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Published on 02/10/2011 at Thu Feb 10 15:49.
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Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas

Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas

A new regime is in place, but the same old problems keep appearing for the Denver Broncos.

Vic Lombardi of CBS4 in Denver just reported that Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas injured his achilles tendon during a workout in Georgia today.  His injury is reported to be a tear, but the severity is not yet known.  If it is fully torn, Thomas’ 2011 season could be in deep trouble regardless of developments with the CBA.

So what does this mean for the Broncos? With Eddie Royal out for up to six months coming off hip surgery and now this, the Broncos’ deepest and strongest position suddenly finds itself a little shorthanded.

Aside from Brandon Lloyd, this latest injury most certainly will open up a door for Eric Decker to finally get his shot on offense instead of returning kicks.

How big an impact does this have on the Broncos’ offense? Is it too early to label Thomas ‘injury plagued?’

  • Cyberspread

    Not good… Looking forward to seeing what Decker can bring to the offense.

  • Paradisimo

    When will the curse of Josh McDaniels stop haunting us? Haven't we paid dearly enough already?!?! Oh well, good thing we have Lloyd, Gaffney, Decker and now Willis might get to see some action.

  • areferee

    Someone needs to send him the DVD of M. Night Shyamalan's movie “Unbreakable” and tell him to take after the Bruce Willis character and not that of Samuel L. Jackson. Man, he's fragile…

  • Rob_Bronco

    Are we sure he didn't slip on a McDonald's bag? That curse tends to follow Broncos receivers…

  • Rayhankie

    what a bust!

  • herc_rock

    Oh that's awesome. What a waste.

  • CJ

    PLease!! dont let this be another injury plagued season!!!!!!!!!!

  • crazykid

    please let there be a season!!!!

  • Big_Pete

    I'm a huge Willis fan. I fully expect him to play in the 2011 season (if there is one), thus, lessening the loss of D-Train. We'll still have Lloyd, Royal, Gaffney, Decker, and Willis. That's a scary group of guys if you're a defensive coordinator.

  • 5280

    I think thomas is officially injury plagued. An achillies his VERY hard to come back from, and even if he does come back from he'll have missed so much time that he's useless really. i mean, he never really got the grasp of the last scheme cuz he was injured all season and now the achillies will probably keep him out of the line up for at least the whole off season so when is he gonna learn anything. and the group of recievers we have besides him is alright. I disagree with the notion that D coordinators have their hand full with our recieving core. lloyd made some nice catches, yes. gaffny is sure handed, yes. royal is quick, yes. but name one time last season where they came out, and, when the game was on the line in the 4th quarter, got the job done. With thomas in the line up, if he would have gotten a full off season under his belt, and with roysl at number lloyd at number 2 i think they would have improved to be competitive this year, but now i think they stay the same. However, i don't think this is such a big set back that the season is lost. If fox can develop a good running game, which is usually his formula, and the D can step up with the signing of some good free agents and with a good draft(assuming theres no lockout), then our recieving core will be alright. They can be at least good enough to put in there work when it counts and we should have to rely on them as much as we did last year.

  • 5280

    we shouldn't*, my bad

  • Kingpins10

    NO fan of McD, but your comment is ridiculous.

  • mikebirty

    A torn achillies is my worst nightmare. I can barely type without having twitches down the back of my leg. I can't watch that scene in Hostel and or in House of Wax – thanks to someone on MHR who reminded of that!!!

  • Paradisimo

    Right, because it's not like McDaniels drafted this injury-prone player or screwed up any other personnel moves. Oh wait…

  • Danno

    Is Thomas related to Moreno? But seriously, his body may be to big for his God given speed relative to his current ankle and foot. Once again, where the “F” is our strength coach? Who signed off on his workouts?

  • 12508

    The curse of Brian xanders strikes again. Can anyone give me a reason Brian is still in the front office? Can anyone tell me who has done a worse job as a gm in any sport the last 20 years? This is the biggest problem with the team. Josh was a -/:. But he could coach. Brian has proven he is terrible in every way. Free agents, draft, and I can't wait to see how bad he has set us back in cap room. Thomas,knowshon,ayers, Alphonso, and tebow to name a few in the draft. I forgot the trades he made or could have made. Let's not forget that wrs Holmes and Boldin went to good teams for almost nothing. We could have used them in trades and save the pick we used for Thomas. WHY IS THIS GUY STILL AROUND? I'm in ny and I wont get Directv till Xanders is gone. Love the broncos but I know we won't be any good and hard too watch till Xanders is gone. I'm glad Elway is on board but I don't feel he is enough to overcome Brian Xanders. Hope I'm wrong but I doubt it.

  • Ian Henson

    The part of me that eats the doughnut despite there being a hole in it says, “We just practice squaded our first round draft pick for the second year in a row.”

    But that doesn't mean he'll have anything left in his third season.

  • 5280

    wow brian xzanders may not have said anything about all those move you mentioned, 12508, but he CERTAINLY, is not the reason we had so much termoil. all three heads(bowlen, xsanders and ellis) have said numerous times that McD was given to much power. he's the one that made all the bone head moves, not xsanders. so what ur really saying is that you dont believe that. I definitely think xsanders should have spoke up and said something, but its definitely NOT all his fault.

  • Chris22

    any updates on how bad of a tear it is?

  • denverfanindallas

    broncos fans are the only ones hoping for a lockout…. having 2 years to fix our horrible state would be welcomed.

  • Mdizl

    ESPN stated out 6-8 months. What a friggin bust! We could have healthy Dez Bryant! thanks mcfagiels for that! Happy with the Decker situation though. If we do not pick up PATRICK PETERSON or NICK FAIRLEY I will move out of state to root another team.

  • Mdizl

    I tore 3 tendons in my left ankle when I was younger. Never fully recovered. Still not 100%. Wont happen never happens!

  • CJ

    i tore my acl and mcl my junior year in high school… Lets just say i didnt play my senior year.. saying D Thomas is injury prone is an understatement

  • Kingpins10

    Some of you people misuse the word “bust”. He's only a bust if he fails to perform, like Ryan Leaf did.

    Someone who has a torn Achilles is not a “bust”. It is, however, an injury.

  • MrEast

    He did sign Lloyd, Gaffney, Willis and drafted Decker.

  • Phantasmo65

    yeah im sure defensive coordinators are pissing in their pants at that receiver core. PFFTT.

  • kerry

    total bust. all i heard from most you clowns was how fast and how much of a beast he is. i tried to explain to you dummies that he is injury prone, has never run routes and has the dropsies but oh no i had no idea what i was talking about right guys?

  • Phantasmo65

    yeah im sure defensive coordinators are pissing in their pants at that receiver core. PFFTT.

  • kerry

    total bust. all i heard from most you clowns was how fast and how much of a beast he is. i tried to explain to you dummies that he is injury prone, has never run routes and has the dropsies but oh no i had no idea what i was talking about right guys?