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Published on 09/16/2011 at Fri Sep 16 13:46.
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CBS4’s Vic Lombardi with a unique, often quickly dismissed idea.

I’m not taking his suggestion seriously, but more red zone opportunities for Tim Tebow, in some package, isn’t a bad idea. At least Vic’s thinking outside the box.

(I could have lived without the “Release the Tebow” reference though. As a BT Facebook commenter put it, he is not the Krakken.)

  • Kellyleephipps

    I am an passionate Tebow supporter and I think we “the Broncos” are looking a gift horse in the mouth.  I never follow college football, but when we drafted Tebow I got interested in his highlight reel, etc.  I certainly don’t agree with his religious fanaticism…but Orton is doing damage to our team.  If EFX are invested in losing for the Luck Sweepstakes, they should all be fired.  

    Tebow is one of those rare players where you have to develop a system around his talents.  He’s no pocket passer like Manning/Brady etc but he is a special player who defies the norm.  Manning revolutionized football with his read-the-defense call the play at the line brilliance.  I think Tebow has a similar brilliance but it’s aimed more at an improvisational, scrambling style using a spread offense…  They say it won’t work in the NFL, but maybe Tebow is that special player who can make it work.  I certainly saw Orton against the Raiders in the SHotgun formation a lot, out of desperation.  Why not put a guy in who excels at that formation and as the saying goes, give the horse his head!  It would be much more exciting and unpredictable and entertaining than watching Orton pad his stats whilst losing badly.  He dropped the ball against the Jets and was like “Oh well, it’s unfortunate…we’ll get better.”  Then he drops the ball literally against the Raiders, and it’s the same attitude.  Trade yourself already and let us be rid of your incompetence.  Let’s see if we can develop something unique with Tebow, something that could revolutionize football again!

    Wow two horse cliche sayings in one post…I must be a diehard Bronco fan…and to choose to root against Orton is really rooting for the eventual success of the Broncos…

  • Kellyleephipps

    The good thing is…Losing breeds frustration which incites CHANGE…We all know what we’re going to get with Orton (boring non-clutch uninspiring play)…and the games are only going to get tougher after this week. SO we may see Orton bounce back for a couple of weeks…then the Pack is going to sack us hard…followed by the loathed Chargers, etc. The crowd will keep cheering for Tebow incessantly, until Bowlen sits down to talk with Elway about running a good business and pleasing the customer. Then we’ll see Tebow…and he may fail if they don’t design around his strengths…he could succeed if they want to revolutionize football. Tebow is not afraid to run the ball and runs like a certain Cleveland Brown RB that we hastily traded for another low end QB. Tebow plays like Elway (exciting, improvisational, clutch, scrambler) so Elway has no platform saying that a pure Manning/Brady pocket passer is the only way. I guess he didn’t like the way he played…LOL I’m just hoping that by the Bye week, we see EFX warming up to Tebow when we are 2-4 or something similar.

  • Anonymous

    You’re joking right?  There is a difference between extending the play (Elway) and running around lost because you locked on one receiver and now you do not know what to do(Tebow).  Furthermore saying that Elway has no platform saying a pocket passer is the only way because apparently all you ever saw of Elway was when he scrambled is just plain ignorant and stupid.  Based on your comment Red Miller should have never let Craig Morton run the naked bootleg because Morton couldn’t run.
    Elway was an excellent pocket passer he just happened to have the ability to use his legs.  Add Elway’s rocket arm and they could use the roll outs because Elway wasn’t limited to that side of the field.
    You obviously never heard the joke “What do Billy Graham and John Elway have in common?”
    “They can both make a stadium full of people stand up and yell Jesus Christ!.  

  • virginiabronco

    I got a feeling this is all going to be resolved after week 5.  We could be 1-4  or worse by the bye.  Fox will have no choice then but to make a change.  Not wanting to show he can be persuaded by lowly fans, he  might pick Quinn to be the starter after the bye week.  I am just saying.

  • King

    The only way Quinn can start is if Orton and Tebow are injured.  Quinn is an interception factory, especially with our O-line.

  • King

    Tebow has only looked “lost” in 2 or 3 plays.  And a contributing factor is because he had the 2nd string O-line. 

    Your hatred of Tebow is well documented on this board.  Let’s not exaggerate things.  It takes a bigger person to have an honest appraisal of a situation than to exaggerate. 

  • Anonymous

    This coming from a clown who touts his messiah’s QB rating in the preseason while calling the much despised Orton a better practice and preseason player than his beloved messiah.
    Since you’re going to bring up 2nd stringers didn’t Quinn outplay your object of boy-love with the same 2nd stringers?
    Try dealing with reality.  Neither Fox nor Elway drafted Tebow.  Neither has any obligation to hitch their wagon to Tebow.  Deal with it.
    Being lost 2-3 plays per drive is not a good sign.  Marching down the field for a game winning field goal after doing nothing to maintain the lead is pretty pathetic example of being a “gamer”.

  • Anonymous

    So your now claiming that Tebow who was only lost because he played behind 2nd stringers is going to be magically better behind the starters who aren’t playing any better than 2nd stringers.  How long have you been off your meds? 

  • Wadezombie