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Published on 10/30/2011 at Sun Oct 30 17:35.
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Detroit Lions v Denver Broncos

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh #90 of the Detroit Lions battles against the block of offensive guard Chris Kuper #73 of the Denver Broncos Sports Authority at Invesco Field at Mile High on October 30, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

There would be no Tim Tebow comeback this time. Not down 42 points in the fourth quarter.

The Detroit Lions dominated the Broncos from start to finish. They took a 7-3 lead from their first possession and never relented. Their offensive and defensive lines dominated their Broncos’ opponents, and the Lions scored 45 unanswered points to finish with a 45-10 victory at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

The Denver Broncos hardly got started. Their first drive showed flashes of promise, of the benefits of a week’s worth of practices and a “revamped” college-style offense that played to Tebow’s strengths. The Broncos were an Eric Decker toe tap from a touchdown — Tebow’s touchdown toss was ruled incomplete — before struggling to gain another first down for three quarters. Tim Tebow again displayed inaccuracy and indecisiveness. The Broncos’ running game was stuffed. It was an embarrassment at home.

Adding insult to embarrassment were defensive touchdowns by the Lions. Adding insult to insult were the big plays by Tony Scheffler and Alphonso Smith, who tallied a touchdown and forced fumble respectively — former Broncos who were traded to the Lions in separate trades by ex-coach Josh McDaniels.

Tebow finished 18 for 39 for 172 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Many of his yards and completions came in the fourth quarter, with the game well out of hand.

The Broncos are left with questions, and the sobering realization that no quarterback — Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, or even Andrew Luck — is going to solve the plethora of problems this plague this once-proud franchise. They fall to 2-5 on the season as they prepare for an AFC West rematch against the Oakland Raiders.

  • Anthony

    Orton had many years to produce results. Tebow is on pace to out perform Orton in the W/L column. Tebow has the ability to create something out of nothing, Orton doesnt. If Tebow plays like this as long as Orton has been bad, i’ll full 100% agree that he doesnt need to be a QB. I’m not gonna crucify the kid after 1 bad loss. 

  • Audi

    Yeah, it is not Tebow’s fault at all…………..

  • Audi

    You are right on one thing.  Tebow needed to improve and he did not.  Everyone says he works hard.  Then how has he not improved on the glaring issues everyone has been calling out since he was drafted a year and a half ago??  Throwing motion and reading D was an issue at draft time.  And he has made zero improvement.

  • King

    What’s garbage is your newbie views on the game of football.  No QB is going to succeed with our O-line. 

    Every football play is choreographed. 

    Tebow deserves some of the blame, yes.  But our O-line is one of the worst in the league, if not the worst. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  But you can’t say that Orton if stuck in the same situation (pressure from the defense) would be any better.  Tebow had no time all.  Plus the playcalling was horrible.  I don’t know about any of you guys, but if they were constantly stacking 9 in the box and blitzing, I would start calling quick slants and outs to back them off (or even a couple screens).  What does Mccoy do?  He calls deep routes (when he knows Tebow is not accurate at the deep pass).   They also don’t play to his strengths.  The first drive for example..  They played a shotgun spread and he was able drive down the field rather easily.  What do they do then??  They put him under center for pretty much the rest of the game which ends up stalling the offense.  He tends to do a lot better in the shotgun spread so why not keep doing it?  In my opinion they should set the game plan to his strengths until he can build some confidence and slowly start adding in other facets of the game that he is weak at.  Doesn’t make sense to me to throw him in there and try to make him into a type of qb he will either never be or may take some time to figure out.  Like I said before when Tebow did have a chance and time to throw the ball, he looked horrible as well, but I am just trying to get out there that it isn’t all of Tebow’s fault.  With no help from the line, dropped balls from the receivers and play calling so bad that it appears that Mccoy and Fox are trying to set up Tebow to fail, who could succeed in that situation? 
    I just think it was strange that Tebow can avg around 25pts/gm last year playing his style of offense and then now he can hardly put points on the board.  They need to go back to letting him play his style of ball and what he is comfortable at and slowly ease him in over the remaining games.  Any sensible coach would realize this, if they really wanted him to succeed.  If by the end of the season, he doesn’t show improvement then I say we move on.  I don’t see the point of putting Quin in since we are too many games back to get anywhere this season.  Go Broncos!!!

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. I think this team is better than what showed up on Sunday.  I think quality QB play makes this team instantly competitive.  I have been pulling for Tebow, and still have hopes that he can become a great QB someday, but he is the main reason they got whooped.  I think if you had a Manning or a Brady type QB playing for the Broncos last game instead of Tebow, I think you see a completely different team.  The defense did not play great by any means yesterday, but you can blame Tebow for that by him going three and out on a consistent basis.  He gave the defense no time to rest, he gave them no hope that he could put points up and make it a competitive game.  If we had a better QB in, the Lions do not put eight in the box, which means we could have opened up the running game, eat up time, keep Stafford on the bench, give the defense some hope of victory.  Our O-line was sufficient with pass blocking when Orton was in.  I don’t know of any O-line that could block for the amount of time Tebow needed to make a play yesterday.  I’m not sure if a top QB wins yesterdays game for the Broncos, but it would much closer IMO

  • Anonymous

    I agree, but it’s kind of hard for the D to keep points of the board when the offense has 7 straight 3 n outs (or at least that is what one of the reporters was saying) or goes 0 for 8 on their 1st 8 3rd down conversions. 

  • virginiabronco

    You make some good points but we have ranked near the bottom of every defensive catagory for what seems to be the last 10 years. Cetainly since the final years of Shanny.  We need a running attack to compliment any QB we put back there.  We need a defense.  We haven’t stopped anybody consistantly for years. 

  • Anonymous

    Starting Tebow isn’t anything about Tebow himself. It’s giving him a chance to prove himself. If he continues this, then the draft will be a lot easier come spring.

  • Anonymous

    This is what you people wanted, right?   Enjoy your messiah, suckers. 

  • Anonymous


  • virginiabronco

    That statement is so idiotic it doesn’t deserve a response.  I expected more from my friend herc

  • Anonymous


  • SoCalBronco7

    Here is the bottom line: You are more than welcome to keep the myopic glasses on and focus on Tebow or whoever is in the QB position. Tebow may or may not succeed in the NFL but it really does not matter. It is really incredibly $%&^$ to keep doing the same things and expect different results.   This team has tremendous needs and Bowlen has failed to address them:

    1) Head Coach: The hiring of an old goober that football has passed by who brings with him stubbornness coming off an abysmal 2-14 season was the mistake of the century. No other team would have hired Foxy and Bowlen trying to hire the anti McDaniels goofed up big time. 

    2) Offensive coordinator. Explain to me how a rebuilding team can benefit from an offensive coordinator, with no experience and no winning record. One page playbook, has no ability to help a young QB succeed and make adjustments to counter a defense. Check out this sequence: 1 and 10, run Tebow through the middle, 2 and 10, run Tebow through the middle, 3 and 8,  avoid the rush from one of the best D Lines Timmy and try to throw a 40 yard pass to a receiver who has played one game in more than a year. Get the ….. out!

    3) Offensive Line Coach: The talent is there the scheme is not. Cannot open any holes for the running game consistently. Average protection time 3 seconds. Are you kidding me? lf you think Tebow is the problem let’s put Quinn in there to see if he will get sacked 10 times a game.

    4) A bruiser running back. Moreno is not a bad player but he is an open field threat. Sending him constantly to run through the middle is moronic. We have no running game to take the pressure of the QB.

    5) Defensive tackles. Duh!

    6) Cornerbacks. As great of a player Bailey is, he is one hamstring away from disaster. Let’s trade him, give him the opportunity for a ring and get some young talent. As far as Goodman I am not even going to wast my time to type something about him.

    7) A QB. If we are going to keep Fox (and we absolutely should not) Tebow is definitely not the answer. Let’s draft another QB but if we do not address all the above we will watch years of mediocrity unfold before our eyes. 

  • Roy

    I don’t even think it is our o-line. no o-line is going to give their QB 8 seconds to throw. A lot of the blame belongs to Tebow, this is true. However, the play calling was atrocious. When the only calls are runs and routed that take forever to develop, the defense is going to have a good day. I seriously question if McCoy has ever even heard of a bubble screen or a quick slant.

  • Roy

    I agree. The Broncos can’t move on at QB until they find out what they have on the roster.

  • Roy

    For anyone who is questioning how much of a difference a good QB makes look no further than the Colts. With Manning they are a playoff caliber team. Without, they have a top-5 draft pick. There is a reason that people how have a lot more football acumen than all of us say that it is the most important position on the field. The fact of the matter is that Tebow is not playing anywhere near well enough to have a positive impact on our W/L record.

  • Anonymous

    Awww, my feelings!

    You know just because you don’t like the sentiment doesn’t make it idiotic. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Turkrock

     The Broncos rushed for 190 yards, I don’t think the running attack was the problem

  • Stormyfree

    I know the defeat was embarrassing, and I expect such foolish comments from Detroit. I was one who called for Tebow to get his chance to start and gain experience. All these naysayers who are calling for Tebow’s head now. Sure he looked lost at times, but he will be a good quarterback one day. I still believe he has what is takes to be a successful NFL quarterback, but the broncos has a wholelot more issues than quarterback. The team was smart in drafting defense this year because it was not only the offense that sputtered the defense gave up a lot of points as well. I knew early on the Broncos were going to have a difficult time winning games this season, but as I said before, the team might as well give Tebow experience in the process – those fans actually think we can win with Tebow this season are wishful thinking. I like Tebow and I know he will improve with this season under his belt. I have confidence in his attitude, aptitude, skills (albeit they definitely need improvement) and his work ethic. He will be alright – Bowlen, Elway and the coaching staff need to be patient with him an stick to their investment in Tebow. He will be learning from one of the best in John Elway!

  • BroncosNOSHOW

    Yes, lets talk about the horrible defense and the horrible offensive line a little more. When the defense lets a player run 40 yards in the endzone and just stand there and wait there all alone for the touchdown pass, there is a big problem! Hmmmmm – Until we have a Defense and an Offensive line. No quarterback is going to be able to win a game in Denver, even a top ten pick. Even Luck would have NO LUCK in Denver!

  • BroncosNOSHOW

    Yes – Screens are GOOD! There was not one screen thrown! Which is what Tebow can do! It was run, long pass, long pass, punt, all day long. Nothing different! Everyone watching the game knew what play was coming, pretty easy for a defense to figure it out. Not going to work with Tebow! Screens! Hello McCoy?

  • BroncosNOSHOW


  • BroncosNOSHOW

    Some better play calling would help! Deep Pass, Deep Pass, Deep Pass is not going to work with Tebow! Hello McCoy!

  • Bry

    The HC isn’t a problem. Firing one and bringing in another coach is far worse. We have seen how many problems the defense has had having to deal with the revolving door of DC’s.

    McCoy I’m not sold on at all, atleast not with Tebow at the helm. McCoy’s job gets MUCH easier if he has a QB like a Brady or Manning that can already recognize a defense before the snap and have the ability to get rid of the ball, even under pressure. One of the strikes against Tebow was that he couldn’t do that, and I don’t expect that to change…regardless of how much work the team puts in.

    So yes, the QB position MUST be addressed come early on draft day. For now, I’m cool with giving Tebow the starting spot. He can play, hopefully improve, and he can remain on the roster next season and challenge a rookie QB for the starting spot.

  • stav

    Jeezus, what the hell is going on here? I like Tebow, but he’s not the answer. Doesn’t matter how much we suck it up, we have to see what Tebow can do, full evaluation is needed whether it comes out worse or not, we have to find out what’s on this roster right now. Again I’ll say it, see if Tebow can catch the ball, the guy has football skills, let’s see where he can make an impact, TE? Its been done before in Dallas Clark and Tebow looks to be a better athlete than Clark. 

    I think we have 1-2 wins left for this year, unfortunately that may put us beyond drafting Matt Barkley and leave us with Landry Jones (ugh), who I’d rather skip. If we can’t get Luck (let’s not underestimate the Elway/Stanford connection yet) or Barkley, then we need to address DL right off the bat. We have soooo many issues its ridiculous. McAsshole put this team 3-5 yrs away from being relevant again. Draft, draft, draft. That’s where our future is. QB, RB, DT, DL, MLB. Knowshon? Chop bait and throw this guy overboard, BUST. You can’t pin shitty defense on Tebow. Is Quinn any better? Slightly? Maybe, enough to be a difference maker? NOOOO WAAYYY.
    Well boys, we are in for a loooonnnggggg haul, and I mean years before we see some significant improvement. That’s fine, we all waited a hell of a long time to see those two rings come through, i’m a patient man people.    

  • virginiabronco

    I don’t think of myself as a “you people”.  I certainly don’t view Tebow as a messiah.  I just wanted to see what we had on the bench.  Thats all I have ever said.  There are plenty of people smarter than me that said he could not play. I have always accepted that possible outcome.  I have always said they may be right but one thing was sure, KO had 3 years to prove he could play and I didn’t see any progress.  I thought it was time to try something else.  I thought the coaches would support the change but clearly I was wrong.  He wasn’t my messiah and at no time did I state he was the answer.  Most of the posts stated similar thoughts.  We just wanted to see what we had to determine IF he was the QB of the future OR if we should move him out and look for something in the draft.  I think that was (and is) sound planning.  The flaw in that thinking is I thought the coaching staff would attempt to put him in the best possible position to succeed.  Apparently this was never part of the plan.  

    So at the end of the day the Critics get to say I told you so and the Tebow supporters get to blame everything else around Tebow for his “poor play”.  A judgement made after only 2 games I might add.  Nothing really resolved for me accept the realization that we are going to be rebuilding for years to come.  As I stated above in an earlier post, I do concede your point now that Tebow needs to go though not for the reasons you state. After 2 games, we still don’t know whether he can be a good/great QB in the NFL.  We do know he can’t be a good QB in Denver with this coaching staff and supporting casts. The coaching staff isn’t going anywhere so Tebow is gone.  Time to figure out who we are going to draft.  And the misery continues.  Another season of rebuilding.

  • Anonymous

    Orton would have dumped the ball somewhere.  They’ve been playing his style of ball.  How many times did Tebow line up under center?  He was playing from the shotgun most of the game.  The fact is his style does not work well in the NFL.  Having a healthy McGahee would have helped some but the Lions were committed to making Tebow beat them through the air.  Tebow has not adjusted to the speed of the NFL, and that is just the start of his problems.

  • Anonymous

    In other words you’re apologizing.  It does not matter where in the NFL Tebow goes he still has the same issues.  They won’t magically disappear because you managed to con Jerry Glanville out of his rocking chair to coach.

  • Anonymous

    And against Miami people were pissing and moaning because they did not open up the offense.