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Published on 01/19/2011 at Wed Jan 19 20:11.
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Kris Burke joins BroncoTalk after spending a year in the Packers blogosphere

Kris Burke joins BroncoTalk after spending a year in the Packers blogosphere

We interrupt this Broncos bog to bring you a special announcement:

With the Broncos displaying an alarming (not to mention neat) amount of transparency, we here at BroncoTalk figured we would adopt the same approach.

My name is Kris Burke and I am the newest member of the BroncoTalk staff.  A few articles of mine have already appeared on the site, but I have officially been brought on as a regular contributor and I cannot wait to get started.

First, a little biographical information: I was born and raised in Oshkosh, WI and still reside there today. Now, I know what you might be thinking: are you a Packers fan? Well, yes, I am.

But hear me out for a moment.

I was born in 1983. That year obviously holds significance for Broncos fans.  The Packers, meanwhile, stunk throughout the 1980s and the first couple years of the 1990s.  I remember my dad complaining about the Packers all the time when I was younger and I would ask him about certain players and he said to forget them as no one would remember them anyway.

Still, we were a big football household. I am an only child so Sundays were spent with my dad and I watching football, a tradition still carried on today.  We have family out in Colorado, so the Broncos were always kind of a “number two team” if you will.

As I said before, the Packers stunk when I was younger.  The Broncos, with a young John Elway however, did not.  I remember my aunt marveling about No. 7 and the first time I saw the Broncos on TV, I was hooked.  The first football item I ever received as a gift was a replica of the old blue and orange “D” helmet, an item I still have.

So why join BroncoTalk? Quite simply, after spending a year in the Packers blogosphere, I learned that I like the Broncos more despite the team’s worst season.  This is by no means a knock against the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is a hell of a quarterback and the Packers have a solid team and their fans are amongst the best in sports.

I’m simply excited for the Broncos future.  When your childhood hero is leading the way, along with quarterback with quite possibly the best intangibles ever, you can’t help but be fired up.  We Broncos fans have weathered a heck of a storm and now the sun can shine and the grass can grow.

I’m honored to be here and I look forward to an open and fun debate with all of you.


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  • NMBronc

    You lost me at Packers fan. A real fan has one team.


  • Vince Pazcki

    Why does someone need to be a fan of the team to be able to report on it? Perhaps someone with an outsiders' perspective could provide a more objective and even interesting report. Do you really want to have some fan saying “OMG our players are great”, “OMG we're the best”, living in some fantasy world?

    Baltimore sports radio is inundated with non-Ravens fans. Sure, some fans have a problem with it. But at least when they're giving the team credit, you know it's legitimate.

  • Hope

    Sounds like a packer fan to me.GO back to greenbay and cut the cheese.

  • Hope

    You sound like a bandwagon jumper too.

  • Vince Pazcki

    Glad to see the trolls are out.

  • Mtlife2000

    Looking for the Ultimate Die Hard Bronco Fan… I have an original 1975 Denver Bronco Special. Ford made 77 of these Denver Broncos and only 2 with this optional front spring package… So this is One of Two. Its ready for restoration but in decent shape. Tailgating would go to a whole new level if you pulled up in this rig painted to match the Team!!
    Check it out at:

  • TheTroglodyte

    Tough crowd! Welcome Kris :D

  • crazykid

    Welcome Aboard!!! I look forward to your future articles

  • Kris Burke

    Thanks! I'm used to it. I called out Packer fans once on calling for McCarthy to be fired and my mother got insulted a couple times. I'm ready :)

  • Kris Burke

    Thanks! There may be a different flavor to my stuff, but variety is the spice of life or so they say.

  • Hansen

    5,280 welcomes to you Kris.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • Kris Burke

    I say thanks 5,280 times too….lol

  • NMBronc

    You called out your own team. You and Kerry should get along well.

    BT, why not the Raiders perspective? That is a different flavor.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Check out the Raiders blogs, they never call out their own team on anything. I like having a man who is going to take a stand one way or another giving his opinion. Vanilla writers suck!

  • chooch76

    Very happy to see another writer officially added to the team. However, I hope you have more common sense than your colleagues. You make me nervous with you readiness to follow “Old #7” into the flames of the 2011 season. I'm looking forward to hearing from an outside and objective viewpoint. Welcome to the melee Kris!

  • Jon

    Agreed, mixing things up and getting different opinions rocks. Some Bronco blogs out there seem kinda communist, in that you have to be careful in what you say or you'll be removed … BT believes in free speach and I like that!

  • Jon

    Welcome Kris!

  • Jon


  • Fan From Spain

    I like the idea of a more neutral writer on board, it gives a more honest prospective to things.

    Welcome Kris, this blog could always use one more writer.

  • 5280

    chooch should change his name to koock for that statment. NMbronc and hope are sippin some haterade right about now. one thing you'll learn is that a lot of bronco fans let their love for the team affect their knowledge of the actuall game of football. especially over Elway and McDaniels. be patient. i know its hard.

  • Ian Henson

    Good to have you on board friend.

  • stav

    I-Don't-Get-It. Whatever, I suppose. Just pick a team and stick with it. In 35 yrs I've never donned the colors/clothing of any other football team besides the Broncos, even in jest I would never do this, or wavered in my loyalty. Just keep it real and I'm sure things will be fine. You can't blame any of us for being somewhat hesitant at this.

  • areferee

    Welcome Kris. I come from “Charlie Monfort Country”, where Brett Favre and the Packers are held in high esteem. We welcome your take on things, but I'm curious; what happens when the Pack plays Denver?

    Do you have time to get up and go get a Coors? Or do you drink a Milwaukee beer? Your life must be VERY CONFUSED! You're gonna fit right in well, here on BroncoTalk.

    Glad to have you on board.

    The Ref

  • areferee

    DANG IT!

    You got to it before I had a chance. Slow down, Jon-Boy!

  • areferee


  • areferee

    BTW Kris,

    Can the Pack hurry up and lose, so we can talk to Trgovac? We're having some trouble here!


  • td30ismvp

    So he has a favorite in the NFC/AFC big whoop get over it. I have been a fan of the Broncos since Craig Morton was QB and I love two teams, the Broncos and whoever is playing the Raiders.

  • Jon

    typos kill me

  • areferee

    Spoken like a TRUE Broncos' fan! You da man!

  • NMBronc

    By “own team”, I was referring to the cheesehead's beloved Packers.

    And it is not calling out your team, unless it is actually your team.

    It really would be easier to dislike him if he was a Raiders fan.

  • CJ

    hahahahahah thats funny

  • CJ

    hahahahahah thats funny

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