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Published on 01/09/2012 at Mon Jan 09 09:37.
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Still flying a mile high this morning after last night’s game… This video captured the mood perfectly.

  • Tom9798

    What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday at this time, the defending AFC Champion Steeler’s with the best defense in football, was in town to kick our butts.
    Today, it’s “Oh, the poor Steeler’s.  Oh, poor Ben and his hobbled ankle.”
    If they were so poor and hobbled, how were they nine point favorites yesterday?
    Nothing about the crippling low-blow Harrison laid on Decker. 
    How about the backward pass where the Ref says, “ Uh . . . Uh  . . you can’t challenge that if it means you get the ball.”   WTF! . . . what other earthly reason is there?
    Now we’re the Grinch that stole the poor Steeler’s toys . . . made them wear their jammies on the sideline . . . .  them mean old Scrooge Bronco’s running poor Ben around on his hobbled ankle . . . waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    On to the 13.5 point favorite Patriots.

  • Anonymous

    Great video! This put a huge smile on my face

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen this video on all the networks, and a few local sports shows, and each time, all I can think of is, “Man, I feel bad for Decker. Just look at him standing there smiling while everyone else is jumping around and hugging and screaming must be killing him inside. He can’t do any of that cause he’s hurt. I bet that will light a fire under his ass so large that he’s gonna come out in the next game he plays and score 2TDs. I hope he has that goofy smile on his face cause he’s high on percocet.” lol

    I really hope Decker recovers. Even if he can’t heal for this playoff run, I hope he has a full recovery. He’s a good guy. I might not think he’s anything more than an exceptional #2WR, but still, he’s a good guy. No joke, when he went down with his knee, everyone around me said “man, we’re screwed now.” I said “nah, we’ll be ok. There are plenty of guys on our bench who can drop balls.” I don’t want to sound anti-Decker, but did you notice that when he went out, balls started getting caught? For some reason, Decker and Tebow haven’t “clicked”. We’ve seen Tebow & Thomas click before, and now we’ve seen Royal click with Tebow (a spot Decker would have filled instead and, most likely, drop that TD in the 2nd quarter). I love Decker, but he really needs to work on his concentration and hands, cause that cat drops too many balls to make it in the NFL.

  • King

    Yep.  It’s hilarious watching the ESPN “experts” make excuses for the Steelers.  All the while they never mention that we are plagued by injuries on defense. 

  • Caseydc78

    This was one of the greatest Bronco games of all time.  It ranks right up there with Super Bowl XXXII and The Drive.  Amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Its weird that Decker has been so prone to drops because in college he didn’t drop anything.  Hopefully next year he can become Mr. Sticky Fingers again