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Published on 09/13/2011 at Tue Sep 13 00:13.
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Orton vs. Wimbley

Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton (L) is pressured by Oakland Raiders Kamerion Wimbley during their NFL football game in Denver, Colorado September 12, 2011. (REUTERS/Mark Leffingwell)

In the end, an NFL-record-tying 63-yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski was all that separated the winners from the losers. But that won’t be how this game is remembered by Denver Broncos fans.

Opportunity after red zone opportunity was blown by the Broncos and quarterback Kyle Orton. Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden rushed 22 times for 150 yards, and a flurry of penalties (10 for 91 yards by the Broncos) doomed Denver to a 20-23 final score.

Make no mistake, Kyle Orton was dreadful — but the rest of the Broncos were hardly better. They lost the turnover battle 1-3. They were outrushed 190 to 38 yards. The Raiders had a five-minute edge in time of possession, and, even though the defense looked better for the most part, they couldn’t get off the field when it mattered.

The game will be remembered for Orton’s slippery ball fumble at the worst possible time (the turnover effectively resulted in a 14-point swing), a host of dropped passes, and struggling in the trenches. Chants for “Tim Tebow” fell from the crowd as the offense failed to find a rhythm until the fourth quarter. In truth, one can blame the offensive line as much as Orton — the Raiders’ defensive line had its number from start to finish.

But Orton was bad. This will do nothing to silence his critics. At least three well-thrown balls were inexplicably dropped by his intended receiver, but several others were simply inaccurate, poor tosses, low and behind his target.

It was the Broncos’ first loss in a home opener since 2000.

The Broncos’ pride isn’t the only element hurting; they have to deal with a host of potentially substantial injuries as well. Elvis Dumervil was limited for three quarters, Champ Bailey was sidelined in the fourth quarter, and Brandon Lloyd and Knowshon Moreno were noticeably sidelined late in the game as well.

  • Broncobilly32

    This game hurt. I feel bad for Orton, when he had time he made some decent throws. To me, it really came down to a lack of a solid blocking scheme by the O line. What happened to the O line that got off 100 yard a game rushers? Orton is not a creative QB, he is a pocket QB with tremendous accuracy when he has a pocket to throw from. All the injuries don’t help either. Still, Go Broncos!!!

  • s. Sinclair

    Denver really sucks bad..Gonna be another long year.. its almost looking like 3-13 type of run game either..QB is horrible..there is no way Denver hangs with NE or NYJ or Houston..Raiders will sweep them again as will SD..You should consider asking Elway to go for a physical tomorrow.. hahahaha

  • Josh Manning

    With what I just saw tonight…….. the Broncos might go 2-14. (Shivers)

  • Mikel3200

    The game wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicated.

  • Kellyleephipps

    Please go trade yourself Orton…we want Tebow and we want him bad, at least he can scramble in the rain…Go you suck….Brandon Marshall might need you down in Miami now…

  • Tebow15

    time to put me in. orton can go suck the devils cock

  • Ranger

    go fuck yourself

  • Mike Birtwistle

    that just sucked

  • flbronc

    “In truth, one can blame the offensive line as much as Orton”

    actually i put more on them.  not only could they not pass block, they couldn’t run block.  they also put us in bad situations with their tendency to hold raider linemen- either long downs or erasing good plays.

  • Elway4Life

    It was time for Tim Tebow last year and he played the last 3 games for the Broncos for a reason and did well! I guess since John Fox and John Elway weren’t here last year they didn’t know that Orton sucks but they better get with the program quick!  If they would have benched Orton in the 4th Tebow would have won the game for them!  Tebow already has one 4th quarter come from behind win!  Elway was the king of comeback wins!  Something Orton never knew how to do in his career! 

  • Anonymous

    Could not run the ball, could not stop the run.  All to familiar to last year.  In fact, a carbon copy of many games from last year.

    I much as I do not like Orton, it was not entirely his fault.  The offensive line was horrible.  Moreno is horrible.  However, he it is still the same old Orton.  He is terrible in the red zone, can’t get it done when behind and still throws interceptions and fumbles at the moments where the game could be turned around.

    The defense is improved, but still bad. Goodman has no business playing in the NFL and we still don’t have a worthy defensive tackle. 

    Fox has already lost to the radiers at home. 

    Could be a very long year.

  • Anonymous

    I know you’l get to it, but lots of clean up needed this morning.

  • broncosolja


  • old school

    With out Davis,McCafery,Zimmerman,Romanouzki,Elway would have another 2 superbowl losses.  So with out someone who can run the ball with authority, and stop the runl so your opponent has to thow the ball,you get what you saw last night.  Don’t use Orton as a scapegoat blame the recruting and coaching,even Dan Reeves only  went 1 less superbowl than Elway. 

  • Cdub12344321

    And I call ducktales on that last comment Elway was a winner and a hungry one at that! Orton shows me week in and week out he wants out,he is putrid. He had every chance in that game to Win it and what he do miss receivers,fumble on a touchdown play,and could only Check down into a slant instead of a more advanced route. I agree with alot ya on the offense line also, but they still gave him ton of time on alot of plays. I’m not saying tebow is the answer, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out. Especially with the d actually looking half way decent, untill they were on the field way to long after 1000 four and outs from the O

  • ron

    Boy, we really line up badly against the raiders.  Our o-line could manage some decent pass protection (when we weren’t being flagged) but that’s about it.  Throwing lanes were hard to come by.  Receivers had a hard time creating space.  Good teams don’t drop those passes when every play matters.  Orton looked really bad, but I doubt the 3rd stringer would have been stronger (except for not fumbling).  The raiders’ edge running game was hammering out the yards in big chunks.  Excellent blocking against our guys.  I think our D held them to a respectable score, but our O just neglected to do their part.  We’re going to need a more creative game plan out of the staff.

  • Cdub12344321

    Also I noticed alot of grammatical errors in my reply, sorry I’m not illiterate just hard to fix on my phone.

  • Just being honest…

    I agree.  The most painful part and what I really didn’t expect is that this is the same team as last year.  They looked near identical.

    I don’t want to go through this again.  I would have benched Orton for that performance.  I’m not a Tebow or Quinn fan but it really isn’t about them.  They can put Eddie Royal at QB for all I care, but I can’t stand watching Orton choke.

    I flew thousands of miles from Toronto to watch the Broncos home game vs the Raiders last year and this one was so much worse.  At least that game I got to walk down from the bleachers to the first row and spit on McDaniels myself.

    It is just embarrassing.  Elway should feel that way.  We lost to a team that doesn’t have a QB.

  • Red-Faced Broncos Fan

    This one hurt bad. O-Line was non-existent, Orton-hears-a-boo was his old red-zone deficient self, D-Line couldn’t stop my Terrel Davis Fathead from gaining 100 yards, and the two leading Broncos tacklers were D-Backs. And even worse than all this, or at least as bad, was the 38 yards they managed on the ground. It’s a little early to go ordering any Andrew Luck Jerseys, but one can dream.

  • Just being honest…

    Orton had a change to move into the lead and dropped the ball instead of passing to a wide open man…

    What game were you watching?

  • tdbroncos

    Take away the 47-yard run by McFadden (which came on the heals of the most deflating play of the game by our favorite choke artist) I thought the defense did look much improved. Still some things to clean up but for a while they were holding the raiders to 16 points. That should win games! But of course we turn the ball over and have key offensive drives stall out in the most crucial parts of the game and …. the defense is worn thin and has to save us again. Eventually giving out.

  • Monty

    ?? You mean foul-mouthed comments? Or was my grammar off in my sleep-deprived state?

    I’m on the comments, but helping out by flagging is always appreciated.

  • easyed87

    About Orton. I am so sick of watching the guy. I wanted to believe (like everyone else) that this year would be different and that if the coaching staff really thought he was our best chance at winning (afterall the coaches are at all the practices and I am not)…. But I don’t get it. Didn’t the coaching staff watch any game footage from last year? Did they honestly make this decision soley based on preason practices and games? Orton I’m sure is a fine person. But last night was not a fluke…. that is CLASSIC ORTON. Was anyone really surprised he threw a pick to end the half? Or found some way to screw up the go ahead drive in the 4th? Or was anyone surprised that when the broncos were down 10 with 3 minutes left, then, Orton would lead them on a good drive… when the pressure is really off at that point and nothing really to lose by gambling with some tough throws? I realize Tebow is not the answer to all our problems.. but can we just see (again) if is the answer to some of them.

  • easyed87

    well said

  • Jon

    I was really disappointing with Mays. I thought he was going to be a great MLB, Wrong. He way over pursued on a lot of plays and took bad angles on running plays. He looked awful.

  • Anonymous

    Will all of the Orton backers please go away now? I mean seriously enough is enough. I’m so sick of hearing “Orton didn’t play well but…”. That’s right, Orton didn’t play well, AGAIN. He sucks every time it counts. He sucks on 3rd downs, he sucks in the red zone, he sucks at the slightest gist of pressure.

    If we have to win 4 games or less than let’s do it with Tebow and see if he shows any improvement by the seasons end or not. I doubt we only win 2 games this year so the #1 pick is probably out but Kellen more will still be available at #3 and he is just as good as Luck (only shorter at 6’1). 

  • Anonymous

    To me this is a chicken-and-egg scenario.  If Orton could have made some quick decisions to get rid of the ball and kept the defense off balance they wouldn’t have been able to load the box every play and bum rush the QB.  Also Orton needs to work on his cadence, I swear the Raiders knew before each play when the ball was going to be snapped.  They were two yards deep into our backfield every time we tried to run the ball.  

  • virginiabronco

    I couldn’t have said it better.  I will only add that no team can have a good running game when the QB can’t throw a pass more than 5 yards.  I think part of our running and line problems come from the fact that opposing team defenses know KO can’t hurt them deep.  Sad.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, Orton sucked.  That fumble was inexcusable and pretty much cost us the game.

    Tebow still sucks more, though.  It’s senseless to me though to hand the keys to Tebow and piss the rest of the season away after one game. 

  • Anonymous

    That was his demise in Philly. I never expected anything from him.

  • Darwin

    Orton looked flustered for most of the night. He zeros in on someone each drive and has a hard time going another way. He has weapons on this team but does not take advantage of them.  He only put a TD on the scoreboard with under 5 minutes left.  Can you say too little too late?  This team is in serious trouble.  I just don’t see a silver lining to this game. Play Nate Irving, Quinton Carter, Jeremy Beal, etc.  Get some added experience for the younger guys and plan on picking up a franchise QB in the draft, by a trade, or in free agency. 
    This team has a lot of holes and no depth.  It’s going to be a long season–is anyone looking forward to seeing Kyle Orton in the next game?  Didn’t think so!  Play Tebow–at least he has some emotion–Orton is a robot out there.

  • virginiabronco

    Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

    Article Source: time to hand the keys to someone else.  ANYONE ELSE!

  • Anonymous

    Panic much?

    Also, that quote’s been wrongly attributed to Einstein, Ben Franklin, Mark Twain and others.   Here’s where it’s actually from:

  • Anonymous

    Some things learned from the game were;
    Orton won’t be back next year unless he is back-up to ???
    The O-line and D-line are a mess.
    3 years is probably a generous rebuild timeframe.
    McDaniels has probably ruined any chance of ever becoming a head coach again.  Decker and maybe Thomas are probably the only good picks he had.  Trading Cutler and Hillis were monumentally stupid.

  • guest

    Panic? What part of anything last night looked different then last year? When nothing changes over the course of a year it’s cause for severe unrest.

  • anthony33

    Yes, on the some of the early morning comments whcih are now cleaned up.  Thanks.  Sad you even have to monitor it.

  • peterthegreat

    Sorry I dont think you can blame the oline as much as orton the D gets a TO inside the 20 and orton only gets 3 same ol story. Then Orton finally gets going and bam a pick what else is new!!! And lets not forget the final dagger he fumbles the ball when we had a great play called. We  had a chance but as usual orton cant make the plays when it counts.

  • Jon

    You know me, eternal optimist… 

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