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Published on 04/07/2011 at Thu Apr 07 19:27.
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  • Denver Broncos second year wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was up early for rehab this morning and says his calf is slowly recovering.  The team is hopeful he will be ready to play again by mid-season (if there even is a season). [Thomas on Twitter and the Denver Post]
  • Another second year Bronco, offensive lineman Zane Beadles is now on Twitter, be sure to give him a follow.  Beadles and fellow offensive lineman J.D. Walton were two of just four rookie offensive lineman to start fourteen or more games last season. [@ZaneBeadles on Twitter]
  • Attorneys for the NFL and players suing the league sent dueling letters Thursday, responding to a judge’s request that the sides try to work out their differences before she rules on the lockout.  []
  • Former Broncos placekicker Jason Elam recently sat down with the Denver Post to talk field goals, world travel and Tebowmania, among other things.  [DP]


    "All ready!" We miss you, Darrent. R.I.P. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

  • University of Washington linebacker Mason Foster continued his NFL tour by visiting the Tennessee Titans today and is on his way to visit the Broncos, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.  [National Football Post]
  • It seems just about all the experts are mocking Denver selecting Alabama defensive tackle Marcel Dareus, while Mike Klis of the Denver Post has them picking Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller, an agent that’s ‘usually in the know’ is telling him it will be LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson.  [Team’s Official Blog, Klis on Twitter]
  • Air Force Academy grad and Denver Bronco defensive tackle Ben Garland – who chose to pass up on his pilot slot to give him a chance to play in the NFL – must sit out another year and serve on active duty before he can apply to forgo his additional three years of active duty service for six years in the Reserve, due to his military commitment.  [Military Times]
  • Sports Illustrated‘s Thomas Lake has the full details on the Darrent Williams murder, it is a heartbreaking read.  R.I.P. [SI]
  • crazykid

    mike klis is dumber than McD!!
    McD drafted Robert Ayers, a 4-3 player, to play in a 4-3 scheme.
    Klis wants a 3-4 player for a 4-3 scheme.

    I give up on my draft advice with morons like these people telling fans what to think haha

  • crazykid

    correction to my dumb rant (i guess im a hypocrite for being dumb myself)

    Ayers is a 4-3 in a 3-4 scheme

  • Ian Henson

    It's refreshing to see a Daily Links that isn't just a recap of what the Denver Post has posted… Thanks Jon.

  • mikebirty

    That SI story is just heart-breaking.

  • Fan From Spain

    thanks for the D Will link, it cleared some things up for me.

    RIP D.Williams

  • herc_rock

    If you were still harboring any ill-will over Brandon Marshall getting shipped out, that SI link should clear that right up.

    It'll give you a new perspective on Javon Walker, too.

  • Fan From Spain

    sure does regarding Walker

  • Fan From Spain

    sure does regarding Walker