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Published on 12/24/2011 at Sat Dec 24 14:17.
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Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos looks to hand off to Lance Ball #35 at Ralph Wilson Stadium on December 24, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. (Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Quarterback Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos have thrived on big deficits in the fourth quarter in 2011. Down 14-26 with 12 minutes left in the game, it seemed time for the Mile High Miracle Man to go back to work.

There would be no Tebow/Christmas/Festivus Miracle for the Broncos this time. In fact, things only got worse.

Within minutes, Tebow threw two interceptions that were both returned for touchdowns. Later in the fourth quarter he threw another interception in the end zone, and the Buffalo Bills went on to thump the playoffs-chasing Broncos 40-14 in Week 16 NFL action.

The Broncos’ only impressive offensive drives took place at the beginning of both halves. Tebow and company executed a pair of beautiful touchdown drives in the first and third quarters. Other than that, they were negatively beset by poor blocking, horrendous playcalling, and costly turnovers.

Defensively, the Broncos played perhaps their worst game of the season. C.J. Spiller had a career day against Denver’s supposedly vaunted defense, and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was hardly touched by Denver’s pass rushing specialists. Special teams also had more than its share of struggles — when Bills returner Leodis McKelvin wasn’t running a punt back 80 yards for a touchdown, the Broncos were continually getting called for penalties on their coverage and return units.

For all the team wins the Broncos have enjoyed this season, this was truly a total team loss.

For Broncos fans, this late-season “collapse” feels all too familiar. It was only three years ago, in 2008, that the division-leading 8-6 Broncos played the lowly Bills in the second-to-last week of the season. Those Broncos lost then, too. They also lost the next week — and missed the playoffs. Those were the Broncos last games coached by Mike Shanahan and quarterbacked by Jay Cutler.

The good news is that the Broncos still control their own destiny — win, at home, against the Kansas City Chiefs next week, and they will win the AFC West. B

But after two mistake-filled losses, there are a lot of nervous fans in Broncos country.

  • Anonymous

    Got ya… My first thought was how in the heck would you have ‘Any Idea’ Jesus would promote??? His whole statement was “juuuuust a little outside”…lol.

    (quote – Bob Uecker, Major League)

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most of this but comparing Tebow with Rodgers or Brees is not even logical Trog… Even if he pans out pretty well a Brees or Rodgers he’ll never be. I’d trade him for either of those guys in a heart beat and laugh all the way to the bank.

    The under thrown balls are just a fact unfortunately. Neither of the other guys under throw long balls like that. But their WR do for sure catch some balls that are just stupid good & lucky…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong I am not comparing him to Rodgers or Brees by any stretch of the imagination. I am just saying a lot of those throws aren’t in fact underthrown. The WR is in tight coverage and he is throwing it to the outside shoulder as a jump ball and the WR’s aren’t making the play. 

    Rodgers and Brees both CONSTANTLY do that and are praised like crazy for it. Tom Brady’s record setting year that’s all the guy did (when not throwing to Welker or Faulk) was throw jump balls to Moss. 

    The WR’s make the QB every bit as much as the QB makes the WR’s. 

    Look at Stafford and Calvin Johnson. The balls are just lobbed up in the general area. Stafford isn’t that accurate. Or even look at 5-11 Titus Young making rediculous jump ball catches.

    Both AJ Green and J. Simpson have made Red look WAY better than he is. 

    All I am saying if Rodgers makes that exact same throw he is praised for putting it on the outside shoulder and giving his WR a chance to go up and make a play. Tebow does it and he underthrew the ball. I’m not saying he hasn’t underthrown at times. Just that he isn’t being analyzed fairly with his throws.

  • Anonymous


  • Noskills07

    going to the game next sunday, finally got a chance to think about this loss, the difference this year I think going into this final game is we want to win, and will play hard for 60 minutes (truly believe that) and secondly, we still havent put together a full solid game together with tebow behind snap… Im going to say this again when this happens which hopefully happens next sunday, look out! anybody else that past two weeks were happy when the score was 16-7 against pats and 7-0 against bills and were thinking LETS GO? cause once we can maintain that for four quarters its over for alot of football teams, playoffs start sunday anndddd call me crazy but a bronco win and a giants win this years superbowl will be giants vs broncos… happy new year peace

  • Anonymous

    Trog and Doom

    I hope you’re right about him being a top 10-12 QB.  One thing for sure is he will work his behind off.  I do agree with your points on his receivers, the play calling and needing time to learn how to read pass defense.  A full off season will do wonders… I hope. 
    But Trog and Doom, seriously… if you watch a full Broncos game then turn  and watch Brees, Manning, Brady, Rogers and a few others, well then you see the difference.   You have to compare Tebow to them because they are the elite ones and the ones winning Super Bowls.  A couple of weeks ago CBS and Simms showed a great side by side comparison of Tebow’s throwing motion vs Brady’s.  Simms was commenting how similar they looked.  What he didn’t mention, but two very important things I saw were 1) the ball left Brady’s hand well before TT’s did and 2) Brady’s looked effort less… kind of like a great golf swing.

    I remember vividly stand at field level in the north end zone at the real Mile High watch Elway throw passes during warm ups (great memories of the old place) and was throwing 40 yard passes with what appeared to be a flick of the wrist.  I mean there was so little motion and the ball was dead on target 40 yards down field time after time after time.  It was truly beautiful thing to watch.  Unfortunately, again like a smooth golf swing, you’re either born with that our you’re not.

    I am 100% in agreement the kid needs a full off season to develop, hopefully under someone that can really help him (and that’s probably not Elway) and let’s see what happens. 

    Just my point of view.

  • areferee

    Perhaps to satisfy him in 2012, the team will play “nekkid”.

  • Anonymous

    ROTFL! Now that’s the way to start off my day, by reading that post!

  • King

    Decker doesn’t have the speed to get consistent separation, and he has passes go through his hands every game. 

    We can agree to disagree on Decker. 

  • Tom9798

    The Bronco’s are truly fortunate;  It’s Playoff Time!
    Win . . . play again . . . Lose . . . clean out lockers.
    When we were 1-4, was that this season?
    Time and time again we have seen the favorites knocked out in the playoffs.
    In 1996, we were 13-3, home field throughout, and got clipped by the Jaguars.
    It happens every year.  Just got to get to the dance!  Only 12 get to dance.
    Go Bronco’s!

  • Anonymous

    Naw I still gotta disagree to the utmost ;-)… I’m very surprised that you are saying that they CONSTANTLY toss up hope balls. Thats just nuts and Tebow wouldn’t know a “back shoulder” throw right now if it bit him in the ass…lol. He simply isn’t to that point yet. I promise any of you guys that if Decker was playing with Bree’s or Rodgers right now he’d be EVERY bit as good as the guys there now.

    Can WR’s make QB’s look good or even great? Shoot ya for sure they can (see Tony RFomo) but it is not the WR’s making Rodgers and Brees great, its FOR SURE the other way around. If you really think that those two guys are tossing hope balls CONSTANTLY you have not watched them very much.

    I really am hoping for TT to grow up and get to the level you seem to think he is at now, but he just isn’t there and if either of those guys were offered to come here, I would myself, dump Timmy boy for either of them so fast Sports Authority Field would spin ;-)…

  • Anonymous

    Tom I agree with you, nice statements. You have a good memory as well ;-)…lol!

  • Anonymous

    I dunno Ant… I think if Johnny 100% commits to him he would be a huge help to him. And yes I agree, those were super fun days for sure!

  • Tom9798

    Thanks Doom . . . This is one scary Bronco team, and all the other teams know it.  I think the Bronco fans already know it.

    We go to Oakland and score 38 . . . we go to Arrowhead and smoke em . . .

    We play N.E. and Buffalo and we score first.  Half the team gets on the bus . . . and we get smoked.

    This team doesn’t know how to be in the lead and protect it!

    Someone ought to let them know, if both the offense and defense should score two touchdowns in the first seven minutes of the game, and it’s 28-0, we don’t have to let them “catch-up!”

    Whew . . . .