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Published on 09/16/2011 at Fri Sep 16 22:13.
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New Orleans Saints cornerback Darren Sharper celebrates after recovering a fumble by Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller (not in picture) during the fourth quarter of their NFL football game in New Orleans, Louisiana October 31, 2010. New Orleans won the game 20-10. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Reuters)

New Orleans Saints defensive back Darren Sharper celebrates after recovering a fumble by Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller in New Orleans, Louisiana October 31, 2010. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Reuters)

The Broncos, amidst battling many injuries, will be bringing several players in for workouts next week. Per NFL Network‘s Jason La Canfora, veteran safety Darren Sharper is among the players Denver will workout.

Sharper could relieve fellow veteran Brian Dawkins — who came out in certain situations Monday — on passing downs for the Broncos.  Sharper would also provide depth to the secondary and has connections to Denver’s coaching staff.

Sharper played under Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen the previous two seasons in New Orleans.  La Canfora however speculates that Sharper will not sign with the team this week, but rather provide an emergency option down the road in case of any injury.

According to the report, the Broncos will also workout a defensive lineman and four running backs, Thomas Clayton among them. Clayton bounced on and off the rosters of the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns last season before most recently being claimed off waivers by the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks have released Clayton and he worked out for the Miami Dolphins last week, per La Canfora. Clayton appeared in one game last season (with New England) and rushed 6 times for 17 yards. He would provide another option at running back for the Broncos with Knowshon Moreno battling a hamstring injury.

Don’t be surprised if the Broncos make a few roster transactions in the coming days, stay tuned for updates.

  • Anonymous


    Thanks McD. Gawd I hated that pick and he’s ALWAYS hurt. RB is about the Oline… we Should have had Orakpo.


    Peterson. Damn. Now we’re looking at Sharper? Damn right… our options are few since nobody seemed to think DB was an issue in the draft/FA. Neither CB can stay healthy. One can’t tackle…. and Moore is our only safety with speed… where’s his backup?


    Really? No.

    This year will bring out the true fans and give the Oline a chance to learn to play together… next year will bring a new QB. Two maybe. A veteran and a rookie.

    If I had to guess? Orton doesn’t play well enough to justify a large contract… we either sign him for much less to play another year while our rookie pick grows or we pick up a FA vet QB to do the same.

  • Anonymous

    There were/are so many holes on this team how can anyone say that drafting another DB was never considered or an issue?  How many DB’s do you draft and ignore the other holes?  

  • Anonymous

    how about one CB?
    How About Free Agency?

    Of course you can’t fill all the holes though but this was such an obvious one…

  • Crybaby

    Rabble rabble…Tebow awesome…rabble…McHoody sux…rabble……Orton is bad….rabble rabble…..EFX can’t do anything right rabble rabble…..Knowshow Moreno ….rabble rabble……

    Bronco fans seem like sniveling lil crybabies these days

  • T-Money

    Good god.  We lost one game and it’s like the building caught fire, in a snow storm, on christmas eve…

    What the hell was everybody expecting? a 16-0 season?  

  • Anonymous

    I was just banned from MHR from saying the same not so nicely.

    I’m embarrasses by my fellow Bronco fans lately!


    GO BRONCOS!!!!!