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Published on 08/07/2011 at Sun Aug 07 13:15.
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Broncos Return Football

Defensive end Robert Ayers wants fans to support the team, and not "boo" any players. (Photo by Ed Andrieski/AP)

It was third down with nine yards to go at the Broncos’ full padded scrimmage at Invesco Field @ Mile High on Saturday evening.  Starting quarterback Kyle Orton was leading the first team offense in the red zone in front of nearly 18,000 Broncomaniacs.

Orton scrambled before sliding three yards short of the first yard marker.  Then came the booing.  The offense was forced to settle for a field goal in the red zone for the second consecutive drive.  Stalling in the redzone is something Denver fans are all too used to following last season, so the frustration is understandable.

Some of Orton’s teammates don’t appreciate the booing however, defensive end Robert Ayers among them.  “[I] really wish fans [would have] stopped booing Orton,” Ayers tweeted shortly after the scrimmage had ended.  “He is our quarterback and our coach thinks he gives us the best chance of winning.  Fans, please respect that.”

To be clear, Ayers was not knocking second year quarterback Tim Tebow, and he makes a good point.  We’re all Bronco fans and if EFX think Orton gives the team it’s best chance to win, let’s get behind that.  With what appears to be an improved defense and running game, Orton may be on the verge of a solid season — we’ll have to wait and see before passing judgment.

“[I am] not against Tebow at all, I support whoever our starting quarterback is… Regardless [of] who it is… We win and lose as a team.”

Well said, Ayers, well said.  Everyone has the right to their own opinion and you don’t have to agree with all the coaches’ decisions or even like the starting quarterback.  But booing the players that play for the team you root for, and at a fan appreciation game for that matter, may be going over the line. 

  • cuda

    Hey Ayers, I'd be more concerned with how FEX (nobody says EFX except for woodie clones) thinks about your play if'n I were you…you're hanging on by a very short thread hombre.

  • go broncos

    Orton sliding instead of trying to make a big play, that is a big shocker.I understand its not a regular season game BUT does anyone think that would change if it was even a playoff game.dont know about the rest of the fans but im ready for someone who is gunna fight for those extra yards!!!dont make the team settle for 3 points when another Qb could have gotten us the td,if this is a competition act like it Orton compete and stop giving up on plays that could give us points.Last season he was sacked so many times because of rolling over and giving up, come on Orton give us a reason to rally around you like tebow did at the end of the year!!!!Cant wait to WHOOP on the raiders this year!

  • Kyle > Timmay

    To 'go broncos': I've seen every snap of Kyle Orton's career from his sophomore year at Purdue, to Chi-town and now here…  When the game is on the line he dives… he's not about to get himself injured in a glorified game of 'touch football' just because you guys boo. 

    Sorry to break it to you man.. but it's the truth… Kyle doesn't' case what you think… only the other 53 in the locker room.

    The fact alone that you'd rather lose while being 'entertained' than have a shot at getting back to the playoffs shows that you aren't a fan of this team… Go be entertained watching the Eagles this year on Sunday Ticket and leave the real fans to root on OUR TEAM!

  • Tim

    If your not going to play Tebow trade him, so he can come back to beat the broncos and Orton at Mile High. ;) We all know he could do it.

  • Mike

    To 'Kyle>Timmay': Apparently you didn't see every snap from here to kingdom come my friend, because last year, when there actually WERE a few games on the line, Orton still slid bud, I don't know what games you were watching, but from what I was watching, he curled up into the fetal position and fell over or slide 2 or 3 yards before the first down marker, thus leading to punting situations.  I can understand not wanting to get hurt in a practice, but when game time does come, I'd bet you all the money in the world we see the same Kyle Orton as we have the the past couple of years.  I hear all of this, 'oh he looks great in camp' but what people fail to realize, including some people in the media is that he looked exactly like this in camp last year, crisp passes, leading his team down the field, etc….it's nothing new with him, we've seen this before.  Would you like an example of a game that was close, where the defense kept us in it and the running game was actually working, and it all fell apart because of Orton???  Kansas City, at Arrowhead.  I was there to witness our starting QB blow it.  He threw so many passes in the dirt he made Ryan Leaf look good.  Orton is somebody that will never come through in the clutch when we need him too, he never has and never will, he faulters down the stretch.  As stated before, he will continue curling up in the fetal position when the pocket breaks down, and he will continue being the worst QB in the redzone.  And your telling me this gives us the best chance to win?  At least Tebow brought us back in the Houston game and actually came close to beating San Diego, Orton NEVER could have brought us that close to beating San Diego.  Or how about the Jets game in which he was 'driving' us down the field only to throw an interception!  He completely STINKS when the game is on the line. 

    I was at the scrimmage yesterday, and here's what I really loved about people giving Orton props.  People are giving him kudos for driving right down the field to get those 'field goals'.  Yeah, great job Orton getting us into position to score two 3 point field goals on our 2nd team defense.  They pinned Orton and the 1st team offense against our 2nd team defense, and they praise him for his drive.  That's like pinning your 1st team varisty offense in high school againt your 1st team junior varisty defense, yeah, great job bro!  In all reality, you should have easily been able to score touchdowns on them.  He had some passes that he completed that he normally would have easily been picked off by a 1st team defense, again, same old Orton making the same old decisions.  Now too Tebow.  He started with the 2nd team offense and was pinned against the 1st team defense.  Our second team offense line, it's horrible!  They couldn't stop anyone from from getting through to that backfield they were so bad, they might as well have just stood to the side.  My point is, lets see how Orton tuely plays against a 1st team defense in actual gametime situation this year and compare that too Tebow with a first team offense going agianst a 1st team D, Tebow will play this year.

  • go broncos

    to timmay ;i am a huge BRONCOS fan and ORTON IS GUNNA GIVE US ANOTHER LOOSING SEASON PERIOD.Start TEBOW LET US SEE WHAT WE GOT CAUSE ORTON CANT EVEN SCORE WITH 2nd string D.looks like our field goal kicker is gunna get alot of sad to say.

  • go broncos

    timmy sorry to hear you wasted your time watching such a average QB SOUNDS LIKE YOUR JUST ROOTING FOR HIM CAUSE YOU HAVE A MAN CRUSH

  • Broncoholicbrian

    What does Tim Tebow have that Kyle Orton doesn't? Heart. This kid wants to win. Despite Orton being a quality “practice” quarterback, he takes a knee too quick. I want someone that is willing to fight, scratch and claw to win. Tebow may not be the prototype quarterback but he is a leader of men. I recall the team rallying behind Tebow last year. Orton is not the answer so lets see what Tebow can bring. It's not as though we'll be talking playoffs with Orton as our quarterback anyway. Worst case scenario, Tebow fails and we get Andrew Luck and make Tebow our starting full back.

  • Broncochik1969

    I think BOTH QB's stink.  'course, so did Jay C.
    Tebow has a glass arm and Orton is a wuss.

  • Troyn

    Really, that's what you think?  Those that support TT over KO want to be entertained more than win.  You are as clueless as your continued support for KO suggests you are.  If you have watched every KO snap as you claim, you clearly were stoned watching last year's KO in comparison to last year's TT.  KO choked in long yardage downs and goal line plays while TT excelled.  We know who KO is, a servicable QB if nothing ever goes wrong, guess what, things don't go like practice in games, TT is better suited to handle adversity than our practice QB KO.  Don't call out those who disagree with you as being less a fan than you when you don't have a clue what you're talking about.  I live in PA and get the Eagles for free, I pay the crazy price for Sunday Ticket so I can watch my Broncos. I was a Bronco fan when Craig Morton was our QB. I just don't think we get to the next level with the practice QB, I want a playmaker, and believe TT is the guy.

  • TerrellHarper

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  • Orton's pygmailion effect

    Um Mike… In that example you gave, Kyle slid on second down. When you consider the circumstances of the game, it was not a bad play. In fact he was chided severely when he did not slide vs Detroit in 2008 resulting in an ankle injury.

    Go Broncos, this Orton is the same guy who came out in a makeshift cast to play the packers on a busted ankle. I think he has plenty heart. Maybe by booing him, you're creating the demotivated guy that you are bashing. I know Rex certainly wasn't the same after fans started booing him.

    But everything aside, I don't see the Broncos making the playoffs this year and since they're not going to accomplish anything this year, why don't we start Tebow? that way, we'll see what we have in him, and if he doesn't look promising, we have a high first round draft pick.

  • areferee

    If you are looking for clarity and concision, read above the “Showing
    Comments” line.  So far, there is nothing below that isn't a waste of time,
    including this!

  • Denver Soap Opera

    Tebow is entitled to the starting job.  He implied as much in his interview this week.  He has had his backside kissed for many years, he has read too many of his news clippings over the years and drinks his own Kool Aid.  Isn't it amazing when someone says something stupid and goes into damage control mode everything was 'taken out of context'?  Perhaps it wasn't taken out of context?  It was just that your sense of entitlement was made manifest?  And, man, you gotta feel this shirt. 

    Everyone will get to see both QBs this years.  If KO starts he will get dinged, and then Tebow (he's dreamy) will come in to start a game or three.  He will make his one read, scramble then get popped by reality and get dinged.  By that time KO will be healed to come back in.  Or maybe Quinn, then you get 3 QBs in one season. 

    Either way, be prepared for a fun-filled, adventurous season and a 1st Rd QB selection next draft.  Like the sands of an hour glass, so are the days of our lives……

  • Jackson3793

    Ayers, we will respect Orton as the starter when he starts playing as the starter when it counts … in games.  Last year he had FAR too many stalled drives in the red zone, and lets put it this way, if Orton is the starter, I'm certainly picking up Praeter for my fantasy football team.

    So, what exactly did you expect the fans to do when Orton stalls out in the red zone, twice, against the 2nd string defense and fails to score a single touchdown?  Respect?  That stuff is earned, not given freely.  And that goes for the whole team as well. 

    Remember, this team hasn't done anything to get respect from the Broncos fans, yet.  And some key players (chiefly Orton) have been seen by the fans to be a drag on the team when it counted.  The KC game at Arrowhead, the AZ game, Wembly, Black Sunday, and I only listed a few.  Right now the Broncos have earned the disrespect they're receiving.

    Now, get out there and EARN the RESPECT you're demanding.

  • CJ

    Kyle Orton is starting this season whether anyone likes it or not. Hes taken practically every starting rep.

  • jdkchem

    Respect the neck beard!

  • jdkchem

    Have you been a sock puppet all of your life?  Adopting the gay-der mentality does not make you more of a Bronco fan than those of us who remember watching Steve Ramsey under center.

  • Gary

    Ayers I will boo who ever I want whenever I want.  I buy the ticket so it allows me to boo an individual player especially a weak-willed qb like Orton.  No offense when it counts in the redzone and  at the end of a game.  Ayers I will boo your ass if you don't start playing better.

  • creoletbroncos#1fan

    kyle orton soft like marshmellows

  • ron jeremy

    im with you on this one good post

  • Mike

    Umm…I wasn't referring to the scrimmage situation in which he slid if you read my comment correctly.  I was giving an example of when a game is on the line and when Orton actually does take off to run, he slides 2 or 3 feet in front of the marker missing the mark for the first down.  A lot of this lead to punting situations and stalled drives. 

    That's good that Orton came out in a makeshift cast to play the Packers, but that was when he was with the Bears.  He hasn't had any heart in Denver whatsoever, if you can give me an example of when, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

    I understand he didn't slide against Detroit, but that's no excuse to not to do it anymore.  So your telling me, once you get injured, quit doing what your doing?  Hey Tom Brady, since you stood in the pocket and got hurt, you need to stop doing that.  John Elway both slid when he needed too and stood up to take the hit to get that extra first down or that touchdown, a little of both.  If Orton did a little of both I'd be happier, but knowing him, he won't.

  • RB

    Respect Orton this will never happen..

  • td30ismpv

    Folks, either side of the fence you are on you need to remember there are team politics involved as well.  You do not replace a vetran with a young guy he is clearly outplaying, anybody remember when Griese was named starter over Brister, the veterans rebelled.  Tebow will go in if Orton gets hurt, if he performs as good or better then he will get the job and the veterans will be appeased, that is the natural order of things and what is best for team chemistry.  Let the hand play out.

  • ArtM

    All I have to say is Tebow in the Texans gave me a little taste of Mile High Magic again.

  • BroncoMan24

    Insert foot in mouth please.  Booing Orton has nothing to do with someone being a “true” Bronco fan or not.  The fact is (as mentioned in previous comments) Orton will never amount to anything more than he is.  Which is a horrible 3rd down and redzone QB. He will never take us to the SB.  Yeah if everything is going right he looks pretty solid and is an accurate passer, but the minute he starts receiving pressure he folds.  You can't rely on him to bring us from behind on a consistent basis and he is more than likely going to lose you the close games as well.  Having said that, I am not sold on Tebow being the answer either.  If I would have had a choice in the matter, I would of not selected him.   That doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy and I do hope he proves me wrong, but we will never know until we give him a chance.  With Orton we know what we have and with Tebow he is still the unanswered question.  Yeah some people are saying we should start Orton so we can win now.  Win what?  3 or 4 more games or even a playoff berth (so we can lose in the 1st round)?  If our ultimate goal is the SB, I say who cares about that.  Put Tebow in now and see what he can do.  If he succeeds then great, if not then we move on.  Go Broncos!!!

  • Gary

    Yes there are team politics.  But that doesn't stop a fan from voicing how they feel about it.  I don't see this team making the playoffs with Captain Neckbeard.  It shouldn't matter who is quarterback. Those other players should play hard no matter what. That is what they are paid for doing.

  • herc_rock

    Bottom line is Tebow is having a hard time holding off Brady freaking Quinn for #2. 

    The clamoring for Tebow to start is IMHO, baffling and idiotic.

  • Troyn

    Only if you didn't watch them both play in games last year.  I am giving the new coaching staff the benefit of the doubt, and I do have respect for the opinions of the veterans, but really, watching Orton perform when the chips are down, is painful, Tebow actually produced in the red zone and on 3rd and long in the limited chances he had last year.

  • Broncos wooooo

    Another year of being the back up would not be bad for Tebow's development. Why not let Orton start this year, have a better chance to win games, and be able to develop tebow without throwing him to the wolves. Its not like the Broncos are going to make a deep playoff run either way ( if you are honest with yourself).

  • Rick Allen
  • Starman

    Really? Statistically Orton was in the same league as Manning and Brees for half of last season–on a team with the worst defense in the NFL, a very weak rushing game, and a laughable head coach. Not saying Orton is Manning or Brees (more like Castle or, yes, Cutler), but he wouldn't have to be with a supporting cast. Tebow is prettier than Orton, and apparently Broncos fans are shallow enough to fall for looks and rah,rah (TT the male cheerleader?). And news flash: the second coming of Elway is wishful thinking. GET REAL, fans. Support your above-average QB and get behind building a solid team and solid coaching staff around him. Can you tell I've lost faith in our fans over this absurd Tebow Mania?

  • Jonnyjokerhead

    I say line them both up in the backfield and the defense will not have a clue whos getting the ball.  And use Tebow n goal line and third and short situations (cuz apparently Knowshawn cant make a yard when he needs to)…

  • Jesterexec

    I 1oo% agree with the way you worded that — lets find out what we have and either be GREAT or move on. I don't want another year of mediocrity

  • Jesterexec

    I 1oo% agree with the way you worded that — lets find out what we have and either be GREAT or move on. I don't want another year of mediocrity