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Published on 10/03/2011 at Mon Oct 03 22:22.
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The BroncoTalk Staff’s collaborative post-loss post tradition returns. Celebrating and noting both the good and bad from Sunday’s 26-point loss to the Green Bay Packers.

(Editor’s note: BroncoTalk is a five-man show, and we all have different opinions. That’s what this column is all about.)


Virgil Green

Stud: Virgil Green.
If it wasn’t for the play of an inept quarterback, this game could have been a shootout. Willis McGahee may have rushed for 103 yards on only 15 carries, but that was due to the fantastic blocking of rookie tight end Virgil Green. On multiple plays Green phased out pro bowler Clay Matthews, which is something I don’t believe the regular offensive line is capable of at this point. Honorable stud mention to Johnathan Wilhite, whose coverage was so solid against Greg Jennings on one third down, that the referee believed that is was pass interference. – Mr. East

Brandon Lloyd

Stud: Brandon Lloyd
It was great to see Lloyd back as a deep threat, catching some balls that were his bread and butter last season. Some day, this team will have Lloyd, Decker, Thomas and Royal all out on the field, and we will have no shortage of good wide receivers to catch balls. – E. Halsey Miles

Von Miller

Stud: Von Miller.
At least one sack in three consecutive games and four total sacks through four games for Milller. That’s the first time a Broncos rookie has ever started the year with those numbers. This kid is going to be a stud of the season and a stud for years to come. There are a lot of things Miller can improve on (playing against the run and pass coverage), but he’s looked improved each and every week. – Jon Heath

Eric Decker

Stud: Eric Decker
Way to get open in the red zone and make a play when we could’ve been stifled on an under-thrown ball that prevented a touchdown. With our inside the 20 troubles he prevented an ugly field goal from happening. Finishing with two touchdowns was a bright spot. After seeing that second score you have to think Decker might become the new technician of stopping short on a route and making a possession grab while the corner re-adjusts. – Josh Temple


John Fox

Dud: Elway, Fox, and Xanders.
This game could have been far less embarrassing with a decent quarterback at the helm. It’s very easy to blame the loss on Kyle Orton. However, you can only be so mad at your seventeen-year-old kid for crashing the Porsche, when you were the one who handed him the keys. There was no reason for Kyle Orton to be in that game during the fourth quarter. There was no reason for Kyle Orton to be in that game at all. The Broncos are forking out $17.5 million dollars by rostering three quarterbacks this year (Orton: $8.9 million, Tebow: $7.9, Quinn: 700k), for which it seems like none have a future on this team. – Mr. East

Dud: DC Dennis Allen
Sure, Aaron Rodgers fit in some tight passes into what is normally good coverage for big plays, but just as often he was able to very quickly find and exploit weaknesses in called coverage. Two gigantic plays when a receiver was double covered because the coverage didn’t account for the receiver just taking off and going deep? Phil Simms had a great time explaining why Rodgers got such easy completions off those, and it happened TWICE. – E. Halsey Miles

Duds: The referees
Maybe it’s just my orange glasses, but I watched the announcers comment on an uncalled facemask on the Packers. Nearly immediately afterward, we get a phantom PI call that wasn’t even there. In a game where we could afford no mistakes (and made too many) it felt like the refs sure helped ensure we made mistakes even when we didn’t. -E. Halsey Miles

Cassius Vaughn

Dud: Cassius Vaughn.
The Broncos defense clearly was missing Champ Bailey yesterday. On quick screen passes in which we’ve seen Bailey so often make a sure open field tackle after a short gain, Vaughn allowed at least seven to eight yards nearly every time. His coverage down field was also painful to watch, as Aaron Rodgers and the Packers receivers had their way with him the entire game. The whole secondary played like duds on Sunday. – Jon Heath

Daniel Fells

Dud: Daniel Fells
Turned one of the best looking plays into one of the worst. A lot of guys on the offense stepped up to keep this as respectable as they could, but there is no excuse for fumbling the ball there. He could’ve finished with a career game. – Josh Temple

Your studs and duds in the comments.

  • Masaga91

    hahaha inept quarterback, it seams that one of the lasts pro-orton pages in the web is finally being anti-orton, what took you guys so long to see the reality????

  • 5280

    “If it wasn’t for the play of an inept quarterback, this game could have been a shootout.”  WOW! Now i know you have a bronco heart, but quit playin the blame game.  Compared to Aaron Rodgers  every QB on our squad is an “inept” quaterback.  Whether it was Orton, Tebow, Quin, or face ripper monkey, we were still gonna lose this game. Stop pinning it on Orton. there were way to many problems with the secondary to make such aqusations. And No, it want just Cassius Vaughn(even though he sucked too). It was everyone back there.  Dennis Allen didn’t blitz Dawkin off the line like we’re acustom to, the were barely if any LB blitzes, There were blown coverages, players not even trying to stay with the reciever.  This secondary was picked apart and embarrased hands down, It to place the blame on one or two players is naive.

     In no way was this game was ever going to be a shootout, EVER! The broncos needed to run the ball and suck down the clock, keep picking up 3rd and short, RUN THE BALL IN THE REDZONE, and try there best to keep the ball away from Aaron Rodgers. Not “shoot it out.” 

    This game should be a wake up call to bronco fans who think that by switchin one or 2 positions(namely Quarterback) the broncos will make it to the promise land.  This game should make everyone realize that, compared to a super bowl caliber team, Denver has  long way to go.  Now we might rebound and possibly even fall ass backwards into the playoffs, but this team is, by all definitions, rebuilding.  I can understand why some may have thought they should have switched to Tebow in the 4th quarter.  They were gettin hammered, the Defence couldnt stop anything, and Orton had thrown 2 unwise INT’s. But at the same time, I can also understand why Fox didn’t choose to go that route.  It’s only the 4th game of the season.  Why create the controversy and the tension in the locker room? either way we would have lost. It’s not like if Tebow were to come, in the game would have been flipped over with 8 or 9 minutes left in the game.  Now had it been the 7th, 8th, or 9th gam of the season maybe it would make a little more sence, but realisticly, everyone needs to put down their pride and admit that Tebow or Orton, Bailey or Vaugn, this team is still trying to figure out their scheme and understand little things, like even with safety help you can still get beat and who’s covering greg jennings from the 10 yrd line. This is the 6th DC in 6 years so they’re not all going to get it, fully, right away. it’ll take some time for them to gel and they still need to get the right players even. maybe grab some CB’c in the next draft as well as DT’s.

  • virginiabronco

    I agree with some of your points 5280 but disagree with others.  I agree that we were likley to lose short of having a healthy Eli Manning or a John Elway (with a running attack) on the field.  Rodgers just had one of those carreer days and it wasn’t much anyone was going to do to stop them.  However, on Mr. East’s key point, I agree with him.  Mr. East didn’t say the broncos were going to win.  He simply stated it could have been a better game with a decent QB at the helm.  A QB that doesn’t turn the ball over at key points in a game.  A QB that can convert a 3rd and 5 just once in a while.  A QB that can hit a wide open receiver consistantly.  A QB that will run for a first down more than once a game. A QB that is worthy of a game plan that is designed to throw the ball DOWNFIELD! (though it was refreshing to see the attempts later in the second quarter after we were losing of course). I could go on and site specific examples but it would be too long.  I will just let KO’s record as a Bronco speak for itself. It is nice to see Mr East has come around. Now I hope Mr. Fox will do the same and give someone else a chance so that they can evaluate all that “talent” they are paying for that currently sits on the bench.  I have said many times that I have no idea if Tebow represents the future.  A lot of good football minds say that he doesn’t.  I don’t know.  But I know KO has had his shot and has proven he can’t deliver.  (Unless you like 5 yard pass plays).   The Broncos are going no where until they get a QB.  Of course I agree this last game demonstrated we need more than just a QB.  You don’t win a war without good generals. Well run companies have good CEO’s.  You aren’t going to win many football games without a good QB. 

  • virginiabronco

    Hey Stud Watchers, don’t forget to keep an eye on Spencer Larsen’s contributions.

  • Josh Temple

    Five different writers with five different opinions?

  • rcsodak

    5yd passes? wow! Watch before you post next time. Lol
    The problem is the secondary plays with their backs to the qb and can’t anticipate the passes. Gb’s? They not only turned to see the pass (6 dp’s vs 3) but knew the spots the wr’s were going to .
    Orton played ok. Its not like he was throwing straight to cb’s like others did.
    Orton got f’d out of 2 possible TD’s (1 for sure) because of a fumble and penalty. The run game is showing peomise as is the run D.
    I’m looking forward to wk 7 and getting our roster back to full strength…..after they beat SD this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    I think all of you “start Tebow now” people should take a good look at Aaron Rodgers and the road he took to get where he is now.  Rodgers was drafted late first round just like Tebow.  Rodgers then sat as a backup from 2005-2007.  He had a lot of time to watch and learn, the Packers set him up for success.   If Fox puts in Tebow now, they are asking him to carry a bad football team.  Most likely there will not be any huge tradeoffs between him and Orton.  Tebow would undoubtedly make many mistakes because of his inexperience.  Yes it would give him some experience, but it could shatter his confidence if he fails this year.   Many of you are going to say “Elway learned on the job, so should Tebow”. Well times have changed since 1982.  The game is faster, defenses are more complex, the pressure is greater. 
     I don’t need to see what we have in Tebow to influence our direction for next year, I believe in the kid.  Give him this year to learn and work on mechanics.  Make him the starter when this team doesn’t need him to carry it.  Set him up for success

  • Anonymous

    I agree but I would add that Elway was better prepared then to carry a team than Tebow is now.  I’ll also add that Tebow is under contract and I would much rather see what Quinn can do. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a Tebow band-wagon-neer (or hater) but I like your point and think it could be a valid one!

    I do question however whether or not that is Fox’s sentiment or plan. This I doubt.

  • Anonymous

    I was Pro-Orton until that Monday night Raiders game. I was willing to give the guy who played better in practice and in preseason a chance to prove himself. He did not prove himself.

  • Anonymous

    The game would have been a shootout if the Broncos put up 2 more TDs. Which could have been possible if Orton didn’t turn the ball over.

    I’m not saying there are any capable quarterbacks on the roster. I’m simply stating that Orton is not capable of leading this Bronco team to victory over a good team like the Packers.