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Published on 12/18/2011 at Sun Dec 18 17:47.
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After the game, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was heard telling Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow "we'll see you again." (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

The Broncos offense started the game hot, but turnovers, broken coverage and missed tackling did them in in the end.  Denver is now 8-6 following a 41-23 loss to the New England Patriots.

There is good news, though.  The Oakland Raiders (7-7) also lost on Sunday, so the Broncos still have a one-game lead in the AFC West with remaining games against the Buffalo Bills (5-9) and Kansas City Chiefs (6-8) coming up.

The last time Denver was beaten this badly (against the Lions a few weeks ago), the team rebounded the next week with a solid performance and a victory over the Raiders.  As fans, we can only hope Denver has the same kind of response this week.

Several Broncos players had good performances on Sunday.  Quarterback Tim Tebow had 287 yards from scrimmage and scored two touchdowns; receiver Demaryius Thomas had seven catches for 116 yards and defensive end Elvis Dumervil recorded his eighth and a half sack of the season.

At the end of the day, you can never expect to win after committing over half a dozen penalties and turning the ball over three times.  It will be a long week in Denver.

Here’s hoping that this humbling loss will be the wake up call perhaps we all needed.  Now that we’re all back down to earth, maybe the team will be able to bounce back win a Christmas Eve victory in Buffalo Saturday.

  • Darwin

    You saw some young players making mistakes yesterday and the further maturation of Tebow.  I think the team goes into Buffalo and kicks some serious bootie on Sunday. I never thought the Broncos would be in position to determine their own fate and make the playoffs.  I really thought going into the season they were the least talented team in the AFC west.  Fox has done a great job getting them where they now are.

  • Dakota Fan

    Aw, don’t say that man. That’s too painful to even think about. Scary thing is, it’s a distinct possibility- 2006 keeps coming back in my mind. Need to win just ONE game out of four, lose all four and get bounced. Ouch…

  • Dakota Fan

    I’m home with sick kids today, so I have the daytime ESPN talk shows on. I officially have a new Merril Hoge and his name is Colin Cowherd. Even though I can see his point about the Tebow bubble bursting and him being happy about it, he’s such a twitchy little crackhead.

     I don’t think Tebow’s the long term solution UNLESS he develops as a passer, which he seems to be doing slowly but surely. An offseason full of OTAs, mini-camps, drills with his receivers and tons of film study is what he needs. I can’t believe the hype about the guy, but he’s got the attitude to make himself play better all the time.

    Last thing: did anyone else say something to themselves about Orton’s game yesterday that went like this: “Sure would’ve been nice to have had you do that when you were here!!!!” I have no huge beef with Orton, but to see him succeed with the Chiefs would be like Tebow getting traded to play for the Raiders.  Jesus playing on Satan’s team…

    Okay, i’m done.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, like a lot of people have noted, I think Tebow has shown steady improvement.  I think the guy HAS to be the QB of the future.  I don’t think that loss was on him by any means.
    I think our loss yesterday was about a couple of untimely turnovers and trying to stop Brady (& his Traveling Band of Magical Tight Ends) with a couple of rookie safeties (a 2nd and a 4th rounder, no less) and an undrafted free agent playing the nickel.  That’s tough to do.
    Our defense is definitely improved and improving, but our secondary is just too thin to survive against a super-elite QB like Brady when a starter like Dawkins is out.   

  • Anonymous

    haha, excellent!
    If we were a bad team, it would have been 41-23 with  20 of our points against the Patriot’s scrubs in the 4th quarter.

  • Dante Pakistan

    RB are not worth drafting in the first, value can be found anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    You live in a complete dream world… Come back to reality!!!

    You clearly do not know what a forced turn over looks like either!!!

  • Anonymous

    You’re a Royal hater! lmao

    I wouldnt want to see Eric have that duty either!

  • Anonymous

    That would be nice, but I want new tires for my Harley and New Beadlocks for my Jeep ;-) also!

  • Anonymous

    “It wasn’t that the Patriots caused 3 turnovers in the last 9 minutes of the 2nd Quarter, it’s that we just uncharacteristically made them.”

    This part of your statement is 100% wrong Pete. They were absolutely 100% forced turn overs. You don’t call stripped or knocked out balls forced?

    If if if if… Of course you can “if” anything to death if you want to. Every game ever played can be If’ed. Just the way it is.

    If Kyle Orton had played better in the first 5, if the team had rallied around him like the the Timster, if Dawkins had played, if we had beaten the Jags we might be sitting on 3 trophys… yada yada yada…

  • Anonymous

    That last one is awesome Pete!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… Just in case I didnt say thank you, thanks!

    You do know that makes you a hater though right??? Anything negative is hater status…

    I really do agree we need a mid to late round stud in the D-bf for sure and I dont think a free agent is the answer either. But maybe!

  • Anonymous

    While I am and was a Fox fan while the search for the new coach was on (and yes I am actually saying this) I give more of the credit for this resurgence or turn around to Tebow, McCoy and the way the D has jelled and played well in most of the games! Of course the whole staff has done a good job but I think this is credit due. I just hope they don’t find at some point they are playing way above themselves, it of course would not be the first time its happened.

  • Anonymous

    I agree! With the exception of the 2nd qtr I think that was his best game as a pro! I was impressed…

  • Bryan

    I’m just glad we got the loss out of the way now so we don’t have to worry about it during the playoffs

  • Anonymous

    haha no I love Royal! It breaks my heart that he isn’t being utilized more. I can’t for the life of me understand why he isn’t lined up in the slot and being ran on slants several times a game. 

  • Anonymous

    There is a difference between value and having a guy like Richardson. There are few people that wouldn’t take Adrian Peterson in the 1st round and Richardson may be better than Peterson.

  • Anonymous

    I know I keep thinking just about the same thing, for sure utilization. I’m not of the thought that his first year was a fluke. Sure things were different then but I’m not sure I buy that he is!?! Plus that is a high percentage (should be) easy throw for the Tebowster…lol.

  • Anonymous

    haha agreed