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Published on 09/07/2011 at Wed Sep 07 10:00.
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Perusing the Interwebz for water cooler fodder. (Number in parenthesis represents previous ranking).

ESPN: 27th (27)
Kyle Orton is better than people think. And the transition to John Fox’s thinking could be too.

FOX: 28th (N/A)
In typical John Fox fashion, the Broncos will eventually play good defense for the first time in a decade, but it may take some time, especially with the shortened offseason. They did right in retaining Kyle Orton, as he will be a solid leader, but only if the Tebow thing doesn’t get in the way

CBS: 27th (27)
So much for the Tim Tebow era beginning. It’s Kyle Orton for another year, which is the right thing to do.

USA Today: 21st (28)
Hopefully the worst of their injuries came in the preseason.

Pro Football Weekly: 31st (N/A)
Von Miller just might be your Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Pro Football Focus: 22nd (28)
The Good: Von Miller is the player everyone thought Aaron Curry would be and he’s only played in preseason.

Where should the Broncos be ranked heading into Week 1?

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  • E. Halsey Miles

    How does PFW rank us 31 and say that we might have DROY? 

    I mean, given everything I’ve seen, I’m pretty happy with the 22-25 rankings. We haven’t proven anything yet and there’s no reason to rate us up too much based on hope and promise. 

    But 31? I guess if you just rank based on how last year ended, that’s what we are, but I don’t think there’s any pundit available who doesn’t think the team has improved this year. 

  • Anthony McGirr

    I agree.  We improved on just about every facet of the team since last year.  I think we’ll play lights-out defense and score up some points on Monday night.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Tied for the best record in the NFL, they’re #1 till they ain’t

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, 31 is straight-up nonsense. 

  • Anonymous

    Bet the over on Denver’s win total, people.   I think we’re going to be better than everyone thinks. 

  • LarryB

    Apparently, there’s at least one. But I’ve been reading a little of PFW’s stuff, and they seem to have slid a bit from their previous standard of excellence. What I have recently seen from them about the Broncos seems dated . . .

  • Rc_sodak

    Maybe because the other 31 teams improved as well? Hmmmmmm?

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree.  We have plenty of weapons on offense and our defense has added Von Miller, Doom and Rahim Moore.  I really think we will finish 8-8 or 9-7 and surprise a lot of people.  

  • LarryB

    Hey RC! How’ya doin’, buddy?

    You do have a point: Other teams have improved. However, consider where Denver has improved:

    * Dumervil was out all year last year, and his run defense is good now
    * Ayers was playing out of position
    * Bunkley was not here
    * Miller was not here
    * May’s is like day and night from last year
    * D.J. was playing out of position (which he has since his rookie year)
    * Dawkins was hurt much of the season
    * Moore wasn’t here
    * Goodman played hurt when he was in the lineup
    * Clady was nowhere near 100 percent
    * Kuper played hurt
    * Harris was injured
    * J.D. Walton was a rookie
    * Beadles was a rookie (and he and J.D. were often on islands because of injuries to the vets)
    * Moreno wasn’t near as good as he’s played so far this year (and he was out injured much of it)
    * McGahee wasn’t here
    * Royal played hurt
    * There were no pass-catching TEs to speak of

    Count em’ . . . that’s improvement in 18 positions! I doubt any other team improved in that many positions on its respective squad. If this year’s Broncos played last year’s, this year’s team would blow them out!

    This is why I, personally, will not be particularly surprised if the Broncos put together a 10-6 season this year, and I will be surprised if they do worse than 8-8.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Harris to Franklin is a downgrade until proven otherwise. Starting rookies are always unknowns — I’ll grant Miller is an upgrade because he’s proven it in preseason, but rookies can hit rookie walls. We can’t read too much into that.

    We did suffer, a LOT, from injuries last year.

    We also ran a scheme we didn’t have the personnel for. I think that counts for something. And much of the rest does, I think, count for something.

    It should all add up to 2-3 spots. I mean, did you see Oakland in the preseason? They stank it up. And the Bills? They’re a terrible team and they showed it. We clearly deserve to be ahead of them. And Seattle? I don’t see how you can a team that is starting Tarvaris Jackson as anything but a drop in quality.

    Put us at 27, sure. We have a lot to prove, still, and we have to prove it on the field. I think we proved at least #30 in preseason when we beat Bills and Seahawks where it mattered: with the starters on the field.

  • rottenappls

    Plus a new coach who knows what he is doing.

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  • Gradishar53

    Perfect assessment.  Completely agree!

  • Gradishar53

    Perfect assessment.  Completely agree!