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Published on 04/28/2011 at Thu Apr 28 18:16.
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Von Miller

Von Miller

The Denver Broncos have made their choice. Von Miller is the first piece to Denver’s rebuilding defense puzzle.

The Broncos selected Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller with the 2nd overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft Thursday.

Miller (6’3″, 246 lbs.) is a 22-year-old pass rush specialist who was the unanimous top linebacker prospect in the draft. Tallying over 100 tackles and 28 sacks in his junior and senior seasons, Miller continued to shoot up draft boards even days before Thursday’s first round.

“I just had flashbacks to all the hard work that I’ve been putting in ever since little league football, all the people who told me, ‘No,’” Miller said. “I was just extremely anxious for my opportunity to go up to the league and prove myself.”

By passing on Marcell Dareus, the Broncos likely intend to add DT depth (and it’s a deep DT class this year) in the 2nd round. John Elway said afterward he hopes to reignite the Orange Crush tradition with the Miller pick… and I’m on board. Truly, I would have been happy with any of them, but there’s a tradition to uphold in Broncos linebackers…. It’s Miller Time Broncos fans!!

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  • Rob_Bronco

    Absolutely thrilled about this pick. Miller is a fantastic LB who can get to the QB in the blink of an eye. He's also a class kid who will help restore the team's reputation as a classy organization where character matters.

  • Doom92

    I told you…lol.

    Well I still very much like the new regime but they cant pick a 1st rounder any better than the last two staffs could.

    Simply can not believe they passed on Dareus or Peterson. I still bet we got Robert Ayers Jr. and the Bills and Cards got studs…

    Just my .02 worth :-).

  • Kreager

    Agreed, we already have enough LB's on roster, especially when shifting back to a 4-3. DT is deep in the draft this year and we can get one in the 2nd, but why the hell Peterson slipped to Cardinals is beyond me.

  • Doom92

    “He's also a class kid who will help restore the team's reputation as a classy organization where character matters.”

    This part I agree with… I hope I'm wrong :-/.

  • Doom92

    Well… So much for having so many DT that we can get our guy in the second for that position. With the top 10 DL's gone we are now ready to go for a third rounder at the top of the second… if they pick that now???

    They totally screwed this up in my opinion. They could have went darius and then Akeem Ayers in the second and been a head in my estimation.

    If they took Da'Quan on the second I'd be pretty stoked with that. He is a risk but not the risk he'd have been in round 1. He will play and play well just for how long? Aside from that pick now I hope we can trade out… Any of the DT's left are 3rd round guys at best!!!

  • robtink242

    VON-DOOM our new pass rush combo.. coming to a quarterback near you.

  • rct930

    I like how the first round turned out. Fox and Allen will know how to get the best out of Miller. And there will be a solid defensive tackle waiting for us at #36. Austin, I hope…

  • Doom92

    Austin would be a good 3rd rounder but he isn't a 2nd. We can get a much, much better “player” at that second spot…

  • rct930

    Also, Miller played in a 4-3 as a sophomore and Mayock said he blew up the Senior Bowl as a 4-3 backer. So I think we're in good shape, friends.

  • rct930

    One amendment: Not sure if Miller played LB or End at Senior Bowl. Either way, Fox and Allen are two strong defensive minds and I'm confident they'll utilize him well.

  • Darwin

    He was 2nd rated player by Mike Mayock. Would have been happier with maybe Darius then the UCLA backer in the second. We still need bulk in the middle. However, with Doom on one side and this kid on the other we are going to see a lot of happy feet by opposing QBs and isn't that what you need anymore?

  • Asdf

    he put on 10 lbs before the combine and actually got faster … who is to say he can not put on another 10 and still be lightning quick .. he has the frame for it as his upper body is thin with massive legs ..
    This guy is going to turn heads and not end up on the front page of yahoo for doing something stupid ..

    Best pick in draft

  • GradiDadi

    I still think that with Champ Bailey still in Denver they should have gone with Patrick Peterson so he could learn from the best, Ithimk he was the better choice here!!!

  • Blow

    at first i didnt like the pick, but seeing as how he is a respectable cool guy… i like the pick!

  • Blow

    at first i didnt like the pick, but seeing as how he is a respectable cool guy… i like the pick!