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Published on 01/20/2011 at Thu Jan 20 10:23.
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Wouldn't you love to see this every time the Broncos play at INVESCO? (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Orange mania has swept across Broncos Country and the cries for the team to switch back to the Orange jerseys for good are being heard by the Denver Broncos. has even started a website petition supporting the switch.

The Denver Post’s Woody Paige noted in his column in December that the team is going to make the switch, writing:

The Broncos are planning to bring back the orange jerseys full time in 2012. (The league has to be notified of a uniform change by March, so it’s too late for 2011).

Many fans have now assumed that it is a done deal. That, however, is not necessarily the case.

“We are aware of the public support for the Broncos to re-adopt orange as a primary color,” said Broncos Executive Director of Media Relations Patrick Smyth in an email to BT.  “Orange is a big part of this team’s history. However, at this time, we are still in the exploratory stages with regard to officially making a change.”

There is no guarantee that the team will be making the switch in 2012, so it is important that as many fans as possible join the Orange Movement.  The folks at are going to send a hard copy of the petition to the Broncos once they reach 10,000 signatures and as of January 19th, have 9,285.  Broncos owner Pat Bowlen listens when the fans speak, this is your chance to be heard!

  • areferee

    Keep it up Jon and we'll all be drinking Orange Crush soda again, (with an adult beverage in the mix.)

    Should I buy my Dr.Pepper/Seven Up stock now, or wait until 2012?

  • Kevin Ortiz

    Like it every once in a while but not every home game. Remember the Broncos LOST 4 Super Bowls wearing ORANGE as the primary uniform color. Just saying!!!

  • Scottey

    Loved the video, but how do you not have Atwater knocking back Okoye on monday night? Orange is just who we are, that had no bearing on wins and loses. Get back to our own identity

  • mikebirty

    bring back vertically striped socks – orange and blue!

  • Scottey

    Now THAT is a great idea! it would at least be fun to look at.

  • Josh Temple

    It's all or nothing with the NFL. I think teams are limited to two alternate jersey appearance per season. (somebody correct me if I'm wrong on that number) I do know the Broncos take advantage of it more than most of the teams in the league.

  • stav

    How about a draft post or a potential free agents to fill in holes post?

  • Jon

    I thought it was three, and it seems like every season the Broncos wear Orange once in preseason and twice during the regular season … maybe the rule is three times including one preseason?

  • Jon

    I should have put that clip in, there are a lot of great plays from the orange days that I either couldn't find or didn't think of (like the Atwater hit) …

  • areferee

    News: Broncos to interview Saints' Dennis Allen for DC.

    Dennis Allen (born September 22, 1972) is the secondary coach for the New Orleans Saints.

    Allen previously coached for the Atlanta Falcons as well as Tulsa University and his alma mater, Texas A&M University. His father Grady Allen was also a standout linebacker for the Aggies and later in the NFL for the Falcons.

    Allen began his coaching career at his alma mater, serving as a graduate assistant coach under his old coach R. C. Slocum for four seasons (1996–1999), working primarily with the secondary. He then went on to Tulsa where he was a secondary coach for two seasons (2000–2001).

    In 2002, Allen’s first year with the Falcons, when he assisted in coaching the defensive backfield, the club tied for third in the NFL with 24 interceptions and improved from 30th vs. the pass in 2001 to 16th the following year.

    Over his last two years in Atlanta, the Falcons’ defensive line was the anchor of the defense. In 2004, Atlanta led the NFL for the first time in club history with 48 sacks and the unit sent DE Patrick Kerney to the Pro Bowl. In 2005 DT Rod Coleman represented the club in the postseason all-star game and the Falcons notched 37 sacks.

    In 2006, Allen was in charge of the Saints' defensive line, who combined for over 290 tackles, 28.5 sacks, six forced fumbles and six fumble recoveries. The season was highlighted by the Pro Bowl selection DE Will Smith.

    No experience as a coordinator.

  • Kyle

    I was in the middle of writing the article when you posted your comment. Up now!

  • kd

    i would like 2 see throwback jerseys more than a change in color

  • Jhg

    atleast they made it to the superbowl

  • CJ

    i love the orange jerseys! I have a feeling there gonna be a totally different design though.

  • T-Money

    I miss Al Wilson

  • LevonZevon

    Darker orange too (like before). And maybe its a coincidence, but the “D in Denver was when we had the “D” on the helmet.

  • Suejohnb

    They're call Oompa-Loompa socks!!

  • Suejohnb

    Probably, but as long as they are primarily orange, I can deal with that.

  • Suejohnb

    They're call Oompa-Loompa socks!!

  • Suejohnb

    Probably, but as long as they are primarily orange, I can deal with that.