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Published on 03/06/2011 at Sun Mar 06 10:19.
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Kyle Orton prepares to take a snap from J.D. Walton. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Kyle Orton prepares to take a snap from J.D. Walton. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

In what appeared to be a minor blurb via Charley Walters reported yesterday that the Minnesota Vikings were interested in trading for Kyle Orton.

He goes on to report that the Vikings have since backed off.

I had also heard that Orton had been talking about playing for the Vikings next season, but I had not gone anywhere to confirm it.

To me the problem with Walters’ report is that it hadn’t/hasn’t yet been possible for the Denver Broncos and Vikings to do a deal, with the current state of the Collective Bargaining Agreement as it is trading wouldn’t have been possible until last Thursday at the very earliest. Not to mention that Denver didn’t even have a coach until around January 13th

So how have the Vikings backed off?

A little birdie says the Vikings considered trading for Denver quarterback Kyle Orton but have backed off. But it wasn’t because of any progress made by Joe Webb, who insiders say is nowhere close to being an effective starter.

Interesting to say the least, there are several teams that could be interested in Orton’s services the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Washington Redskins could all be possible landing spots if the Broncos were to move Orton. There is most definitely a market.

However, given all of the confidence (back-handed or not) that both John Elway and John Fox have shown in Orton it makes me feel like the only possible landing spot for the Broncos starting quarterback is in Denver. Though it wouldn’t be abnormal for the Johns to just be using “coach speak” in order to create the market and drive the price up. Transparency can only go so far.

  • 5280

    i dont believe nothin til he's gone.

  • anthony33

    Trade him for as many draft picks as we can get. He is not answer at QB. He is a Steve DeBerg clone. While we don't know for sure about Tebow, this is the year to find out.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    i'd LOVE to have a Steve Deburg right now.

  • anthony33

    So Whidbey, are you saying you want to go with Orton this year?

    I am of the opinon that we have to find out what we have in Tebow this year because Orton is not the answer. By going with Tebow, one of several things will happen.
    1) He's productive and turns out to be a good QB (about what you have now with Orton), but still may not be the long term solution.
    2) Shows great progress and the potential to be an elite QB (hope so).
    3) He is a bust.

    In scenarios 1 and 3 we will be looking for a QB in next years draft.
    In scenario 2, we can focus on the continual rebuilding of everything else.

    The point is: if Orton's not the guy, you have to find out now what you have in Tebow.

  • crazykid

    nothing is true unless adam schefter reports it

  • WhidbeyBronco

    hell no! I would never have drafted Tebow but now that we have, we definitely need to see just what we DO have!!

    I want to trade Orton for a starter.

    I was just saying I always liked DeBurg. Best play action i ever saw.

  • Nisse

    ortons play action is up there with the best of them, just sayin.

  • WhidbeyBronco


    1st of all, I'd still be starting Orton and not drafted QB yet, so I don't hate Orton but….

    KO's play action being up there with the greats? DeBurg, Boomer E?
    …Try not to sound foolish.

  • ColoradoSunshine

    Maybe all the rain is getting to your head whidbey, Orton has an amazing play action movement. The man can sell a running play. I would put him in the great category in that department.

  • Danno

    Fix our crap defense please…Stop whinning about the one position we have that is working pretty good. Kyle is entering his prime years…It would be stupid to trade him. Give me a break.

  • 12508

    If we could get anything for Kyle we should jump all over it. Yes Kyle is ok but we need some Tiger Blood. We need some Winning! Kyle put up some numbers. Probably had alot to do with the lack of running game. Moreno didnt do much till the last six weeks. Start Tebow,run the ball, and play defense. Stack the defense!!!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I wouldn't put Kyle Orton in the GREAT category in ANY department!

  • kd

    i would rather play a 2nd center at qb and run goose play sneak every play than let orton mediocre us through another year.

  • anthony33

    Whew… thought you lost your mind there for a minute.

    The only thing I really remember about DeBerg is somewhere he was tagged with the “just good enough to get you beat” tag. And that's what Orton reminds me of.

    Not sure if we could get a decent starter for, but if the timing is right we might fetch a 2nd rounder or a 3rd and a 5th… who know at this point.

  • Big_Pete

    WRONG! I put him in the great category for sacking himself when an defender stares at him for too long.
    I put him in the great category for “we need anything BUT as sack or a turnover right now…. oh, look, he just got sacked, or just threw a pick” category.

  • CJ

    i hope the vikings dont have access to this site haha for Ortons trade value sake

  • anthony33

    Good point CJ.
    Like I was saying… Orton is due to put up Brady/Manning type numbers this year… it would be criminal to trade him. Automatic ticket to the SB should the Vikes win the bidding war for him!!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    haha you know me better than that!

    I don't know how old you are but DeBurg was the most fun to watch in KC… the poor guy was replaced by the next great thing everywhere he went. Magician in the play action and TOUGH.

  • Ian Henson

    He was also the starter in Denver when John Elway was traded for.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I bet you hang outside Kyle's house waiting for him to throw out his beard clippings so you can add them to your scrapbook.

  • crazykid

    woah…. a little much monkey man

  • CJ

    agreed. ease up a bit man

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Joe Montana & Vinnie Testaverde replaced him too…

  • Jon

    I miss Jake Plummer.

  • peterthegreat

    Hell nooooo he had his chance and I'm tired of watching him throw ints when the game is on the line.TRADE HIS ASS NOW we can get the most for his overrated ass.

  • lookn4H2O

    I miss having a good QB!!!!

  • NMBronc

    I miss being excited about the Broncos. Everytime I start to get excited, Orton walks onto the field.

  • Sirrichardmiller

    I hate all of you

  • colreader

    I'm with you.

  • Hnw1058

    Thank God John & John are calling the shots… not all of you arm chair QB's!

  • OrtonS*cks

    Your guys's argument is like bragging you're the tallest midget. Deberg was an effective starter for a year or two at a time. Orton CANNOT, HAS NOT won anything. He was 6-0 at one point, and finished 8-8. “His play action motion is like poetry…” Shut up with that. I'm not a Tebow groupie, but our franchise QB is in Chicago being called a cry baby with an NFC Championship appearance. This “leader” Orton quit in a Washington game that could've gotten Denver in the playoffs! It has to be Tebow this year. If he falters, we can mortgage our future for Andrew Luck! “Great play action…” Shut up

  • OrtonS*cks

    Kyle Orton's prime is like a fat hooker's mid-week special. Nothing to write home about!

  • Jlualot

    Tebow Rocks!! that is a great decision on Denver's part!!

  • Designer57

    Trade Orton for Harvin.

  • Rjmania82

    Lets Trade Orton for Carson Palmer.

  • Vikings fan

    If Fox and Elway are so sold on Orton then trade Tebow to the Vikings. He and Harvin already have great chemistry and Tebow would keep the defense honest so they couldn't focus on Peterson in every run situation. Win – win. Give the kid a chance and don't cry when he wins his first Super Bowl.

  • Bronco's Fan

    I agree with the Vikings Fan Tebow has more going for him self. Who wants a QB that lays down every time he gets /rushed!
    Bronco's Fan

  • Bronco's Fan

    I agree with the Vikings Fan Tebow has more going for him self. Who wants a QB that lays down every time he gets /rushed!
    Bronco's Fan