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Published on 05/05/2011 at Thu May 05 08:49.
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under center

Quarterback Tim Tebow goes through a drill during Denver's Training Camp in Dove Valley on August 4th, 2010. (Photo by Jon Heath/BroncoTalk)

Tim Tebow is a dedicated guy.

Having received the team’s playbook last week when the lockout was temporarily on hold, Tebow has been working hard this off season in hopes of beating out Kyle Orton and emerging as the team’s starter.

Tebow works out three times a day (lifting, throwing and cardio) over seven hours a day, every day.  Recently, he’s been contacting his teammates to set up some player-organized team workouts.

An area Tebow has been working on a lot is taking snaps from under center.  As Andrew Mason of has pointed out, it’s essential for Tebow to master the trait because Head Coach John Fox‘s offenses traditionally don’t use a lot of shotgun packages.

“The biggest thing for me is that I’ve been working on play-action passes (and) play-action drop-backs — all under center,” Tebow said. “I haven’t had one rep in the shotgun, just to make being under center the most comfortable for me — and to even be more comfortable than the shotgun. So I’ve worked 100 percent on that.”

Tebow went on to say that he has thrown to most of Denver’s receivers this off season, taking advantage of the opportunity when any of them are in town.

“We’ve been able to throw some,” Tebow said. “It’s somewhat difficult, because everybody’s spread out, but we have been able to get together and throw and lift and do this and that… I’ve gotten to work with most of the guys.”

It’s great to hear Tebow has been working to improve his game and that he is showing leadership in organising workouts.  With that said, Orton is undoubtedly working hard as well and may be working out with players too, and it just hasn’t been publicized.

  • Jon

    I bet if Stokley was still a Bronco Orton would be calling him up to workout with him… dem buddy wuddies.

  • Jon

    They never left each others' side last Training Camp…

  • The Gay and Lesbian Alliance

    Stokley and Orton sitting in a tree…

  • TheTroglodyte

    Teebs has already invited Von Miller to work out with him too.

  • Jon

    I saw that on MaxDenver… Miller also wants to workout with Irving, Beal and Carton in Texaxs.

  • Alex Stewart

    From Woody Paige's latest article about Player Organized Activities:

    “The Broncos need their “supposed” starting quarterback to provide the same kind of leadership quarterbacks are in other NFL cities are displaying. Orton should be working day and night establishing a camp and pleading with players to practice in Denver.

    Where is Kyle Orton?

    This week he is playing golf at the swanky Bandon Dunes resort on the Oregon shore of the Pacific Ocean.”

    Tebow is blowing Orton away when it comes to actually leading this team.

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  • Mike Birtwistle

    I told you all that the best thing Elway could've done for Tebow was name Orton starter.

  • seweatherman1

    Agreed. Orton might as well go back to Hawaii fishing when he gets his fill of playing golf. But they say that is a good workout too, playing golf and fishing. Orton is actually going to do his workouts like Tebow did his last year, until the final 4 weeks of the season…he is doing “mental reps” to learn and work on his deficiencies. You know, inside the 20 and getting in the end zone. Might throw in a bit of scrambling to get away from would be tacklers in the event the play falls apart too.


    Sweet! I'm heading there tomorrow, Ill keep an eye out for him!!

  • Jon

    Not so fast… Orton is a hard worker and a great leader. Also, he's been working out with some of the players as well, see:

  • NMBronc

    Can't wait for free agency, so that we can trade him.

  • Nisse

    maybe he isnt that worried about the competition?

  • AndrewB

    Orton may be a hard worker, but he is certainly NOT a great leader – not even a good one. Did you notice that every time Denver started to struggle last season, Orton would fold under the pressure, and the entire team along with him?
    But when Tebow was at the helm, when they started to struggle, he worked even harder, and the team rallied behind him – he is a LEADER!

    Note that both QBs played a game against Oakland. Orton had the home field advantage, and managed to lose with an embarrassing 14-59! He had 2 TD passes, and an interception, plus he managed to lose the ball via a fumble. Tebow, on the other hand, playing in enemy territory, managed to get a rushing and a passing TD, no interceptions, no fumbles, and scored a total of 23 points. The broncos still lost, but only 23-39 – the defense allowed 20 points less IN OAKLAND… do you think maybe that had something to do with the fact that Tebow didn't give up, so neither did the team? I do.

  • CJ

    Lets compare Tebow and Orton

    Is it a coincidence that Ortons laying on the ground? haha

  • Masaga91

    and what about the san diego games, both threw for 200 yards, orton had 1 TD, ran for 4 yards and lost the game 35-14, tebow threw 2 TDs, 2 int, ran for 94 yards but lost the game 33-28, and if one of the hails mary's would been catch, we could have won the game, and remember, we were down 33-14, and the team rallied behind tebow and almost came out with the win against the number 1 defense in the nfl (statistically speaking)

  • Gator01Fan

    Andrew B, did you think that maybe the defense didnt give up because they knew Tebow wouldnt quit and would give his best every snap, giving them a reason to play harder? Ever watched any Florida games where the defense slowed down? Tebow would be all up in there face just like he would an offensive lineman. He is a true leader.

  • TD30isMVP

    All the Orton hate is a bit over the top. He was leading the league in passing last year, leading in yards per pass and yet the hate train keeps rolling. All of this with retread receivers and not a star to be seen. Yes Tebow is much more exciting and I hope he turns out to be a fantastic QB but, wow, the hate spewed towards Orton is out of line.

  • Nisse

    yeah, mcdaniels only misstake was not starting tebow, cuz all the teams problems was becouse of orton.

    are u kidding me?

    tebow will not have sex with u just becouse u argue on his behalf on this site.

  • CJ

    Ortons not a bad quarterback. Hes not all that good either

  • John

    At least half the hate Orton is getting should go where it really belongs, on McD. How much could the team have used Hillis and Sheffler last year? With a focus on a hard nosed run game and a hopefully much improved defense both guys should play better. More than any other team we could use all the practice and training camp we could get.

  • Rob Bronco

    It's not hate – it's criticism. When your team goes 4-12, the starting quarterback is going to get criticized by the fans. Orton's QB rating was average at best. But watching him on third down was excruciating. We've watched the Broncos struggle mightily over the past few years, even in during 2008 when Shanny was our coach. Until the team's ownership/management turns this thing around, the criticism will continue regardless of who is under center.

  • Jon

    Among his teammates, Orton is considered a hard worker, a good leader and a knowledgable football player. Don't misunderstand me, I love Tebow and I hope he starts, I just don't like that everybody is selling Orton short.

  • Coach Steve Tucker

    Tebow is a winner…..but this is the NFL…

  • 12508

    Amazing how many comments a Tebow post gets. We should be talking about the draft tho. Alot of holes to fill here. Defense being number 1. I hope we drafted enough playmakers. I dont get the ot pick. I think the O-line is one of the best in the NFL. Problem was McDaniels and his thinking we needed a change. We have really good tackles and im good with the rest of the O-line. We could have gone with more defense.

  • Jon

    Harris may not return and the Broncos have terrible depth at OL. Franklin is a good, physical, mean, versatile offensive lineman, I love the pick.

  • CJ

    Agreed. Franklin is nasty and not afraid to get his hands dirty. We could use a strong run blocker for our new run favored offense. Plus a solid tackle to help Tebows blindside. especially with his longated throwing motion

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