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Published on 12/11/2011 at Sun Dec 11 17:57.
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Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos runs the ball during the game against the Chicago Bears at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on December 11, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos are Mile High Miracle Men. There’s no other explanation.

It’s becoming textbook, an expectation, the rule, not the exception. Again, three and a half quarters of offensive ineptitude were wiped away as Tebow and the Broncos did just enough to come away with a win.

They were down 10-0 late in the fourth quarter before Tebow and company went to work again.

And it’s not just Tebow. It’s the entire Broncos team. The defense comes up with a big play (Wesley Woodyard fumble in overtime). The special teams plays out of its mind (59- and 51- yard field goals from Matt Prater to tie and win the game, respectively).

It’s Demaryius Thomas dropping passes through three quarters then coming up with drive-extending clutch catches in the fourth quarter. It’s Matt Prater’s field goal getting blocked from 28 yards at the end of the first half before nailing two field goals from half a football field away. It’s the defense being tired and not forcing a turnover through four quarters then coming away with a fumble recovery in overtime.

Tebow had a passer rating of 6 (yes, six) at one point late in the first half. He finished with a season high in passing yards.

The Denver Broncos are 8-5 and in sole possession of the AFC West because they believe that, no matter the score, no matter the time remaining on the clock, they can win the game. And Tim Tebow is the reason the other 52 men on the team believe that.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what to say but “Amen!”

  • Anonymous

    Matt Prater is friggin awesome!

  • Brn

    I can not comprehend what in the hell just happened. Busch Gardens couldn’t build a roller coaster this wild.

    Game balls to Matty “Ice” Prater, Tebow, and one to the “magic” that has favored this team.

    P.S. Eric Decker, please bring your hands on game day.

  • Kellyleephipps

    People can’t believe this amazement…
    but it’s written in the heavens….get ready Green Bay in the Superbowl…we have a mission…I spelled it out in detail in my fan post on the astrology of the Broncos: the magic!I was in Boulder at the Lazy Dog Sports Tavern on Pearl..And there was this annoying Bears fans in a Peppers jersey talking trash the whole game, and yelling at Broncos fans…and I looked at him like he was crazy and said “It’s not even Tebow time yet, dude!”And he was like “Not Happening to us!”And then at 5 minutes, I said…“Okay now it’s Tebow time!” I never lost faith one time…and the place erupted over and over well into overtime. At the end of the game there were like 20 of us Bronco fans jumping up and down screaming like we were in an orange crush mosh pit…and the Bear fan had to eat major crow!Simply miraculous!

  • Dante Pakistan

    I can’t believe we won that, Barber. Our MVP of the game followed by Prater. We had no business winning that game, and it probably took a good 3 years off my life. We keep finding a way.

    Here’s a question, when will coaches realize that playing a prevent lets teams back in the game? Bears shut us down all day, why not just stick to what you’re doing? Ate they that fearfull that Tebow will hit a deep pass? I would bet against if I was an opposing DC.

    We need to figure out a better gameplay going forward cause the Bears made us look bad. Tebow needs to be better, our O-line needs to block better, receivers need to catch the ball when it’s close to them. D played great for how many 3 and outs our offense had.

    Ugly and lucky win, I’ll take it but don’t want to count on it.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody who claims to have any idea how this is happening is a total liar.  I don’t believe God cares who wins a football game, but man, it’s hard not to wonder just a little bit, huh? 

  • Dante Pakistan

    Is there any other kicker you rather have kick a FG of 50+ if your life depended on it? I’d rather have us take delay of games if his FG attempt is under 40 till he has to hit it from 40+.

  • Dante Pakistan

    From now on I’m going to spend the entire game reverse jinxing us cause it worked like magic today.

  • Anthony

    Something special happening here people! Just sit back and enjoy it. 


  • Dante Pakistan

    Living here in Miami I am forced to decide if I should buy Sunday Ticket every year, almost didn’t for the first time, glad I did. This is by FSR my favorite team since 97-98 team, the following season was fun but expected.

  • Rob Bronco

    It was a great game – no doubt about it.  But we need to do some serious clean up if we have any chance of beating anyone in the playoffs.  McGahee was clearly not at 100% today.  Ball should have gotten more carries.  We also need more balance on the offense.  I see us trying to open it up a bit but we are going to have to really move the ball against the Patriots – which shouldn’t be hard to do because their defense is terrible.  But their strategy is to score 40 points and make the other team keep up.  Our strategy is the complete opposite.  Our D is good but our offense has got to move the ball better.  

  • crazykid

    Who said we should trade D.J. Williams again…?

  • Dante Pakistan

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Anonymous

    Game plan was pretty good today actually. Had we not have so many dropped passes and a blocked fg we’d have scored 20+ points easily.

  • King

    Yep.  It’s pretty obvious we need another RB to compliment Willis.  And a Jason Whitten sized TE that can catch passes.  Decker and Thomas let balls slip through the bread basket today, on a few occasions.  We could get nothing going with the drops and that obviously affected the confidence of the entire offense. 

  • King

    Prater has ice water in his veins.  No doubt. 

  • Anonymous

    I admit I was on the trade DJ bandwagon earlier this year, this game changed my mind about him

  • Mountian Dave

     I did not make a single prediction about this season that stands  at this point, I clearly have no idea what they are going to do and i no longer care. This is fun and I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!  For what it is worth, after the 2nd win, I ” predicted” that it can’t last! ” You might win a couple, but you can win many like that!” 

  • Dante Pakistan

    I strongly disagree, the drops were big but the Bears D had us figured out, we didn’t make many adjustments and went away from what had worked. Luckily things worked out for us but I wouldn’t count on it against elite teams. The pass to DT he should have had but Tebow definitely didn’t make it easy, overthrew a tiny bit, should have caught it still but I can’t hate on him too much for it, would have been a tough catch. Deckers drop was inexcusable, I think I could catch that 5-10 times. The drops weren’t the problem I saw though, we need to dominate on the ground, I do not want to depend on Tebow throwing the ball around.

  • Dante Pakistan

    I was on the trade everyone but Doom, Von and Clady bandwagon, glad I was wrong!

    Brandon Llyod, how you liking the STL?

  • Anonymous

    DT has 4 big drops and if he hadn’t ran too far to the right he wouldn’t have had to extend so far on top of the fact he still had a few inches of extension to go.

    Not to mention the INT Tebow threw was off of a Willis slip. Ya gotta stop hating so much and enjoy the game bud. Once the WR’s started catching the ball we started moving the chains.

    You certainly can’t say the Bears had us figured out when there were 4 drops in the first half on record and another 2 or 3 that were catchable and all would have been for first downs. That’s just flat out sillyness.

  • That guy that calls you out

    what do you think, Kyle? should we start Orton next week? or Tebow

  • Dante Pakistan

    I’m not hating, I’m happy as can be. The drops are bad, but the Bears had us locked down, we could not run the ball. Our run blocking was laughable, that was the worst our O looked minus the Lions game. Tebow is doing a great job, very happy with his development but a lot of his passes are still off and he still has a long way to go. I don’t have many issues with him today, we made no adjustments and basically gave up our smash mouth run game and went to the air too often. I don’t like our chances if we have to throw 30+ times in the future. Barber gave us a gift but we deserved to lose, either way, I’ll take it and hopefully I continue to be wrong about Timmy.

  • Dante Pakistan

    My negative nature doesn’t come from hatred of anyone, I’m a perfectionist a d have expecting for everything. When I watch the Broncos I expect them to play my level of expectations, when they don’t, I’m going to complain about, but regardless, I’m with you, extremely happy about this year and can’t wait for next Sunday. We better bring our A hand against the Pats, especially the coaching staff, you know BB will have his guys ready.

  • Yekgo97

    Tebow was good in the 2mins, he was accurate in the short passes. We need to get 1 or 2 “Gronk”-size TE, Broncos will be a stallion…

  • Anonymous

    You are an idiot

  • Anonymous

    Fair enough man. I would like to see better play too but this is a team that 6 weeks ago I thought I would be on cloud nine to see a .500 year and here we are looking like we’re playoff bound!

    Who cares if we can’t hang with the elite teams, we aren’t even supposed to be beating the bad teams.
    The fact that we have come as far as we have is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see how this year plays out and who we pick up in the draft because with a full offseason and some stability at coaching we are going to be a very good team next year.

  • Anonymous


  • TimmyT

    Now be nice…..Timmy T doesn’t like name calling!!

  • Anonymous

    Julius Thomas may be that guy for us next year. He has the potential, just such a raw player and with no offseason he had no chance to be a play maker this year.

  • Tom9798

    We won’t have a losing season. 

    Enjoy “the most dangerous team nobody wants to play.”

  • Dante Pakistan

    For sure, I thought we would be luck to get 4 wins!!! But we’ve come this far, I think with the way our D has played we can beat the elite teams but our O needs to be better, starting with Teboe, and yes, it would help a lot if our WRs would catch his good passes, you know with him at least a third will be way off target, have to catch any you can get your hands on. I’m skeptical but hopeful, next week will be a huge test, first SB contender we will have played with Tebow at helm.

  • Tom9798

    Ever notice regardless what network or review you watch, the Broncos are the last team anybody mentions.  wonder why?

  • Dante Pakistan

    Easy to call someone out when you’re not putting your thoughts out there huh?

  • Tom9798

    One can only hope M. Hoge bet his house, car, savings, and 401K on the opponents.

  • Dante Pakistan

    On another note, I like to eat when I’m nervous, every Sunday for the past few weeks I have probably gained 8 pound each week and then am hurting at the gym on Mondays, Broncos are slowly killing me.

  • Anonymous

    haha, great point!

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit I was calling for his trade. He has been fantastic most of the year though so I’ll gladly eat a little crow as long as I can salt it :)

  • Dante Pakistan

    Put some cheese on, cheese makes everything better.

  • Dante Pakistan

    JThomas can definitely be a difference maker.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent writing. Even better score. 7-1 with this kid and our amazing Crush v2. Who would have thought…GO BRONCOS

  • Dakota Fan

    And D-Thomas- he redeemed himself in OT, but he dropped two catchables himself…

  • virginiabronco

    Now NE.  This will tell us what we need to know.

  • Cj

    Hope the defense isnt banged up still by then. Noticeable difference without Dawkins, goodman

  • Dakota Fan

    Man, i’m trying to groom my kids to be Broncos fans, but i’m trying to convince them that OT games and games this close are NOT CONVENTIONAL WAYS to win!!! They think that it’s supposed to be done this way. Just like i grew up thinking as long as #7 was at QB, the win was NEVER impossible.

    I’ll believe just about anything after the last 8 games.

    Go Tebow…

    Go VonDoom…

    Go Prater…

    GO BRONCOS!!!!

  • Charles Hubbard

    Is Tim Tebow bowing to HONOR GOD or bowing to HONOR NIKE for victory? Over 2000 years ago, people sacrificed to and worshipped the pagan goddess NIKE in order to be granted victory! And many people still worship NIKE today in Neo-Paganism… the Air Force Academy just a short drive from Tebow has a Pagan Worship Circle!!! That is why the NIKE sportswear company is named NIKE… because of that pagan goddess which is also a demon! They sacrificed to demons that are not God, to gods they never heard of. These were new gods, who came from nearby, gods your ancestors never worshiped. – Deuteronomy 32:17 People who wear and promote NIKE sportswear honor the name that pagan goddess / demon NIKE. But I will not! I will HONOR the NAME of the LORD. That is Who Tim Tebow honors when he bows. But sadly… some Christians honor the name of the pagan goddess NIKE by what they wear! God is NOT pleased with billions of demonic NIKE products promoting paganism and its negative impact felt around the world! So let’s make this clear… Tim bows to God for victory… not the pagan goddess!

  • Flexo

    Woah, guy. Dial down the paranoid doomsaying.
     It’s a sports blog

  • Anonymous

    Nike literally means Victory ya tool. Nike was initially created for runners and when the Greeks won at the battle of Marathon their runner ran 26 miles to Athens and when he got their he was shouting NIKE! or “Victory” because they won the battle. That’s why it’s called a Marathon and that’s why the shoe company is called Nike. 

    What are you trying to be the next Jim Jones?

  • Anonymous

    Too many miracles to explain… I’m convinced, Tebow has a friend out there on his side!

  • TD30ismvp

    Obviously he is a Reebok fan…don’t be a hater buddy.