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Published on 08/02/2011 at Tue Aug 02 15:05.
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Ryan Harris

UPDATE: Following his visit with the Broncos, Ryan Harris agreed to terms with the Philadelphia Eagles. What a trendsetter.

The Denver Broncos are expected to add a missing piece to their offensive line Tuesday — a missing piece they already had.

Free agent offensive tackle Ryan Harris is, officially, “visiting” the Denver Broncos as a free agent today, reports the Denver Post. The fourth-year lineman out of Notre Dame is expected to sign the deal today, according to the report.

Harris had an impressive start to his career in Denver but has been marred by injuries. The Broncos drafted OT Orlando Franklin in the 2nd round and intend for him to be the starter at right tackle; Harris can provide depth and competition on the right side as well as backup experience for Ryan Clady at left tackle.

Harris’ “visit” mirrors the situation of his draft classmate Marcus Thomas, who signed a one-year deal with the Broncos following a free agent visit last week.

Competition at right tackle and depth at left are both good things. Let’s hope they get this deal done.

Broncos offensive tackle Ryan Harris likely to re-sign today [Denver Post]

  • mountiandave

    I like the one year deals!   Rebuilding a team by ” show me the production” before you ” show me the money”.  If B-dawk can play on a restructured contract,  these guys can go on a 1 year deal. I wish them all the best.

  • Masga91

    he signed with the eagles…

  • Danno

    We should have signed him.  When healthy, he was excellent at pass protection.  We could have dealt him later for at least a 5th round pick.  We mismanaged the deal.

  • robtink242

    i seriously hope my Broncos have no dealings with Osi.. he's a talent but seriously could live without the attitude

  • stav

    I dont know, the guy is still only 29 with at least 3 solid yrs left. If you read his email today addressed to the AP how can you argue with what he's saying? Everything he says is on point, and can you imagine him lining opposite Doom? Holy Sh*t!! He's making $4mill, i would think 4 yrs/$32mill would make it work, too much for the Broncos maybe unless Orton is moved. It'd be a hell of a defense.

    Screw Harris – too damn injury prone.

  • 12508

    Are you kidding? Look at the numbers. Osi is a beast. What attitude? He feels he is under paid. That isn't attitude. That is a player putting up numbers. If you look around the league no other de gets to the qb like Osi. He had 10 forced fumbles last year. He had plenty of sacks too. Osi would be the best player on our defense. Yes that includes Champ. Yes that includes DOOM. I doubt we have the cap room BUT if we get Osi I would see a move in the right direction. Impact players is what we need. Osi would make everyone else better. I would give up a second round pick in a minute. I would give him top 5 money for a de and be set at that position for the next 5 years.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    We HAVE the money! Just signed Ty Warren though.

    We need a CB something fierce…

  • Hope

    yup he did signed with the eagles.

  • dbroncs24/7

    Oh my!! I believe Jon is owed some apologies for getting ripped apart for saying that there was a plan, vickerson, thomas, mcbean, and the new additions of bunkley and warren… I'm liking that rotation. Kudos to Jon for believing!

  • crazykid

    um….? Who exactly are you replying to there?

  • LevonZevon

    I wonder if they will move Ty Warren between DT and DE as Vickerson was used last year?  We need better run stuffing at DE, even though its a 4-3 unlike NE's system where Warren was called on to protect the linebackers like Mayo and the pass-rushers like Cunningham.

    Still, Ty Warren shined opposite the double-teams that Seymour and Wilfork demanded. 

    However, Warren can be a strong pass-rusher at DT on a rotation with Vickerson, Bunkley, Thomas and McBean.  With Haggan, Harvey, Ayers and Doom on the outside– and maybe Veikune too– we can also use him on early-down run-stuffing (as those names aren't known for that ability and their was a definite financial hole and talent hole since Harris left us with more cap-room). With youth at LB and Safety this cannot be overlooked as a critical potential weakness up the heart of the defense!!!

    At least Fox spent time in the George Young paradigm of never stopping the annual replenishing of the D-line cupboard.  Acorsi and Jerry Reese continued it and without fail– even when Rocky Bernard and Chris Canty didn't work out in 2009– the Giants stick to the formula.

    Hopefully, we will point to this off-season as the first time this commitment began financially.

    I was against it originally, but thinking about the inexperience of Von Miller and the possible lack of sideline-to-sideline fluidity from Nate Irving, Warren's best contribution will be stabilizing the run defense with the help of Brodrick Bunkley and maybe another body to come.

  • CJ

    like WhidbeyBronco has been preaching all off season long. We do need a corner. Who knows how long goodman can hold up. And now that perish is off to get raped himself we have a bunch of unproven young cornerbacks. Although i do remember some corners who stepped up when needed (dominique foxworth & Darrent Williams) so it could happen i suppose

  • anthony33

    Bummed out we missed signing Harris.  Would have been great to have the quality of depth he represented.  Still thinking Elway and Xanders are getting the asses kicked in the FA market.  Yawners for the most part.

  • anthony33

    Especially since Cox is headed to the slammer.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    It's been a whole 2 minutes since Philly signed someone.  I've been sat here waiting for my contract.

  • td30ismpv

    Philly is in Free Agent Jedi kick ass mode…man if you can buy a Super Bowl then they are in, however, I have seen this before with Dallas, and the Redskins.

  • NMBronc-in-DC

    Don't we have 10 ish CB's on the roster?  Are they all that bad?  Oye Vey.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    wha? i need a list to break em down or feel better

  • WhidbeyBronco

    wha? i need a list to break em down or feel better