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Published on 10/03/2011 at Mon Oct 03 08:00.
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Champ Bailey sideline

Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey has hardly left the sideline since this picture was taken in the 2011 preseason. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey‘s hamstring held him out of his third straight game Sunday, a brutal 49-23 loss to the Green Bay Packers. He won’t let it become a fourth.

Bailey, after the game, per the Denver Post: “I’m definitely playing next week.”

That’s the talk of a frustrated man. A man who is tired of sitting on the sidelines watching his team lose. Whether his frustrations are borne of the team’s medical staff, his hamstring, or himself for playing it safe, he decided to bypass any such concerns with a promise to play next week.

Maybe Bailey’s promise also came as a reaction to his coach’s words. John Fox didn’t sound too thrilled about Bailey missing the game either.

“I think missing Champ Bailey didn’t really help matters much with multiple wideouts,” Fox said. “I think that’s why we saw so much of it.”

Is it odd to hear Fox call out a single player as a reason for defeat like that? I’d say so. Fox isn’t blaming Bailey, but he is making a noted departure from “next man up” coach speak to state the obvious: the Broncos needed their most talented player against their most talented opponent Sunday afternoon.

I hope Bailey and Bailey’s hamstring are good on the former’s promise. The Broncos could use the talent boost to match another talented tandem in Week 5: San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers, WR Vincent Jackson and TE Antonio Gates.

  • areferee

    John Fox’s criticism would carry more weight if it first began with self-introspection.  After a thorough thumping like that, there is plenty to go around.

    Fox’s continued loyalty to Kyle Orton is certainly his prerogative, even
    if over-extended, but his decision to insert Tim Tebow only once for a
    meaningless run up the middle near midfield, was an insult to loyal
    Broncos’ fans, Tebow fans everywhere and to Tim Tebow himself. It was an embarrassment on national television.

    We expect more from our Head Coach and he is not delivering any more than Mike McCoy, Kyle Orton, Knowshon Moreno and other selected players on offense and defense.

    Fox is quickly becoming an fan adversary instead of a leader. He has
    the power to change his role. He can change this for the better.  He should do so, before someone else from upstairs has to step in.

  • Jasonapeck

    I think once that they can surmise that Orton has taken 55% of the season’s snaps we will see Tebow. At that point we will be 1-6 or 1-7, and Tebow can play for his future with this team. He either saves his own bacon, or we will inherently be a part of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Fox and the front office cant possibly be stupid enough to not see that the soap opera known as “The Tebow Thing” needs to play out this season. Give him half the season, and then we can all move on one way or another.

  • Anonymous

    Borat Voice* High Five!

  • Anonymous

    I hope you are right but Fox certainly next did that with Delhomme despite back to back of the worst seasons a QB has ever put up.

  • virginiabronco

    You nailed it again ref!

  • Jim Jebow

    Welcome back Champ,  hope you can pick off Rivers a couple times
    Go Broncos

  • Rcsodak

    Gates won’t play. And floyd will be questionable. Imo

  • Anonymous

    A lil harsh critique in my opinion.  I don’t think game plan was the reason the Broncs lost, I say it was personnel and lack of execution.  Give him some more time, it was a game against the super bowl champs at Lambeau.  Fox didn’t build this team, he is just playing the cards he was dealt.

  • Rcsodak

    Since when is playing a backup an improvement?
    TT looks like shit against THIS _efense. In practice? When every other qb has their best games against it?

    You orton haters are laughable. Seriously.

  • areferee

    Unlike the following from our friend in “Black Hill’s Country”, I think your assessment is not unreasonable.  I respect both opinions, however.

  • Gino M

    Yes we have a weak Secondary and some Linebackers that aren’t great against the pass, but, are you advocating for Kyle Orton?  What QB couldn’t make a pass to a wide open receiver?  In fact KO took so long to throw that ball, B. Lloyd had to come to a complete stop and reach behind him.  Any QB could have made that pass.  So, KO is a great QB now……you’re laughable.  Granted, Decker and bad luck did cause one of the interceptions, but has KO ever been able to come back in the 2nd half, especially the 4th QT?  What great, stupendous play has KO done in any game to bring us from behind, no matter how many points?  Do you think that blocked pass and INT in the 4th QT, well within field goal range, against the Titans was the D Linemans fault for having arms.  Watch that game again, see how many passes were deflected by the defense.  Yes, that’s the QB’s responsibility. KO takes a year and half to get rid of the ball.  Oh, that’s the receivers fault? Does KO have any responsibility for the way he plays.  You Orton supporters are like family members of an alcoholic- always making excuses for him.  Soooo many teams that need a QB and only one report of one team that was remotely interested in KO.  C’mon. 

  • Matt

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results….

  • Miffed Fan

    Right about now, I’m not sure they could stop Stan Humphries or Dan Fouts (at their current ages).  I think that lost in all of this Tebow/Orton talk, we’re failing to take notice of the horrendous secondary play.  I know Champ was out, but the rest of them looked like practice squad players.  Rahim Moore looks completely lost out there and needs to step it up or take a seat. 

  • Logan

    Bringing Champ back to that defense pretty much shuts half of the field away for opposing offenses. Even with a bum hammy he is better than most defensive backs in the league because he relies on his knowledge of the game not his athletic ability. Hopefully having him on the field will make Rivers hold onto the ball a little longer which will give potential defensive rookie of the year, Von Miller, a better chance to get some more sacks.

  • Jon

    Glad to hear that he’ll be back. Boy, could they use him.

  • 5280

    is there ever an aricle on here that DOESNT say something overly opinionated? Fox didn’t “call out” anybody. he simply stated the obvious. If champ would have played, it might not have been quite and ass woopin. thats all. how can you possibly read anything more into that then whats already there.  I personally believe that while having champ would have soften the blow, the whole secondary blew it big time. The pack has so many great recievers, a rebuilding D like Denvers really has no way to stop all of them except to bring more pressure. the blame games are gettin annoying. the play calling sucked, and the secondary sucked. im all for exentuating the positives and working on the negatives, but com’on here. lets quit making something outta nothing. ya Orton sucked. but he played pretty much the same way he’s played since the opener: steady and average.  quit churchin up the INT’s too.  One of them shouldnt have even been thrown and the other wasnt thrown good, in fact it was thrown horribly even tho lloyd was wide open.  Tebow wouldnt have done any better.  This team has some fixin to do. 

  • Anonymous

    Quoting Einstein on a football blog…nice.  I think the reason you stick with the game plan at this point is because you have a new coach and defensive coordinator, have switched back to a 4-3, have a starting rookie right tackle,  a new running back, impact players that have been injured, and the lockout really hurt this team to gel together and learn the new system.  This team needs time to get back on track.  Bronco fans want to win now, hell I do too, but you should have realized before this season ever started that the Broncos have many obstacles to overcome.  Playoffs are not in the crystal ball this year
     If the same results are happening week 8 however, I will be with you and angry that things are not coming together quicker.