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Published on 09/16/2011 at Fri Sep 16 10:42.
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Brandon Lloyd

Signs are good that the Denver Broncos will have at least four wide receivers Sunday now that Brandon Lloyd has returned to practice.

The signs aren’t so good for the remaining seven sidelined Broncos.

Cornerback Champ Bailey, defensive end Elvis Dumervil, linebacker D.J. Williams, defensive tackles Marcus Thomas and Ty Warren, running back Knowshon Moreno, and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas all missed their third practice this week. Defensive tackle Ryan McBean was also absent Friday, his first absence this week. Bailey, Dumervil and Moreno are all suffering from injuries they suffered in their start against the Raiders Monday night. Those three are listed as “day-to-day,” and head coach John Fox wouldn’t rule out the possibility they play Sunday even if they’re not able to practice.

Williams, Warren, and the Thomases are all recuperating from previous injuries and will likely be ruled out for Sunday. No word on McBean; we’ll know more when the Broncos’ official injury is posted later today.

  • Jon

    Glad Lloyd is back but man I hope those other guys heal up quickly.

    And Kyle, here’s a more attractive shot of Lloyd if you want it.

  • Monty

    Thanks, I’m editing and putting it in there instead!

  • Anonymous

    Ouch.  That is going to hurt us.  With Moreno already out and most likely Dumervil as well, I would hate to see us lose Champ.  Maybe we should bring back Nate Jones.  I kid I kid… =)

  • 12508

    Lloyd back on the field while Moreno shows no heart. Forget about Tebow and start a chant for Moreno to go. How can any of these QB’S play better when the RB stinks and is always looking to sit. We need a running game with Orton or Tebow. With the next pick Brian Xanders selects another bust.

  • Lkccnelson

    Hey Bronco nation the BEST thing to happen to the running back corp is that worthless Knowshon be benched for good ! he is a bust and he isn’t even worth the third down package the broncos would put him in, 2012 should be #27 bye bye – get rid of him

  • Jon

    Knowshon may be injury prone but in no way he is “looking to sit”. Hamstring injuries can be very serious and if he played with one it could get worse and he could miss the entire season instead of a game.

    BTW, know you else has a hamstring injury and is taking it safe? Champ Bailey.

  • Sports Handicapping

    A lot of you guy are happy Jay is gone. But seriously his team still had
    a chance to win the game. Thats what separate him from Orton. Jay makes
    a lot of high risk high reward throws. Unfortunately for him he does
    have the weapons he had. Orton has all the weapons but wouldn’t dare to
    make a high risk play.

  • Sports Handicapping

      have to give a game ball to the fans as well.  That stadium rocked harder than I have seen in along time!