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Published on 02/14/2012 at Tue Feb 14 10:00.
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Your wittiest, most cleverest captions in the comments.

Previous winner after the jump.

"C'mon Tom, Braydying will never replace Tebowing."

Winner: TD30ismvp

Congrats on back-to-back C-A-C victories, TD30isMVP!

  • johnny

    would Denver really sign me ? really?…snicker, snicker…ca ching,ca ching…IR, IR…

  • Monty

    Orton: “Don’t worry Peyton, if you want to go to Denver, I’ll stick my neck out for ya.”

  • Monty

    Peyton: “So how do those Denverites feel about quarterbacks who are kinda paralyzed in the pocket?”
    Orton: “Well they like me just fine.”

  • Allan

    Orton: You suck Manning
    Manning: I take your job man!

  • Brownpickle

    Orton: you stiff neck son of a bitch you got lucky.

    Manning: Maybe if you were sober you would of had a chance you whiskey drinkin mole face.

  • Ben Davis

    Manning: What happened to your “rockin” neck beard?

    Orton: What happened to your career?

  • TD30ismvp

    Manning:  What’s up Chief?
    Orton: Hope you get lots of Luck!

  • Anonymous

    ORTON:  No, no, no…you gotta grow it out and then comb it forward.

  • TD30ismvp

    So…ummm…think you could get Tebow’s autograph for me?

  • Anonymous

    Yes Kyle, I have seen your motorboat face before.

  • flbronc

    Orton:  I look like a chipmunk… watch.

  • Adefelice10

    Orton: so wats the chances we can get u in Denver

    Manning: that will require some Luck

  • Pixi61

    Don’t do it man! Those fans are brutal!

  • areferee

    You can’t be washed up… until you’ve been washed out!

  • Bbroncos90

    Manning: with the snap of my finger i could command all the bronco fans to stone you just so i could replace you.