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Published on 01/27/2012 at Fri Jan 27 20:08.
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Jack Del Rio will be taking over the Broncos defense. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

To replace former defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, the Denver Broncos on Friday signed Jack Del Rio, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  Rio was most recently the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars since 2003, after being John Fox‘s DC with the Panthers in 2002.

The Oakland Raiders officially announced their singing of Allen on Friday, leaving the Broncos without a defensive coordinator.  Rio will become Denver’s seventh defensive coordinator in seven years.

“We are thrilled to be able to add such a well-respected defensive coach to our staff,” said Broncos Head Coach John Fox on Friday evening.  “He was an integral part of our turnaround on defense during my first year with the Panthers in 2002 and his defenses with the Jaguars have ranked among the NFL’s best, and we are excited he’s a Bronco.”

The team also on Friday signed Luke Richesson as their head strength and conditioning coach.  Richesson, who was the Jaguars strength and conditioning coach the last three seasons, will replace Rich Tuten.

Sounds like two good additions to me.  What are your thoughts on the two signings?

  • Fan From Spain
  • Peter P

    The guy knows defence! Good add, should help us at least beat Pitt and Baltimore, two teams he has had a good record against


    I love the hire! He is a proven DC and has familiarity with Fox. I dont know much about the new strength coach but I hope he can keep the team healthy. GO BRONCOS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great hire! 

    As a HC, JDR was horrid, with not the greatest talent but in his 9 years in Jacksonville, their defense was in the top 6 in yards against 4 times and top 11 five times in points allowed.  Add LB Coach for the 2000 SB Champ Ravens and #2 ranked defense with Carolina in ’02.  Because he wasn’t the greatest guy for a HC position, that may give us the chance to to keep him around for more than a seaon.  It’s like having two HC’s on the same sideline now. 

  • Elway4Life

    It was a shame to lose Dennis Allen after only one year and I’m still surprised a team would want him as their head coach after only one year as the Broncos defense coordinator.  But, that’s the Raiders and as well all know, the Raiders will still stink!  Lol.  Anyway, I think Jack Del Rio is a great pickup for his replacement and he might even do better than Dennis did due to his experience!  It’s great he’s worked with Coach Fox before too so they should be on the same page!  Nice job Broncos!  Quick and solid move! 

  • Anonymous

    Always a fan of adding proven coordinators who have been HCs before.

  • flbronc

    i dont remember the last time he was a dc… anyone remember- or read anywhere- about his style?  is it an aggressive blitzing defense, aka allen, a larry croyer bend dont break, a tampa two, etc….  what can we expect?

  • anthony33

    Was hoping for a young, aggressive up and comer from Pitts, Balt or even SF, but I have to admit this is a solid hire.  I don’t think he’ll be in the running for an NFL HC job any time soon, but could jump ship for the right college gig.  

    With the exception of a couple of seasons, he has a great track record of defenses, works well with Fox and most likely will only have to tweak the scheme as opposed to shifting to a new defense.  My guess is Fox spent a lot of time working with Allen so we won’t see wholesale changes.  I also believe the players will like the fact they brought in someone with experience.

    Time will tell, but they could have done a lot worse.  Richard Smith would have been a disaster as DC.

  • King

    Del Rio = improvement over Allen. 

    Great news!

  • Danno t

    So, drafting 25th in the first round, we will probably be left with either Devon Still, DT, Penn State or Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State…If we are lucky maybe Vontaze Burfict, ILB, Arizona State.

  • Anonymous

    IIRC, JDR is a 4-3 guy

  • anthony33

    Sign me up for Burfict… desperately need a nasty ass ILB.

  • Anonymous

    Mr King… You and I agree 100% on this one!

  • Anonymous

    I as well have always liked Jack quite a bit, even since his LB days as a Vike. Not only am I stoked that we have him but most of all he should be here for a few years to come. He wont be on the HC radar for a while and should stick around.

    I like 33’s thought on the up and comer but the reason I think its better to go with a seasoned guy is they typically have their “guys” that want to follow and play for them and are most of the time solid players. Jack is more than solid and this D is going to get even better. Now I’m excited.

  • anthony33

    Doom – I am not so sure Del Rio is a one and done.  I get the impression (and hoping) he will feel more at home as a DC.  It would be great to have a LaBaue (sp), Marinelli, Capers, Phillips type on the sideline for years to come.  

    Not sure if he fits that mold, but it would be nice if he does.

  • TD30ismvp

    I think as long as Fox is the HC then our defense will continue to improve, the termonology should stay the same as well as the scheme (just like Shanny and the Offense). 

  • Id Ikpim

    I think its a good hire on both fronts……Jack Del Rio had always been a solid defensively….imagine how much more time he can put into the defense now that hes just dealing with D and not the O plus all HC responsibilities….also Jacksonville has always been an overachieving team….tough team to play with medicore talent…..I think it starts with their strength conditioning coach….i think he will toughen up our team…..Broncos UP….hoes down

  • Anonymous

    Can’t be any worse than our previous one.  Seems like he couldn’t keep anyone healthy on our team.  Not that I directly blame all that on him.