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Published on 02/17/2011 at Thu Feb 17 09:58.
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Champ Bailey celebrates after the Broncos recovered a botched Titans kickoff return. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Champ Bailey celebrates after the Broncos recovered a botched Titans kickoff return. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

What is this?

Both John’s (Fox & Elway) would do well to learn from recent history.

Josh McDaniels came in and traded Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, a first round pick (and that player he acquired) and Tony Scheffler.

Now with a new Executive Vice President of Football Operations and Head Coach the Denver Broncos could possibly let Champ Bailey walk too?


Pourquoi Elway?

No seriously… Why?

Fans are already organizing a march on Invesco Field at Mile High on Facebook. The invite was launched and immediately had 24 confirmations, at the time I am typing this now (roughly an hour later) it has doubled. You can join the rally here (Facebook account required).

How short can the Broncos’ brass memories be? In the words of the immortal Tupac Shakur, “We’ll burn this b—- down get us p—ed.”

And they will (even if they win).

It doesn’t matter how many @JohnElway tweets we get per week, if the team can’t keep their best player this whole transparency thing is all for nothing. There is absolutely no sense in losing the only current player on their defense that can change a game; Klis, Paige, Legwold aside the Broncos need to hear us. Not our “representatives” in the only paper in Denver.

Fans wanted Josh McDaniels out, the Broncos reacted. Fans wanted Tim Tebow to start, the Broncos listened. Now the fans wants Bailey re-signed and who knows better than the fans?

As I was publishing it seems @JohnElway has spoken:

We’ve been working with Champ Bailey’s representative this week on a new contract, which is an important priority of us… Our conversations have been constructive, and we’ll continue those talks in the hopes that we can reach an agreement. Champ’s an elite player who means a great deal to our entire organization and our fans. We want Champ to finish his Hall of Fame career as a Denver Bronco.

Once again, the fans have spoken and the Broncos have heard us.

Now all they need to do is pay Bailey what he wants (seems so simple, we could just armchair this entire thing couldn’t we?).

  • Joshua Manning

    Cutler and Marshall were good but not great but Champ is. He hold his own, he did his job as he was making tackles, defending WR's and making plays. He did everything the linebackers and safeties SHOULD'VE did but Champ did the job HIMSELF!!! If the Broncos want to lose 12 or more game in the 2011 season (If the season even happens), they probaly won't re-sign him. If that's the case, then trust me the Broncos will be the WOSRT team in the NFL next year and will be drafting Andrew Luck.

  • MrEast

    I think keep the Champ Bailey situation is a lose-lose situation for the Broncos. If Champ leaves, Denver will have next to nothing to rely on defense. However, if Champ stays he will at quite the cost, which could have been a couple great free agents. It really all boils down to what his asking price is. My guess is that Champ is in contending mode, and his price tag is pretty high.

  • areferee

    John Elway and the organization need to put their money where their collective mouths are. Talk is cheap. Just listen to Rex Ryan, if you don't believe it.

    We all understand the unknown aspects of the CBA negotiations…and we don't care. We know there will eventually be football, and there will eventually need to be a decent defense that walks on the field.

    But Champ also needs to understand that he isn't all that we need, and we can't mortgage the entire defense for one man. Just like the NFL and the NFLPA, there must be a meeting in the middle…

    …FOR THE GOOD OF THE FANS. Case closed!

  • 42n8

    I remember once, and maybe twice, when #7 took a pay cut in order to help the Broncos sign players. Wonder if he's whispering in Champ's ear. If Champ is really about the team, I'd think he could come up with a way to play now and get paid later, when the CBA gets done & teams know what they have in the bank. If it's all about the Benjamins, I'd let Champ walk and spend that money on free agents and/or drsaft picks.

  • Jon

    For me, if I'm not logged into faecbook and click the link it just takes me to the homepage? But here's a link that won't do that (you even can see it without being logged in):

  • herc_rock

    You can't just throw an obscene amount of money at the guy just because he's Champ. Make your best offer and if he takes it, great. If not, oh well.

    We're rebuilding on both sides of the ball. So we lose an aging corner…big deal. I recall winning SB's with the likes of Darien Gordon, Ray Crockett and the chicken-man at corner…

    I can't believe Champ would want to re-up with us anyway.

  • Danno

    Consider waiting until after the 2011 draft…See if we get the CB out of LSU. Champ is still top quality but here come the older guy injuries…Other teams will likely pay him more than we can. It is so hard to say, but it may be time to move on with a trade for a first or more likely a second round draft pick in the 2012 draft. Champ needs to take about 10 – 12 million in a 2 year deal with serious discussions about moving to safety…I am sure his agent knows some dumb@$$ owner (Snyder or Jones) will pay him 15 million a year in a 3 – 5 year deal…So here we sit with hard choices…Either way, I wish champ nothing but the best. He is the best all around corner that I have ever seen…If you are lucky enough to catch a ball on him, he drops your a$$ within 2 yards.

  • Ian Henson

    Thanks Jon, I updated the link.

  • Ian Henson

    There seems to be a majority opinion for letting Champ walk in this thread. Letting Champ walk is like when the Broncos let Steve Atwater, Tyrone Braxton and Shannon Sharpe walk. Everyone agrees that he's still amongst the tops, he's not a liability and I don't think that there is anyone in disagreement that when he does start to slow he can transition to safety.

    Money's money, he's worth every penny. We can draft three corners in April and I'd still want Champ.

  • Jeff

    Champ is a Proven player and a game changer, look back at the Colts game, The Chiefs game .. he shut down Wayne and totally shut down Bowe. There are several games to think back on … facts are facts .. Champ changes the game! I cant say that about any potential draft pick. We need him to stay!

  • Laramiefan

    Champ will retire himself when the time comes and if he can get his agent to agree he will take less money. Remember that the agent gets paid on a commission and if the player gets less the agent gets less . Cutlers' agent I am sure set everything up so that he would go to another team and get a fatter contract than he was getting in Denver . The whole key is money .

  • 5280

    I think Denver should be approaching this desperately. i dont care what the argument is, Champ needs to stay. if they could offer him 40 mill over 4 years back in october then i dont see why they can at least come close. 15 mill a year over 3 to 5 years would be fine and i also think the broncos are good for it and i dont think champ would object. and the notion that champ would have to CONVINCE his agent to do anything is bullshit! champs a future hall of famer and his agent needs to shut up and do what he's told. only champ knows what good for champ. hes been in the league long enough to know that. Champ is too much of a loss for ANY team to let go of much less the broncos. I understand that they might be a little tight in the wallet but if he really is a prioity then they need to take care of him at all costs and then budget other moves around him. What he wants is probably not that unreasonable for the kind of production that denver gets out of him year in and year out. if their worried about injury then they need to structure his contract accordingly. a move to safety is inevidable. If they let him go, watch this city turn to fire and brimstone!

  • Jpenaflor86

    agree with most of what you said but… way he can play corner too small too old … you cant put a aging body who is racking up injuries at a more physically demanding position …

  • Jpenaflor86

    safety i mean lol

  • Jpenaflor86

    safety i mean lol

  • Nisse

    trading cutler was a great move, and we got great value in the trade.
    trading marshall was a good move, he would have cost to much and there was the 4 game suspension waiting to happen.

    letting champ go? weather thats a good choice all depends on the pricetag.
    would love for him to retire as a bronco though

  • Ian Henson

    So you're a McDaniels fan? =)

  • 12508

    Let him go. We need to get younger. Give Cox and Peterson the cb slots. If Champ can help another team we should let him. He is getting a little too old to play cb. He is not built like a safety. Can his body take the pounding. He would have to make alot more tacles and that will take its toll. I think its a risk.

  • Art

    Champ is a beast! great tackling technique and a competitor. He will bring his A game every game. I'm tired off people saying Darelle Revis and Asomugha being the only top corners in the game, Mel Kiper. The Champ is still around and is not to be forgotten, EVER. He will make a great player at whatever position in the secondary he is in. Not only is he a great athlete, but also a great person. I have never heard Champ talk poorly about anyone and he is also a big part of the community in Denver. I understand that the NFL is a business and Champ has to do what is best for Champ. I hope that we can keep him and hope the best for him because he deserve a super bowl ring. The sad realism is that my beloved Denver Broncos are at least a few years back from a super bowl or even a playoff, thanks Josh. I mean I believe every year we are going to go for a super bowl don't get me wrong. I would love to see Champ back in the predominantly ORANGE and blue and retire a Denver Bronco and a HOF. Also can you image a secondary with Champ, Patrick Peterson, Cox, Brain Dawkins (who also deserves a ring) and Renaldo Hill, where are you going to throw the ball. Can you same pick 6. Also the switch from the 3-4 to the 4-3 will do nothing but help the Broncos defense. Doom will be great and can be scheme diverse with offset line backers. Also Ayers will finally be where he was suppose to play at DE, excited to see how he plays there. We will also have Jamal Williams, Justin Bannan, and Marcus Thomas (who Im hoping to have a great year at DT) playing DT. Not to get of point, but if the price is right, get a Champ.

  • Rande12

    Champ is respected not feared.

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  • Nisse

    I liked him alot actuelly. :P

    but, u have to be realistic. what McD did with the picks he got in the trades was a part in his downfall.

    and in the end, with what happened to this team this season, the only sane thing to do was to fire him.

    but u have to give him that his pressconferences were great and really interesting, right?

  • Nisse

    I liked him alot actuelly. :P

    but, u have to be realistic. what McD did with the picks he got in the trades was a part in his downfall.

    and in the end, with what happened to this team this season, the only sane thing to do was to fire him.

    but u have to give him that his pressconferences were great and really interesting, right?