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Published on 03/21/2011 at Mon Mar 21 00:33.
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Pat Bowlen arrives for labor talks at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service building  March 11, 2011. (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

Pat Bowlen arrives for labor talks at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service building March 11, 2011. (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

Pat Bowlen has been targeted by the likes of the Denver Post‘s Woody Paige, ProFootballTalk‘s Greg Rosenthall and West Word‘s Alan Prendergast as being a man who is not in his right mind. A man who has stepped back in his day-to-day management of the Denver Broncos.

Now, I have a New York reporter chiming in and it has hit close to home… See I live in New York and I can tell you amongst the New York papers the New York Post is considered more of a tabloid around here, a TMZ amongst papers who legitimize journalism. Yet, this paper, the Post (not the Denver Post, the New York Post) has a reporter, Bart Hubbuch, who has tweeted regarding the owner of the Broncos Mr. Bowlen:

Wow, does Pat Bowlen look frail and out of it. His right-hand man just had to show him how to get in a car. Sad.

Several problems here… One that Hubbuch paints the picture that it was nearly a throw-away comment in several tweets to Broncos’ faithful who followed up his original tweet to which he replied. Two that Bowlen is amongst those heading up the negotiations between players and owners and three Bowlen is the owner of the team of which you are a follower (because you’re reading this blog, right now).

The owner of the Oakland Raiders, Al Davis has been scorned in recent years as being out of touch with the game and too old to have such a vise-grip on the team, the reason why the main reason that the Raiders remain irrelevant since the ’90’s as a team. Yet, his health (mental or physical) has never been called into question.

Bowlen’s mental health has been called into question, several times; when fans hurtfully made jokes about his alleged alcoholism during the Hall of Fame speech for Gary Zimmerman, what they may have been observing was a great man slowly losing his grip on current reality. Now, fans have not their first, but their fourth written reference (and from a reporter who does not have any relevance to Denver) regarding the mental and/or physical health of Mr. Bowlen.

Rumors sprang last season that Bowlen was looking to sell the Broncos and current owner of the St. Louis Rams Stan Kroenke may have been the willing purchaser. Kroenke, Bowlen and John Elway co-owned the Arena Football League’s Colorado Crush.

We don’t have much to say here other than we at BroncoTalk hope for the best with Pat Bowlen and much continued success, but we have always thrived on delivering the absolute best and up-to-the minute Broncos’ updates and wouldn’t feel prudent having not delivered this story.

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  • Kevindow

    Ian, I am a fan of yours and love your writing, but I feel this is not a fair article. I do not believe it is fair to take a “tweet” from someone and base a whole assumption from it. Mr. Bowlen could have been under the weather, he could be jet lagged, he could have had too much to drink, or this guy could be making up the whole event, you do not know. I believe fact based journalism should be what you stick with. Leave this trashy stuff to writers of lesser caliber.
    Go Broncos

  • AtomicLeo

    Why are you upset over this comment? It's been all over the NFL blogs the past few years that Bowlen is struggling. It is not a slam on the man's character if a reporter reports factual information. Bowlen's health is failing.

  • Paul

    RAIDER NATION here. Nobody could possibly over state the importance of rivalries in the NFL. Along with those rivalries come the familliararity of the teams owners. I have that respect for Pat Bowlen and the Denver Bronco organization. It's a very big part of what makes the NFL so great. RAIDER NATION loves to hate the DONKEYS. But we need them to be alive and well. Best of luck to Pat.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I'm not taking anything serious from a New York Post reporter, particularly a throwaway comment about being shown into a car.

  • herc_rock

    Bloggers are not journalists.

  • Ian Henson

    Kevin, I appreciate your support; I did my best to give the credibility of one the New York Post and the report. I also say myself as defending Bowlen's achievements as the owner of the Broncos. I apologize if it didn't come off that way.

    And yes, Go Broncos =)

  • 5280

    if he sells the team he should sell it elway(not sayin just sayin)

  • Jon

    He probably is in a poor physical condition (these things come with age), that doesn't necessarily mean he is in poor mental condition.

  • Ladd

    Blessings and best wishes to a great owner and a good man. And thanks Raider fan Paul, very classy.

  • areferee

    Unfortunately, just the reverse is likely true. Bowlen has been a tri-athlete in the past and appears to be thin but physically fit. There have been multiple sources, however, alluding to him suffering from some level of Alzheimer's Disease. Regrettable, if true.

  • Sbbronco1

    THE NEW YORK POST??? REALLY?!?! think i'd put more weight in the national enquirer.

  • Sbbronco1

    THE NEW YORK POST??? REALLY?!?! think i'd put more weight in the national enquirer.

  • Sebastian Saliast

    Pat Bowlen is a great professional sports owner and Bronco fans everywhere are fortunate to have had him owning the franchise since 1984. Super Bowls and consistent success do not “grow on trees”, it was always his number one goal. Thanks Mr. B.

    Whenever the next SB success may be it will be for Pat Bowlen!