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Published on 03/03/2011 at Thu Mar 03 16:08.
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Jamal Williams at 2010 Broncos training camp (

Jamal Williams at 2010 Broncos training camp (

The Denver Broncosmove to a 4-3 means the team won’t need the big-name free agent defensive linemen they signed a year ago.

Hence, the Broncos released two starting defensive linemen Thursday, letting Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan go despite the remaining several years on their contracts. Each spent one season with the club.

A year ago, Williams and Bannan signed multi-million respective three-year and five-year deals that expected them to provide a stout front line for the Broncos’ fully revamped 3-4 defense. Instead, John Fox and company decided their services wouldn’t be needed as the Broncos move to a 4-3.

Williams, 34, and Bannan, 31, join Ronald Fields as predominant 3-4 defensive linemen the Broncos are allowing to hit the market. This offseason’s defensive line rebuilding will be unlike any other — less than a handful of defensive linemen are signed onto the Broncos’ roster beyond next season. And those (Elvis Dumervil, Robert Ayers) were linebackers a few months ago.

  • Fan From Spain

    sorry to see Bannan go, he had a gr8 year here and probably will do just as well where ever he goes. tough business

  • Ian Henson

    I owe Kyle three dollars. I bet him that Justin Bannan would be the single most dominant nose tackle in Denver history and then they signed Jamal Williams; then they cut both of them.

  • Fan From Spain

    Marony released:…/

    Marion Barber to be released from Dallas in the next months. Might be a good pick up even if he isn't as good as he was a few seasons ago.

  • NMBronc

    So they liked what they saw at the combine?

  • CJ

    i think this ends the talks of Patrick Peterson. Unless they like a guy in the early second as an inside guy

  • DBroncs24/7

    You're probably right but I pray that that they still take him, he is by far the best talent in the draft and the best cb prospect I've seen in years, plus we can get Marvin Austin, who is sick, with one of our 2nd or even our 3rd round pick

  • flbronc

    looks like dt in round one and two

  • areferee

    From Broncos: The Broncos have agreed to terms with defensive lineman Kevin Vickerson on a multi-year contract.

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  • 5280

    i comletely agree with this move. i dont understand all the justin bannan kool aid yall been drinkkin. he didnt really do anything for denver. vickerson had the second most sacks on the team. the defence ranked 32nd overall. they sucked against the run and the pass with no pass rush. so where does everyone get that bannan was soooo good? plus him and williams are both gettin long in the tooth. also, obviously, we're not taking peterson, which is the right move. he might be the best CORNER in the draft but TALENT? overall talent? so that means you guys are saying hes more talented then cam, ingram, and julio jones? riiiiiiiight. dont get me wrong, the guy can flat at fly and hes very physical, but to say he's the best TALENT in the draft, out of everyone, offence, defence, or where ever is an over statement. further more AJ Green is the top rated PLAYER, not just reciever, on most experts draft boards. this is why it doesnt make sence for people to say that taking the best talent on the board is the best way to go because the best talent on the board is a reciever. that would be stupid for denver to take a reciever because of our needs on defence. so, taking the best player on the board isnt always the best stratagy. you should draft according to need, hands down. im excited because it looks like denver will be loading up on DL's in FA and the draft. we should be able to find alot of talent at that postition.

  • kerry

    MARCEL DAREUS. thats exactly who we need to take at 2. 319 pound DT with great agility and strength is the perfect way to start rebuilding the defense. it all starts up front, NOT IN THE SECONDARY. Peterson may be an excellent talent, but Dareus is alos an excellent talent at a position of MUCH GREATER NEED. but lets not even think for one second that we are one player away from contending. we have had Champ for 7 years and our defense hasnt never been good. its time to fix the front 4. we can select Dareus at 2 and a guy like DT Steven Paea at 34 and MLB Martez Wilson at our 2nd second round pick.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    i want him!!!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    REALLY want Peterson!
    There are SO MANY good DTs in this draft.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    and when do we pick low enough to grab a STAR AGAIN?

    the 2nd round DTs are not significantly lesser than the early two…

    but the 2nd round EVERYTHING ELSE …IS!!

  • The Mascot Army

    What if they take Green and trade him the way the chargers traded eli?

  • anthony33

    This move feels like is was strictly about money, as in bonuses up.

  • anthony33

    This move feels like is was strictly about money, as in bonuses up.