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Published on 12/03/2011 at Sat Dec 03 07:30.
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Tim Tebow has protected the football and won games this season, which is what a quarterback is supposed to do. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow currently has the fourth most Pro Bowl votes among AFC quarterbacks. Fan voting ends on December 19th; the coaches and players of the NFL then supply the other two thirds of the voting.

Three quarterbacks dress for both the AFC and NFC each February in the NFL’s All-Star Game. The three AFC quarterbacks currently ahead of Tebow in the voting are New England’s Tom Brady, Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger and Buffalo’s Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Brady usually doesn’t play in the game (often because he is playing in the Super Bowl or doesn’t want to be bothered), so Tebow has a decent shot — based on fan voting.

Some have scoffed at the idea of Tebow — one of the least accurate passers in the NFL — making the NFL’s All Star Game. Is he really worthy of making the Pro Bowl? Has he really played better than all but two other quarterbacks in the American Football Conference?

We’ll compare some of his stats to the other quarterbacks across the NFL and let you make that decision for yourself.

Top Five AFC Starter Passer Ratings, 2011:

  1. Brady — 105.1
  2. Reothisberger — 96.8
  3. Matt Moore — 87.8
  4. Fitzpatrick — 85.5
  5. Matt Hasselbeck — 83.1
  6. Andy Dalton — 81.8
  7. Mark Sanchez 80.9
  8. Phillip Rivers — 80.8
  9. Tebow — 80.5
  10. Joe Flacco — 78.9

Tebow does rank in the top ten among AFC quarterbacks, but an 80.5 rating is nothing to get overly excited about.  However, passing isn’t Tebow’s strength. Rushing and protecting the football are his strengths. The next stat will reflect that.

Top Five NFL Starter Total Touchdown to Turnover Ratio, 2011:

  1. Aaron Rodgers — 9.0
  2. Tebow — 5.5
  3. Drew Brees — 2.46
  4. Brady — 2.333
  5. Tony Romo — 2.1
  6. Matthew Stafford — 2.0
  7. Matt Ryan — 1.538
  8. Eli Manning — 1.528
  9. Sanchez — 1.313
  10. Fitzpatrick — 1.267

The above stat calculates a quarterbacks total touchdown (passing + rushing) to turnover (interception + fumbles lost) ratio. Tebow ranks very high in this stat, second only to Rodgers — who is a League MVP candidate this season. What we can gather from this stat is that Tebow has scored a lot of touchdowns and turned the ball over a few times (11-to-2 to be exact).

Top Five NFL Starter Win to Loss Ratio, 2011:

  1. Rodgers — 11-0
  2. Tebow — 5-1
  3. Alex Smith — 9-2
  4. Brady — 8-3
  5. Flacco — 8-3
  6. Brees — 8-3
  7. Roethlisberger — 8-3
  8. Romo — 7-4
  9. Ryan — 7-4
  10. Dalton — 7-4

Rightfully or not, an NFL quarterback often gets too much praise for a win and too much criticism for a loss. Although he has a smaller sample size than all the other quarterbacks on the list, Tebow again ranks high in this stat. The defense has kept him in games, but Tebow has been the one scoring the game-winning touchdowns the past few weeks.

Tebow has thrown interceptions on just 0.7% of his passes this year and has scored eleven touchdowns in six games while leading the team to three come-from-behind wins in the fourth quarter or overtime this season. While he does have the 16th-best completion percentage (45.5) and hasn’t thrown for a lot of yards (852), Tebow has scored touchdowns and won games, and that won’t get any complaints from a coach.

You can vote for the 2012 All Star Game at, or on the team’s official website:

  • johnny

    the pro bowl is a total waste of the fans time. Don’t bother.
    T2 will just keep doing what he’s doing no matter what the “experts”
    say he can do.

  • Anonymous

    Not yet! But if he can improve a bunch on his passing he may be getting there soon.

    Maybe you dislike the pro bowl but its not a waste of time for this fan. Its a nice end to the season and is about the players and not as much who wins or looses. I’ve always enjoyed it and will continue to. I think its cool watching the guys from around the league hanging out together and playing the game together.

    Not to mention I think most players like it, like going and enjoy having or building friendships throughout the league.

  • Ngrycel

    Mike Vick made the Pro Bowl as a running qb who couldn’t throw…

  • DMyers

    Michael Vick has always been able to throw the football, which Tim Tebow can not do. Is Vick accurate? Better now but atleast he does not throw like a girl.

  • Anonymous

    Vick was god awful at throwing the football until last year. He was every bit as inaccurate as Tebow and he threw a ton of interceptions. He also fumbled once a game on average. It was embarrassing watching the announcers fawning over him every time he completed a pass with the “and they said this guy can’t throw” crap since god forbid they put down a black QB’s ability. 

    Just calling it like it is.

  • Jon

    Yup, Vick has made incredible strides as a passer since joining Philadelphia.  I think he was improving at the tail-end of his stint in Atlanta though.

  • Jon

    I agree.  I really like the game, contrary to so many fans out there.

  • NMBronc

    TT is not there yet.  Brady, Roth and Dalton are the best three thus far.  Fitz started strong, but he has fizzled lately.

  • Jon

    I agree with you as far as typical quarterbacks go.  But as far as football players go, Tebow is a better one than Dalton.  (IMO.)

  • johnny

    You’re quite right, some fans do enjoy it. Have fun! 

  • Braden

    The AFC is very thin at Qb this season it seems.  Fitzpatrick?  Moore?  These guys are some of the best QB ratings in this conference.

  • King

    Vick was pathetic when he was here in Atlanta. 

  • King

    I don’t think he deserves a pro-bowl selection, yet.  The good thing is he doesn’t care if he makes it or not.  And I like that. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s a little bold. Dalton has been the NFL for a year less than Tebow and he’s in a much harder division, with more wins to show for it as well.

    Not saying one is better than the other, but it’s hard to definitely say who is better than who.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a huge Dalton fan but I think the tiebreaker for me is who do I want leading my team with 1 possession left in the 4th?

    As far as being in a harder division, that’s irrelevant so far because their 2 division wins both came against Cleveland.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  I also think Tebow throws for 250+ yards today

  • Anonymous

    “I also think Tebow throws for 250+ yards today”

    Thats funny!!! BUT… it would be nice to see for sure.

  • Anonymous

    I was close, how funny am I now

  • Anonymous

    I just gave you credit on the other post you moron… But 48 yards away isn’t really that close…

    But you are still funny and clueless to say the least!

  • Bugsy626909

    Lick on tim tebows christian nut sack

  • Anonymous

    Dude you really need to tone it down on the calling everyone idiots, losers, and morons.  They won, be happy you old grump

  • King

    I might have to amend my original statement if Tebow keeps playing well.  :)

  • Anonymous

    Tebow’s QB PASSER rating is now 87.9. Which makes him 3rd among active AFC QBs. That doesn’t count his running. If he plays will through the rest of the season, a pro-bowl nod could be earned.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t dog on the ‘Battle of Ohio’.

    No pun intended.

  • Robert

    Vince Young made the Pro Bowl once with more INT’s than TD passes.
    And why did he warrant consideration? He won.

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