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Published on 10/03/2011 at Mon Oct 03 12:13.
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The Redskins have gone 9-11 under Coach Mike Shanahan. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

As Mike Klis of the Denver Post has pointed out, Sunday’s game between the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams featured two former coaches of the Denver Broncos.  Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan and Rams Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels faced off in an NFC week four match.

The Redskins, behind Kyle Orton‘s Chicago predecessor Rex Grossman and former Broncos running back Ryan Torain, defeated the Rams 17-10.  Washington is now 3-1 while St. Louis finds themselves 0-4, at the bottom of the NFC West.

Under Shanahan, the Redskins offense is ranked 20th in passing yards per game and seventh in rushing.  The Rams offense — under McDaniels — is ranked 26th in passing and 22nd on the ground.

Some Denver fans are already requesting that current Coach John Fox join Shanahan and McDaniels as a former Broncos coach, solely because of the quarterback situation.  If history repeats itself however, Fox will be sticking with his starting quarterback at least through mid season.

I never supported firing Shanahan, and have been cheering for him in Washington.  I was however, completely in favor of moving on from McDaniels and find it humorous that the Rams offense is struggling under his control.

  • Josh Temple

    I feel bad for Bradford, good QB and wonder if McDaniels is hurting his growth more than helping.  He wasn’t this bad last season.

  • Anonymous

    Shanny needed to go, the locker room was lost and his player choices were catching up to him, as well as his defensive coordinator firings.  McD further killed us and that is well documented.  John Fox is a good steadying force with a massive rebuilding project in front of him.  Fox has inherited many headaches including the “Tebow thing”. He will do what he does and stick to his guns and what has made him successful, solid running game and tough Defense, lean on your vets.  I trust Fox, he is a sturdy coach with a level head, his ego and attitude are exactly what this team needs.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Where are Dre Bly and John Engelberger playing this year?  Damn!  Promissed myself I wouldn’t start a Shanny argument.

  • Anonymous

    Playing house with Dale Carter?

  • Matt

    I agree, Bradford’s a good guy and talented young quarterback.  However, their line is woeful, Stephen Jackson has been injured and Bradford’s favorite target has been out all year.  As much as I loathe McD, I think they have a lot of other major issues…

  • Matt

    or maybe incarcerated with Maurice Clarrett

  • Anonymous

    2 – 11 is successful? A 500 career coaching record is successful? Refusing to take Delhome out of the game even after 2 of the worst seasons of any qb on record is successful? Refusing to start DeAngelo Williams over old man Foster us successful? 

    Damn, I would hate to see what a loser is like. Even McD put up a better record last year.

  • VinceMarine

    Shanny was gettting stale and failed to land and keep a DC worth a damn.  He wasn’t doing anything to help the team personnel wise and most of all his drafts did and still are continuing to kill us.  I don’t think we can judge Fox after 4 games.  I like you am sick and tired of seeing this team lose, but we have to give Fox a chance to fix this mess.  Remember he didn’t create what we have now, he inherited it.     

  • Anonymous

    It certainly doesn’t help that I have always though Fox was a below average coach that could only win when the circumstances that perfectly favored his style came into place. It also doesn’t help that he is arguably the most stubborn coach in the NFL. Nor does it help that he was the coach of his team for 10 years and last year only won 2 games.

    Taking a chance on a new guy like McD turned out to be stupid, but I get why it was done. The hiring of Fox was just a knee jerk reaction to go in the completely opposite direction though and that doesn’t make it any better of a hire.

  • Joe

    I don’t know why anyone misses Shanny!!! Except for 2005 the Broncos never made it to the playoffs after Elway retired!!! Shanahan is a product of Elway not the other way around!!

  • VinceMarine

    I can see your argument with the hiring of Fox, but I also think he is the calming influence we needed as well.  This team has been put through so many changes (front office, DC, OC, HC, schemes) is the reason EFX hired Fox.  I think in time things will get better.  We need a few drafts and FA periods to come out of this funk.  I do agree that we need to start playing Tebow now.  We need to find out what we have in him.  I’ve thought about a lot of reasons that Fox wouldn’t play Tebow and several theories come to mind.  The one most logical to me…Fox knows this team isn’t very good and doesn’t want to start an un-polished QB  very little NFL experience.  It could really shake Tebow’s confidence.  Like I said just one of many.

  • Dakota Fan

    I can’t say that I wish Shanahan was still here- his time was past here in Denver and a change needed to be made. Hell, even the Cowboys fired Tom Landry (not that Shanahan is on the same level as Landry). But regardless of the fact that some dumbass will post on here that John Elway or Terrell Davis were the only two reasons we won two Super Bowls, I respect the hell out of Shanahan and thank him for bringing two Lombardi trophies to Dove Valley.
    Think it’s bad now, young fans? You should have lived through four Super Bowl humiliations and the frustration of having THE GREATEST QUARTERBACK IN NFL HISTORY on your team and still not winning the big one. The day after Super Bowl 32 (after the alcohol wore off), I still couldn’t believe it had finally happened. Then the next year was icing on the cake.

    Shanahan missed? No, he had to go, but respect what he did accomplish early on.

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