado Buffaloes signal-caller Tyler Hansen hasn’t seen it. And he, perhaps better than anyone else, would know.

The 2012 NFL Draft hopeful has been reportedly working out with both Tebow and Quinn up to three times a week in Denver this offseason. Renowned trainer Loren Landow has been overseeing the sessions.

“They’re really friendly,” Hansen said of Tebow and Quinn. “They have a professional relationship, and they’re really nice. Both those guys are great guys. I think every person they meet and talk to (thinks) they’re going to be standup guys.

“There is no turmoil between them. I think they have a great relationship. That’s what it seems like to me.”

If these offseason workouts continue between Tebow and Quinn, it adds to the possibility that the free agent quarterback could be retained by Denver, something we felt was likely before Quinn’s GQ comments came to light. With Mike Silver promising a follow-up column about Quinn and more evidence like this supporting Quinn’s apology, perhaps his career in Denver can be salvaged.

But it’ll be an uphill battle.

  • Anonymous

    Pictured above: Quinn was heard to say- “you’re throwing with the wrong hand stupid!”

  • Monty

    Lol, came very close to a Quinn/Tebow Create-a-Caption but decided to wait a week, let the dust settle a bit and revisit.

  • Anonymous

    I was looking at the picture cause something wasn’t right…originally thought it was because the ball was going towards another Bronco Jersey…

  • Loganberry

    Tim’s just trying to catch the ball Brady threw too high.

  • rcsodak

    Please note, the ball hasnt reached BQ in the pic. Why?
    He probably watched it as it sailed over his head, as damn near every warmup ball did during warmups at the kc game I went to. 11 rows up, so no, my eyes weren’t deceiving me.
    I want quite sure if TT was loosening up or BQ was doing wind sprints.

  • King

    Goodbye Quinn.