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Published on 04/13/2011 at Wed Apr 13 06:42.
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 Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert

Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert

Take it as it is, a rumor, but word is that the Broncos are having discussions with other teams, namely the Redskins and the Cardinals, about moving down in the draft.

Since there are such glaring holes in nearly every aspect of the team, it just might be a good move to pick up some more draft ammunition.

The bait I would think the Broncos are using for the second overall pick is Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert. There have been reports that Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Shanahan are big fans of the Mizz alumnus.

Peter King himself says, “And Gabbert will not get past Arizona.

Be it fifth or tenth, whatever, who now?

The benefits of swapping picks with Arizona outweigh the cons in this situation because the Cardinals almost definitely be selected Blaine Gabbert. If the Broncos do land themselves in fifth overall spot then the first five picks could possible go like this:

1. Cam Newton (Panthers)

2. Blaine Gabbert (Cards)

3. Patrick Peterson (Bills)

4. A.J. Green (Bengals)

5. Marcel Dareus (Broncos)

For all of you Marcel Dareus fans, it is still very possible to land him fifth overall. However, the Bills could take Dareus and the Bengals could grab Peterson (or vice versa) and the Broncos would most likely select Nick Fairley or Von Miller.


For the Cardinals to trade up they would most likely have to give up a second round pick and somewhere around a fourth or fifth rounder as well. This situation is entirely beneficial for the Broncos who currently do not own a fourth or fifth round pick and might also be interested in trading back up into the first round.

Since the Broncos are need heavy, having a lot of draft cash to spend in the first two or three rounds is essential.

Quarterback Smokescreen?

So was all this interest in these rookie quarterbacks a smokescreen for a trade down? If this trade situation is indeed real, I still wouldn’t rule out the Broncos selecting a guy like Jake Locker in the early second round or even trading back up in the first as well. I do truly believe John Elway’s interest in drafting a quarterback is real.

Not to scare you, but Elway has stated that he likes quarterbacks that have a similar playing style to his own and Pac-10, mobile, big armed Jake Locker kind of fits that description.

What do you think Bronco fans? Is trading down in the first round a good idea? Are the Broncos still looking for a young quarterback? Air it out in the comments!

  • mikebirty

    I like the trade idea but I wouldn't go as far as 10. Last two years McClain and Raji have been taken in the top 10 and I think we were all hopeful that they would drop to the Broncos at 12.

    The though of moving to 5, getting another pick and grabbing Peterson or Dareus sounds good to me though.

  • flbronc

    trading w arizona is ideal. hopefully we can get that done. gives us one of the top three defensive players guaranteed. since i would be ok with dareus or peterson at two- i would love to be able to pick either up at 5 with two extra picks. i'd even be ok with miller if we were to get an extra second and fourth.

    I am less excited about what players would potentially be available at washingtons pick, although the haul in terms of draft picks would be better. I am not sure that is worth it.

    if we were to pick up an extra pick, i wouldnt be opposed to a qb in the second. just dont pull a mcd and trade a bunch of picks to get back in the first round to draft someone that would have been there in the second.

  • Mergrath

    I'm all for the Arizona trade. It still leaves us with the a solid, impact defensive player as well as adding additional picks for what is a pretty decent draft class. We could really fill some holes with this scenario.

    I'd still hate a QB this year though…even in the 2nd round!

  • MrEast

    Amen to that.

  • The Mascot Army

    They are not actually considering a QB, and I am really surprised that this kind of bluffing works on other professional franchises.
    Trading down is a great idea since there are a bunch of guys that are legit number two picks.

    The Broncos had to move up to get Tebow, he was no guarantee to drop to the second round, despite what GMs that missed out on him claimed they were planning after the fact. People should complain more about the Demaryius pick than the Tebow pick.

    Did anybody watch the Tom Brady draft documentary? Good stuff. Great stuff on why QB metrics are not very effective at predicting quality QBs. The moral of that story…heart, effort, and a history of playing well on the big stage should have trumped Brady's bad pre-draft evaluation.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I would be thrilled with Von Miller at #5 IF he is used right and that is a big IF. That kid is WAY too talented to be stuck at end (where we already have Ayers) or be pushed into pass coverage.

    He needs to be a put into pass rushing situations and from all over the field. make the defense guess at where he will be attacking from. There is a lot of solid DT competition to be had in the later rounds (most notably Paea) so yeah I can see moving back and picking up Miller as a great move.

    No way is that head case one year wonder Fairley worth top 5 money though. He may string a few good seasons but his career will be short lived.

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  • uncfan157

    Definately want to move down, and if we could move down and Dareus is still there at 5. And we pick up their 1st, 2nd, and either a 4th or 5th, i'd do it since we dont have a 4th or 5th.

    Trading down is the best option since we have so many needs, and not a lot of picks. I hope this QB talk is a smokescreen, the only position on offense i'd consider is a OL or RB.

  • td30ismvp

    Wow, every flippin day “we need more picks, we need more picks”, no we don't. We NEED to not miss on the first few picks and add legitimate talent to the team. Shanny was a master at loading up picks…and then missing. For the last decade we have been trading back for more picks then getting some project player but rarely a stud. Moving a couple spots to gain a couple picks and still grabbing a blue chipper is awesome, but please for the love of football remember to grab the stud player!

  • Hansen

    A trade with AZ to #5, in my view, is a must. We need the picks. At #5 I would be happy with Dareus, Miller, or Peterson (no Fairley). Receiving another Rd 2 pick, giving us 3, would be fantastic and would go a long way to rebuilding LB, DE, another DT, or RB. A move to #10 with Washington might be too far back.

  • areferee


  • Masaga91

    mmmm traqding with arizona makes sense, that way we can get peterson

  • crazykid

    i agree with the comment on DT depth…
    HOWEVER, i think it would be a mistake to draft Von Miller. To be blunt, he is a 3-4 LB, and we just changed to a 4-3 scheme, so i dont see the fit.

  • crazykid

    We could also trade Orton to Arizona for maybe 3rd and 5th Round picks, then trade with Cinncinati so they could leapfrog Buffalo to draft a QB. We would have the 4th overall in that situation.

  • TheTroglodyte

    He played in both formats and with his quickness and speed, I think he could do very well in a 4-3. It's really less about what you call the defense and more about how you utilize a players strengths. Few coaches seem to play to their players strengths though and instead try to fit players into “their” system which is why I said it's a big “if”.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Interesting stats on Glaine Babbert “Blaine Gabbert threw 267 shotgun passes in Big 12 play last season but didn't take a snap under center and completed only 44 percent of his passes on third downs. “

  • JackfnBurton

    Need. More. Picks. Come on guys. Some fool team wants to trade up to #2 and reach for a QB.

  • NMBronc

    No problem what so ever with a trade to AZ leading to the following;

    DL: Doom, Crick, Paea, Ayers
    LB: DJ, Miller, Haggan

  • NMBronc

    Why RB? Everyone is talking RB. Is there someone really worth it out there…. what did I miss. Go get Hightower from AZ and run him with Moreno. Trade Orton for some twizlers. Sign Weddle. Resign Harris. Rebuild the D, NOT W/Fairley. Go out kick the sh&t out of Phyllis. I should be a GM.

  • NMBronc

    And if Shanahan is publicly interested in someone, then that is not who he is after.

  • Hansen

    Well, I say another RB because they wear out so fast and I am just a believer in big RBs, like Leshoure or Daniel Thomas from K State. Its just part of my philosophy for football – gotta have RBs 220+lbs. But if you dont want a RB, thats cool. I am just fine with all DL in Rd 2.

  • 5280

    i completely disagree. its not all the time that denver actually has a high draft pick like they do this year. they should hold onto their #2 spot and grab dareus. i like how the article that reported this just automatically assumes that ALL denver fans want them to trade down, cuz thats so untrue! if we dont get a high first rounder this year i think we've set ourselves back. ya, we'd be able to pick up more picks, but a high first rounder is more of a sure thing then 3 second rounders. i think they should deal one of their 2nd rounders to new england in enxhange for their 17th or 28th overall pick and grab more first round talent. 2 1st rounders is better then 3 2nd rounders. IMO the ealier the round the better chance of grabbing a gem. not saying you cant find talent in the later rounds, just saying that you have a better chance of doing so in the earliest rounds. but above all: THIS IS ALL SPECULATION!! at this time before the draft all experts would agree that any talk from any teams about what they plan to do in the draft isn't very accountable. none of them want any other team to know what their doing. its highly unlikely that anybody really knows what denvers gonna do. from now until draft day its really just a “wait and see” time period.

  • Orangeryder49

    Damn the speculation. Full speed ahead with the #2. Worry about the rest of it. The rest will workitself out after that. Its time to grab the brass ring.The time is right. Its been to long without a defense.

  • Clevername

    If I read my Value Chart correctly, and my math is right, it will take a damn sight more than their 1st round pick (1700 value points), 2nd round pick (520) and 4th round pick (88) for the Cardinals to move up to the Number 2 spot (valued at 2600). They come up a whopping 292 value points shy. That’s another 2nd rounder THIS YEAR. Gotta toss in something very tasty in next year’s draft too in my opinion. Are the Cards that fond of our pick? Sure would be nice!

  • Bob J.

    Dream on with that scenario of Az giving up 3 picks to Den to move up 3 spots.

  • Mikebreunig85

    A defensive play at #2 is not worth the money, move to 4 or 5 and get more bang and picks for your buck.

  • Sinthor

    Interesting numbers on Locker too. Only a 53.67% completion percentage for his whole college career (Tebow had a 66.45% in the SEC- much tougher division and a MAX of 6 INTs in a season). He's not good with the long ball. I fail to see how he could be like Elways style of play. I think Tebow is more it, though he right now is prone to scramble more. People aren't so impressed with Locker's pro day. I'm not certain Tebow's going to be “the guy” in Denver, but I fail to see how Locker or frankly these others in the 2011 draft are certain to have more potential than he does. I think the Broncos need to get their defense back to relevancy and see if one of their current QB's can be the franchise guy or develop into one. If they can't within a season or so, dump them and THEN go after a QB. I'm very wary of players, especially QB's who have only one good year and then come out to the NFL. I need to look and see to be certain, but I'm pretty sure the guys that HAVE had success in the NFL have had more than one good college season…

  • Patman9898

    There are 3 highly rated players in this draft , in order are Patrick Peterson, Marcel Dareus and Von Miller. The only possible scenario would be to trade with the Cards and pick up Peterson. There is NO way that any of those 3 dudes would be still there at 10.

  • Jmmitchem

    I agree! Keep the 2nd pick! Trade Tebow to ARIZ for their 5th pick and then draft Miller at LB with it. Since Elway doesn't think Tebow will be the QB to take Denver back to the play-offs he can get rid of McD's trash and be happy..”But who will fill the seats at the ballpark?” Does Denver need a passing QB w/ a running offense? Or a multi-threat QB?

  • Jerry Mitchem

    Haven't you heard “Defense wins Champion” PAY the man!

  • TheTroglodyte

    Completely agree

  • Dbronco62615

    guys its simple. trade with az and get a 2nd and 4th. ur not gonna get 3 picks trading up 3 spots. draft either 1 of the big 3 dareus,peterson or miller at 5.kyle rudulph at 36 pea at 46 and the lb from michigan state and grab a safety or rb in the 4th and u address all the needs.

  • Wolverines1

    Trade down. Liguet may be just as good as Darius, I like Austin better than Paea. Get the tight end and an O-lineman (maybe Watkins). Agree with Dbronco like Jones from Michigan State but he may last until the third round.

  • Lark

    I'm not interested in “filling needs” so we can maybe go 8-8 and wind up with another set of middle to low picks. I'm interested in building a championship team over 2-3 years. We have the opportunity to build a super defense in two years if we hold fast and take Dareus, the best DT in years and a 10 year player. Trade with Cincy only if the numbers add up and so far they don't. Only if they part with their first, second, and third is it worth the risk of losing Dareus. Championship teams are made up of the best players (1st rounders), NOT NEED FILLERS.

  • Lark

    To even think about trading with the Redskins is out of the question. And going for a QB among this crop …ludicrous. There will be more and far better choices next year …if we've decided Tebow can't cut it.

  • DBlair

    More picks would be nice in the event that Peterson is still there at five, which I doubt he will be. Everybody's sold on Darius because Denver needs a new D-Line, but nobody's calling him the best player at his position, they're calling him the best player at his position IN THIS DRAFT. There's a “solid” D-lineman in every draft, but a corner like Peterson doesn't come around very often.
    Truth is, Denver could use fresh talent everywhere except WR, and even there, they dont have a real #1 (thomas is a bust, and lloyd a 1 year wonder). So if Elway wants a quarterback (like some people are suggesting) he should wait a year and trade the farm to make sure he gets Andrew Luck. Personally I think Teebow deserves a shot, and it seems that most of Denver's fans agree. This draft is stacked with “solid” D-linemen, so they can be picked later, and Peterson should be ours at #2, and IF we trade back to five or seven, the front office and the Broncos fans who support the move, should be ready for the very real possibility that the Draft order will become very unfavorable for the team in terms of picking up a “blue chip” player…

  • DBlair

    Detroit's Suh, is the best DT in years. Darius isn't even close.

  • MrEast

    First off, this obviously just speculation, hence the word Rumor in the title.

    My point was is that if can trade down the #5 overall, which is still an extremely high draft choice, and still grab the same player you were looking for at #2 overall and pick up a few more picks then why not?

    Also, what will really set Denver back is if they select an epic bust at #2. I'm not saying that it is inevitable, I'm just not buying into that #2 picks are always so great, and especially when they're selected by need rather than the best player on the board.

  • Ssman454

    MUST GET PETERSON, a talent like this doesn't come around very often, and he will be taught by the best in Champ Bailey

  • Ssman454


  • MrEast

    First off, this obviously just speculation, hence the word Rumor in the title.

    My point was is that if can trade down the #5 overall, which is still an extremely high draft choice, and still grab the same player you were looking for at #2 overall and pick up a few more picks then why not?

    Also, what will really set Denver back is if they select an epic bust at #2. I'm not saying that it is inevitable, I'm just not buying into that #2 picks are always so great, and especially when they're selected by need rather than the best player on the board.

  • Ssman454

    MUST GET PETERSON, a talent like this doesn't come around very often, and he will be taught by the best in Champ Bailey

  • Ssman454