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Published on 10/16/2011 at Sun Oct 16 09:04.
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Eddie Royal

ESPN’s Adam Schefter just reported on ESPN that Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd isn’t the only Tim Tebow target on the Broncos’ trading block. Eddie Royal is on there, too.

Per Schefter, both players requested to be traded. Both Lloyd and Royal are in the final year of their respective contracts, so, if they feel they’re not part of the Broncos’ future, asking for a trade makes sense.

According to Schefter, Royal is garnering as much, if not more interest than Lloyd.

There’s no indication that Kyle Orton‘s benching played any factor, though the timing of this news suggests that’s a possibility.

The trade deadline is Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. MT.

If you could only keep one wide receiver, who would it be Broncos fans? Royal or Lloyd?

  • NMBronc-in-DC

    This does not surprise me and what are we really missing.  There are a number of players who are likely gone, simply because they cannot stay healthy.  Moreno and Royal are certainly two.  I like trading Lloyd, because of age and value.  Royal can’t stay healthy and Decker can.  Moreno is getting out classed by Willis, although that run for a TD was inspirational.  He actually broke a tackle…but he is likely gone.  DJ, Ayers, Dawk…..

    We are rebuilding, so anyone with trade value should be traded.  Has to be tough to be in that locker room right now.

  • NMBronc-in-DC

    And to answer your question – I would keep Decker.

  • AtomicLeo

    Royal is a surprise, although he hasn’t been an impact player since Cutler left. Orton never seemed to see the guy. I find the claim,”both requested a trade” troubling. That could be a sign that all is not well in the locker room about Tebow starting.

    If we can get 3-6 round picks for these guys, great! We need all the help we can get. Rebuilding through draft is the only to bring the Broncos back.

  • Anonymous

    I REALLY like Royal, always have. Let’s be honest though, while he still has a lot of potential, he has never filled it besides his rookie year. 

    No way the benching of Orton has anything to do with it either. As unproductive as Orton was getting him the ball, it wasn’t going to get worse with Tebow in the game and may have improved given Tebow’s ability to extend plays and Royal’s speed and shiftiness.

    I’ll miss Royal but Willis has been just as effective.

  • Anonymous

    DP reported they both requested a trade before Tebow was named starter.

    Royal has been a Bronco for a long time and has never finished with better than a 500 record. I’m sure he wants to go to a team that isn’t going to be rebuilding for the next 3 years before they have a legitimate shot in addition to having a chance to get more catches this year so he can get a better contract next year.

    Lloyd is probably thinking along the same lines and being that he is 30, he only has about 3 years left in his prime so it’s probably even more urgent for him.

  • Anonymous

    These guys asked to be traded…..give em the boot.  You don’t wanna be a Bronco, well don’t let the door hit ya in the rear on the way out.  No love for either of these guys right now.  D. Thomas, J Thomas, Willis, and Decker sound good to me.   Good luck hawking tacos in your new town Eddie

  • Dante Pakistan

    Keep it going…. SUCK FOR LUCK!!!

  • 12508

    The Rams could use both Lloyd and Royal. McD could convince them to give us two 1st round round picks for them. Lol.

  • Dante Pakistan

    Unfortunately McDumbass isnt calling the shots their otherwise you might be right. Why don’t we throw in Moreno, Orton, Tebow, and Ayers and get pick their next 7 first round picks and Bradford.

  • Jon

    Wow that sucks.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t suck, Eddie hasn’t shown heart in years, Lloyd is overrated.  Get rid of the rubbish, let the youngin’s get some catches.  Tebow and Willis have shown some amazing chemistry together,  Decker and   D.Thomas are our big fast receivers of the future.  Eddie and Blloyd are not the future of this team.  Both do not deserve to wear Orange and Blue anymore.  Trade em’ to the Rams

  • AtomicLeo

    Posted this before I read the DP article. Makes sense. They are both in the last year of their contracts and need to put up big numbers to get the big payday. That wasn’t going to happen with the new offensive philosophy no matter who the QB is. 

    Hope we can get something in return. Hate to see Royal go. I think he’ll do well.

  • AtomicLeo

    I think Royal will blossom somewhere else. Orton never threw the ball his way. Too busy forcing it Marshall or Lloyd. Hope he lands somewhere with a good QB. Surprised that St. Louis isn’t all over Royal. McD loved him and he would be easier to sign next year than Lloyd.

  • Dante Pakistan

    I would be happy with a Tebow, Royal and Lloyd for Bradford trade.

  • Nisse

    the fans loved him->reporters asked questions->whats McD going to do? say he thinks he is overrated?

  • Chiefhatersincebirth

    I would keep Eddie. The kid can be an impact player in the return game and has unique abilities that have never been used. He was recruited to VA Tech as a quarterback before moving to receiver. Imagine reverse throws a la Randal El esque or maybe evening throwing to the guy! When Cutler was behind center he gave Eddie chances even when he was covered. For a small receiver he attacks the ball like Steve Smith in Carolina and has big play potential. But yes, he is injury prone, and if he wants out then get something in return. I think he will find success down the road like other Denver outcasts. We need to get bigger and badder in trenches so draft picks will help. Plus our secondary is lacking in youth and talent.

  • AtomicLeo

    I remember after the first season McD was here, he commented that he wanted to see Royal more involved in the offense and he was disappointed that he (he was speaking for himself) didn’t do a better job designing plays to get him the ball. Royal is one of the best route runners I have ever seen come out of college. Very crisp and just snaps out of the pattern. That’s one thing a young developing QB needs, reliable WR that a QB can deliver the ball to a spot and he has confidence that guy will be there and go for the ball. a #1 guy, but he could be very productive when healthy and he’s a good punt returner. Injury as really killed his production the past two years. He is hands down, better than anything St. Louis has today, could be had for a 4-6th round pick and knows McDaniels’ system. They would be stupid not to jump on this. 

    I understand why the FO is offering him. They have a #2 WR in Decker, Tebow already has chemistry with Willis and Thomas coming back soon, Royal is going to get lost on the depth chart. Might as well get something for him, because they are not signing him next year.

  • Jon

    If they can get good value for Lloyd I’m all for it but you and I haven’t been watching the same Eddie Royal apparently.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter which one we want to keep.  In all likelyhood both will be gone next year, so trade them both for picks, and maybe a third string WR.  Decker, Moreno and TEs are going to be safety blankets for Tebow, and id Demariyus can be healthy there might be a go-up-and-get-it WR.

    Royal and Lloyd are both smallish, average speed receivers with hands and the ability to run sharp routes. They thrive in tight windows and excellent timing.  I hardly think that a scramble and spray QB is going to utilize that WR skill set.

  • Anonymous

    Who are you??? Don’t you have anything else to do?

  • Anonymous

    They could use them actually… Obviously not 1st round picks but maybe some picks… A second and a third would work for them…

  • Anonymous

    At this point I don’t see how it matters to much. When I first saw this I thought “Oh great” but when you evaluate it it makes since, for other teams and us. I like both guys but we ‘would’, ‘could’ and with value ‘should’ learn to live with out them.

    Just as when McTurd (I love calling that guy McNames…lol) traded away all our favorites we moved on, at least these may make sense and might be a good thing.

    Even if its for younger players of the same potential it would be OK I think. But more than likely it will be for picks. Sometimes picks are scary though… Eeeek! Its like a Box of Chocolates ;-).

  • anthony33

    At least this validates my comment a couple of three weeks ago that Orton had indeed requested a trade.  

    Would like to see Royal stay.

    Probably a good time to trade Lloyd if they get a fair deal.

    Either trade or cut Orton.  He does not want to be here… period.

  • wyrob


  • Dakota Fan

    Why do I have the feeling that we won’t recognize anyone except Matt Prater on the Broncos in five years (which isn’t a bad thing)? This isn’t just a house-cleaning getting set to take place. As the Bear (Bryant) once said, “We torchin’ the barn to kill the rats, boys!!” Major overhaul forthcoming…

  • King

    Haha.  Yeah, Bradford is really tearing it up this year.  Puhleeze.

  • King

    It’s hard to say, but you may be right.  Either Fox has said I’ll trade you if you want it, or building around Tebow, or building around someone else. 

    Time will tell.

  • Dante Pakistan

    Look at Bradford’s supporting cast.

  • Dante Pakistan

    Supporting my team bro.

  • Strawdog

    We probably disagree on what will be the quality of our scrambling QB’s passes, but your analysis strikes me as correct.

    Both Lloyd and Royal are smallish, timing receivers. Brady would love them.  Bigger receivers like Decker and Thomas…and our baby tight ends…will be more suited to using their bodies in space while Tebow is extending the play. Nothing wrong with either type.  But I agree with you that bigger, “my ball” receivers are better targets for Tebow.  

  • Anonymous

    I think Tebow will be able to make a few more throws than he’s getting credit for now.  He actually throws a decent long ball.  I see his weakness now as crossing routes and tight man-to-man routes at any level.  He will need receivers who will adapt as a play breaks down and get separation six or more seconds into a play, rather than in threee or four.

    I like both Lloyd and Royal, and would like to have them on my team.  But we have to be realistic about who they are right now, and who this team is right now.  If we can let them go, and get a little bit in return, do it.

  • George Fox

    I agree so lets trade Tebow now before any teams see just how far he is from being a true pocket QB in the NFL

  • Shakina Clinton

    no , lets not !! tebow is a person whos great on running , passing , and throwwing while running.. so lets not trade him because he could take us far !!

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