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Published on 12/04/2011 at Sun Dec 04 14:59.
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Tim Tebow Broncos huddle

Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos huddles up with his teammates in the first quarter against the Minnesota Vikings on December 4, 2011 at Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Statistically, it was Tim Tebow‘s finest career game. Answering the call of his critics, the run-first QB completed 66.7% of his passes, throwing two touchdowns on 15 attempts. He threw for a season-high 202 yards and had no interceptions. His passer rating: a mile-high 149.3.

But even that wasn’t enough to beat the Minnesota Vikings. Not by himself.

Cornerback Andre Goodman and kicker Matt Prater were there to take over the fourth quarter hero’s role.

Prater kicked two field goals in the last two minutes of regulation — a game-tying 46-yard field goal and a game-winning 23-yarder set up by an Andre Goodman interception. The Denver Broncos forced three turnovers and came back to win 35-32 against the Minnesota Vikings as time expired.

Not that Tebow wasn’t clutch in the second half. On the contrary, Tebow was his usual innovative, playmaking, spectacular self in the third and fourth quarters, escaping pressure and making plays. The difference today was his willingness to trust his air game rather than his ground game when the play broke down.

Tebow had a handful of help from others as well. Demaryius Thomas had his breakout game, getting wide open for two touchdowns and nearly hauling in another in the fourth quarter. Willis McGahee went nuts in the second half, busting loose for 111 rushing yards, his sixth 100+ yard rushing game of the season (tying the NFL lead in the category). Brian Dawkins continues to provide visual inference that the fountain of youth must exist, and Mario Haggan played superbly in place of the injured Von Miller, intercepting a first quarter Christian Ponder pass that he returned for a touchdown.

With the win, the 7-5 Broncos enter a first-place tie with the Oakland Raiders in the AFC West.

  • King

    Offense and defense looked bad the first half.  Even Champ admitted it.  Fox chewed some butt during halftime, according to the players. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have DVR but it looked like that shove to Harris was within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage.  Can anyone verify this? 
    And I didn’t know the ground could cause a fumble either…..weird call

  • Anonymous

    I say bring in a free agent RB and draft DT’s and CB’s in the first 4 rounds

  • Guest

    6-5 beating 2-9 isn’t an upset lol

    I didn’t see that line and The Denver Post had an article yesterday about the Broncos being favored for the first time since ’09:

    Either way, big win for us and we should be 8-5 going into the flexed game with the pats!

  • Dante Pakistan

    Do you not recall Tebows first few starts?!?! Nothing I said was inaccurate about those games. I still believe Luck will end up being a better QB than Tebow, but he’s out of the picture for us so I’m going to enjoy this ride while it lasts. Hopefully my initial opinions were wrong, I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong, I’d much rather be wrong about Tebow and win SBs with him than be right. Actually I just want to win, and not just short term, but for a long time. Will this be sustainable? I personally don’t believe so but only time will tell.

  • Dante Pakistan
  • 5280

    Denver is not tied for first they’re actually in first place. They own a tie breaker win over Miami while Oakland losses to them today pus they own a the best record within the division. With chicagos best QB and best running back out next week could be a win. They might get that ass handed to them by the pats but still, they can win at least the next 3 out of 4 games and get a home playoff game. SAY WHAT? Can you believe it? We could possibly be in the first round of the playoffs! Talk about a turn around!

  • Anonymous

    RB and DT?
    Have you seen our DBs play? HAVE YOU NOTED THEIR AGES? TOP PRIORITY.

    A RB can be easily had in FA. NEVER draft a RB high!! Unless he appears to be Bo Jackson. Dime a dozen – RBs

    Oh yeah and our Dline is playing VERY WELL. Sure draft a DT but after CB (& maybe Safety) (maybe Webber? Coach doesn’t think he’s better than the three we had) …
    After CB it’s pretty much BPA
    We’re weak all over

  • Anonymous

    consistency is key.

  • Anonymous

    inside five (dammit)
    And yes the ground CAN cause a fumble. (been a few years that way)

  • King

    In your dreams, perhaps

  • Kellyleephipps

    What a come back….and what a season!  Gotta go look at the standings one last time before I let go of the consciousness of this day.  Love the Defense, love McGahee, love the receivers popping onto the radar at last….we just knew it was a matter of time!  

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Only criticism this week is that the scoring drives were too short.  You can’t score in two plays every time when your defense has been on the field for nearly 55 minutes in the first half! LOL!

    Damn, I could’ve been flying to Denver on Thursday but the 1-4 start put me off :(

  • Strawdog

    Watched the game at a Steelers bar in Washington DC.  You could hear, “Go Broncos!” and “Teeebow!” from across the room.  Bears next.  Sic ’em Timmy!! GO BRONCOS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m 90% there Whidbey.  The kid just improves every week.  I think things are slowing down for him.  

    Not sure at what point in the game it happened, but they showed him on the sideline and the look in his eyes said all I need to know.  This kid is 100% for real.  

  • Anonymous

    Yep.  That why they’re back ups.

  • Anonymous

    Have not seen enough of Weber to have any opinion one way or the other.  However, I was surprised they didn’t promote him when they ditched Orton.  Given all the QB issues out there I thought they would have brought him up to protect him from someone signing him off the practice squad???

  • Erazo362

    Boy you Tebow haters sure have tone it down alot, glad I don’t have to listen to that bull for a while!!! Glad to hear you all eating CROW, Tim has a way of serving it hot, but before he is done, you’re going to think it taste like fried chicken!!!! ha ha ha  and I predict the broncos over the Pat’s.

  • areferee

    This is the respectful dialogue I appreciate about this Website/  Good job Guys!

  • areferee

    Maybe “Lucky” will do an Elway to the Colts and announce he won’t play in Indy and we can arrange another franchise foundational trade.  After all, QB controversies make this Website vibrate!

  • Anonymous

    CB can be had from FA too. We need an anchor DT worst.

    Trent Richardson is a future HOF so I would be happy to take him in the first. Otherwise, drafting one in round 2 isn’t taking a RB high. (BTW you never draft a LB high either :)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe he is signable off our practice squad by another team at this point. I may be wrong though.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that’s pretty jacked Braden. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that’s the way to make his haters love him! Well done sir, well done!

  • areferee

    According to the new CBA:

    Section 2. Signing With Other Clubs:

    (a) Any player under contract to a Club as a Practice Squad player
    shall be completely free to negotiate and sign a Player Contract with
    any Club at any time during the League Year, to serve as a player on any
    Club’s Active or Inactive List, and any Club is completely free to
    negotiate and sign such a Player Contract with such player, without
    penalty or restriction, including, but not limited to, Draft Choice
    Compensation between Clubs or First Refusal Rights of any kind, or any
    signing period, except that such player shall not be permitted to sign a
    Player Contract with another Club to serve as a Practice Squad player
    while under contract as a Practice Squad player.

  • Anonymous

    haha! god I hope not, I don’t want to give away the franchise for an unproven player. Personally I like RG III more than Luck anyway.

  • Anonymous

    1. That was impressive!

    2. How the hell did you just have that handy? lol

  • Braden

    Your right, i do feel bad.  Let me rephrase that.  I am happy we pulled the plug on Orton and started Tebow.  I’m happy we are starting to win again.    

  • Anonymous

    only four to go until the playoffs!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t there also a rule that if you sign someone off another teams practice squad that they have to be on your active roster for the next 3 weeks?  I think that is the main reason why teams shy away from signing other practice squad players, unless they really need them.  

  • Anonymous

    I would pick up a DB before an RB.   

  • Anonymous

    The Cliff’s Notes version.  He is a QB so there is minimal chance of being signed off the practice squad.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously you’re not sold because you’re a hater.  erazo362 said so.

  • Dante Pakistan

    Don’t jinx it!

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t heard of any FA CBs… besides we need a star in the making their…. ours is soon gone and oft injured.

    I like our DTs honestly… I’d take BPA after CB…. QB OL or DT

  • Anonymous

    apparently our FO isn’t impressed, given our poor QB play early this year…

    I’d like to see him more though

  • makayah

    Does anyone know where I can find this game online, I mean I dont think even itunes have it thanks

  • NFL Hats

    The difference today was his willingness to trust his air game