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Published on 01/24/2012 at Tue Jan 24 10:40.
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Back in the day, a combination of Floyd Little and Tim Tebow may have taken the Broncos to several Super Bowls. (Images courtesy of Getty)

Over the next few days, ESPN will be rolling out their Any Era Team, consisting of twenty players that Pro Football Hall of Famers think could have played in any era of the National Football League.  Ranking at number nineteen on the list is Denver Broncos second-year quarterback Tim Tebow.

“It’s funny. It was debated hotly for the past few months whether or not the option-running Tebow could actually fit in this era. Yet, according to the Hall of Famers, Tebow could play in any era in NFL history partly because of his toughness and aggressive playing style,” wrote ESPN blogger Bill Williamson.

One of the players that voted for Tebow to be recognized was former Broncos running back Floyd Little, who was enshrined into the HOF two years ago.  According to Little, Tebow is the type of player that could play any position asked of him.

“He might not be the greatest quarterback, but he could play at any position you want him to play at. He’s a guy I’d like to play with if I was still playing. He’s a winner, he’s mobile, strong, and gets the job done regardless, whether he’s blocking, throwing, running or just fooling you,” said Little.

Tebow was praised highly by Little, who recorded nearly 9,000 yards from scrimmage while scoring over 50 touchdowns in 117 career games with the Broncos from 1967-to-1975.    

“He finds a way to win and people need to recognize that. A “W” is a “W” and it doesn’t matter how you get it, if you win ugly it’s still a “W.” Mechanics don’t play the game, people do.”

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that Larry Czonka also said he’d love to have Tebow on his team and thinks that he’s a winner and can play regardless of what is asked of him.

    Like Little said, a win is a win is a win. I’d take a superbowl with Tebow than be “1 and done” with a “franchise” QB like Breese, Rogers, Stafford, etc… Regardless of what anyone thinks, they don’t hand out wins and losses based on the names on the back of the QBs jerseys. This isn’t saying that Tebow is complete by any stretch of the imagination. He no doubt needs to get better in the passing game, but being a QB is so much more than just passing the football.

    If QB play was only about passing, then Marino would have championships instead of Elway. Yes, passing is a big part of the QB position, but it isn’t the only aspect. You can throw the most beautiful ball with perfect touch and the ability to throw it 80 yards dead on the money, but if you miss the other aspects of being a QB, you will be a complete bus who never won anything. What are the other aspects? Staying cool under pressure, making something out of nothing, keeping plays and drives alive by any means necessary, always challenging yourself to get better, never thinking you are bigger than the game, working as hard as you can each and every day, leading others around you, and elevating the play and hopes of those around you. If you have those “intangibles”, they can make up for the lack of tangibles you might have. However, if you lack those intangibles, then your tangible asset (throwing) will be all for nothing and prove utterly worthless.

  • Anonymous

    My mechanic played TE at Ball State.

  • crazykid

    He guys, just found this interesting:
    Broncos met with Nebraska LB-LeVonte David and Boise State QB-Kellen Moore at the Senior Bowl. 

  • Aaron Tinnermeier

    no to the QB and LB. What the broncos need is a TE like antonio gates. A TE that teams need to double cover. Or a replacement for Orlando Franklin. That kids lets more defensive players blow past him than any other RT/LT in the game. Or a Safety to help Brian Dawkins out. Bruton, Moore, and Carter SUCK!!!! Trade um and move on.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t Rogers and Brees have Super Bowl rings already?

    Perhaps if Marino did not have to carry the fish every year he might have won championships instead of Elway.  Speaking of Elway didn’t he win championships when he did not have to carry the team any longer?


  • Anonymous

    Carry the team, yes. I think you inadvertently hit the nail on the head. You see, it takes a TEAM to win a superbowl regardless of the QB. Our team has way bigger problems and holes to fill than the QB position. I’ll contend that with Brady, Rogers, or Breese on this team, we would have won less games than with Tebow.

    I’m not saying that Tebow is better than those guys, because he isn’t, but our team is so bad in so many places, that those QBs wouldn’t be able to drop back, scan the field, and then throw a perfect pass. They would take the snap, and then *BAM* sack. Maybe they take the snap and *HOLY SHIT* they throw it away to keep the foaming at the mouth LB or DE from crushing them and putting them in the ICU unit at the hospital.

    It takes more than throwing a pretty pass to be a QB. It takes more than pretty passes to win a championship. If the Ravens can win with Dilfer, the Pats win with a very young Brady, and the Steelers win with a horrible Roethlisberger, then we can win with Tebow when we put a better team around him.

  • King

    Yes, but he played ‘before’ he was a mechanic.  Back when he was just ‘people’.

  • Jon

    I respect Czonka as a great player, but I’m guessing fellow Bronco fans view the opinions of a Ring of Fame/HOF former Bronco as more reliant than say, the opinions of just another formerly great player.

  • Anonymous

    I respect both, and I was hoping my post reflected that. To be 1 of the 22 starters on the only undefeated team in NFL history should add some street cred to what he’s saying is what I was hoping people got out of that. lol.
    Lloyd said he’d love to play with Tebow, and that speaks volumes. Czonka said the same thing, which again, should speak volumes in a slightly different way though, cause for Lloyd to say that, although fantastic, could be viewed as slightly “homerism” and “yeah, I’d take him over Morton too on usually crappy teams.” Czonka saying it says “I’d take him over a HOF QB and think he could lead us to the NFL’s only undefeated season.” Both hold weight, but an “outsider” saying that should probably hold a bit more weight because of the circumstances.

  • Gymgrannievickie

    Good reading and interesting yak yak.  I personally love Tebow, and think the team feels the same way.  One of those elusive reasons a  good qb can be a great one is his ability (along with athletism) to lead and team and have them do what you ask. 

    As far as I’m concerned Tebow was really a rookie this past year, as he didnt get a chance in his first year except for 3 games and just about as many carries (in which he managed to win by bringing home the game after the reigning qb managed to let it start slipping away.  How many Rookies do you remember taking over the leading position with such results-NADA- thats how I see it.


  • Anonymous

    What no honorable mention of Doug Williams or Rich Gannon?
    I don’t believe that we would have been worse with Rogers.
    Tebow may not be the answer at QB but he is not the problem on the team either especially with Allen heading to the gayder country.

  • Anonymous

    Man, you keep inadvertently hitting nails on the head. lol.

    A) no, no honorable mention for Williams or Gannon. They didn’t make the HOF and didn’t comment on that article, and didn’t have more than 2 or so years of stellar play. Gannon is also a Broncos hater cause of his Raiders day, so he’s automatically disqualified.

    B) I’d take Rogers over any QB in the league, Tebow included, but honestly, I think we would lose more games with Rogers as our QB than Tebow just because of how weak our team is compared to the team that Rogers plays on. Rogers wouldn’t have a chance to be “Rogers” on our team, so even though Tebow isn’t in Rogers’ league, he is more capable of winning games with our cast of misfits than Rogers is.

    C) Although I think Tebow can be the QB to win a superbowl for us, I think that it will be because we have a good team around him, so as our team gets better, Tebow simply needs to get slightly better to keep up. He isn’t even close to a “position of need priority” for our team. We desperately need CB, S, DL, MLB, RB, FB, WR, TE help and then OL help before we need QB help. We’ll draft a QB simply because Tebow is the only one on the roster besides whatever capacity Adam Webb just signed for, so we’ll draft a QB at some point, and probably get a FA QB, but QB is literally and figuratively the “least of our worries” when it comes to our team.