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Published on 01/07/2011 at Fri Jan 07 10:26.
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Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh

Remove another candidate from the Denver Broncos head coaching search.

The Broncos’ interest in Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh has cooled, reports Mike Klis of The Denver Post, citing an NFL source. Harbaugh, who is in high-demand this offseason, apparently didn’t reciprocate interest in Denver and is thought to be outside the Broncos’ willing price range anyway.

John Elway, the Broncos’ new football operations boss, did let Harbaugh know earlier in the week that he was interested. But the Stanford coach seemed to show only backburner interest in the Broncos as he met first with the San Francisco 49ers, then the Miami Dolphins and Stanford officials.

Why the lack of interest from Harbaugh though? It strikes us as very odd that a college coach who supposedly wants to get back into the NFL wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to interview with the Denver Broncos. Is it the new man in charge, Elway? Does it have to do with Brian Xanders or Joe Ellis?

It seems more likely to us that the 49ers and Dolphins interviews were solely used as leverage to up his contract in Stanford. Maybe Harbaugh isn’t interested in the NFL at all.

Either way, with Mike Mularkey canceling his Broncos interview, the Broncos’ head coach candidate list is suddenly paper thin. The Broncos will interview Perry Fewell and Eric Studesville this weekend.

Broncos’ interest in Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh has cooled [Denver Post]

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I think we're seeing the damage done by two years of Josh and Xanders. The team is gutted… Think back two year ago when Shanahan was fired, we had a stunning offense and were just outside the playoffs with a young and talented offensive unit. We still had our existing assistant and position coaches. We still had our famous ZB line, we still had Cutler, Marshall, Tony, Hillis, etc… ANYONE would have come to Denver to take THAT over.

    Two years later, there's not much to talk about (except how interesting it might be to work with Tim Tebow's skill set in the NFL). Good coaches are showing little interest in Denver because there's not as much to inherit.

    It kills me, but when Pro Bowl guys like Champ are saying, “I'm done” any new coach HAS to be thinking, “Hell, will I be able to recruit veterans to this team?!” We got talented veterans like Lynch and Dawkins because they wanted a legit shot at one more SB. No one in that position is going to be knocking on Elway's door this off-season.

    Our choices are very few, I just hope they're not SO few, that Pat is forced to leave a 'filler' guy in the position for a year and hope Elway's corner office at Dove Valley will magically make the team less stinky next year.

    We need a good coach that can inspire this team to greatness again.

    Where we can find this good man… I'm not sure.

  • BroncoMan24

    I was afraid this would happen. Hopefully the Saints will lose this weekend so we can go after Williams. I am just not too high on Fewell and definately don't want Studesville as our HC.

  • TheTroglodyte

    This is a team that hasn't been good for a long time. We have 1 playoff win in 10 years. No defense to speak of. Bailey may leave, Cox may get arrested and neither Doom or Ayers are meant to play the 3-4 which Elway said he wants to keep.

    McD traded away many of the draft slots we should be using this year to build with and we have a well respected but new to power GM in Xanders on top of a well respected “former player” but new VP who has final say on all matters in Elway. And they want a proven coach.

    This cannot and will not happen because proven coaches or coordinators getting their second chance want to mold a team in their image and they are highly unlikely to take a job that gives them 1/3 say (which really means nothing) especially when the two guys holding more power than you are new to the job and the head guy has never done anything like this before.

    I'm sure in the end this will all work out, Elway and Xanders are just going to have to find a diamond in the rough.

    Personally I would love to see Studesville retained as Asst HC & RB coach. The guy is a leader and positive presence in the locker room that guys respond well to.

  • Fan From Spain

    If Stud stays as HC I hope we get a new OC atleast and draft heavy on D.

  • flbronc

    i guess i dont get the 'not a good job' line of thought. sure, it's not the best coaching job in the nfl right now- last time i checked all the 'best jobs' had coaches. outside of a coach retiring, good jobs rarely open. take atlanta- they were in shambles post patrino and vick. that was not a good job. it is now, but it is taken. coaches are expected to take bad jobs and make them good.

    lets be real here, there are 32 teams in the nfl. only 32. right now there are 5.5 openings- ours, san fran, cleveland, carolina, oakland and half a job at miami…. guys who want to be coaches have to start somewhere- and it is almost always going to be at a 'bad job'.

  • Bronco in Chiefs Country

    Studesville did a lot to improve the Broncos team in the weeks he was there, I believe we haven't seen the last of him. He has a confidence in the team that McD never showed (well atleast this season) and also has experience working with Tebow. He is backed by the players and I think we would have a solid team with him. Would I like to see someone like Harbaugh? Of course, but I dont mind the job that Studesville did and wouldnt mind having him as the coach.

  • Vince_marine

    I agree with some in here…Studs wouldn't be the worst HC in the world He still has a lot to learn but the players did seem to respond to him. If the Broncos do keep him as HC then Elway and Co. need to surround him with a great OC and DC and asst coaches.

  • areferee

    Harbaugh signed a 5 year, $25M deal today with the 49ers.

    (And we are trolling for Rick Dennison for an HC interview. Affordable, but inexperienced.)

  • Vince_marine

    Wasn't totally sold on him as a HC in the NFL. He wanted to stay in Cali.

  • anthony33

    I sure as hell hope we are have a stronger list than what we are seeing right now. Miffed at Mularkey's move. Elway, by his comments, is not doing us any favors “we are throwing his name around” about Fassel… jeez.

  • BroncoMan24

    Studdes is a good person you are right, but don't think he has what it takes to be a HC. Maybe if we had a quality OC and DC he could be a figurehead HC, but do you really want him controlling any part of the offense? He may turn out to be a good HC, but does the Bronco's organization or the fans have the patience to wait it out? I know I don't. I am not saying we need to win the SB next year, but I can't deal with another 10 or so years with 1 playoff win. Go Broncos!!!

  • 5280

    this is a combination of things. yes the broncos severely suck this year and have been totally disassembled from there alluring look to coaches 2 years ago and yes they have only 1 playoff win in the last 10 years but they have actually been to the playoffs 5 time in the last ten years and we're always on the cusp of the playoffs a every other year. But thats not the whole story. Jim harbaugh has his choice of staying home at stanford and facing a real possibility of getting to the BCS championship next year with Luck coming back, going to San Fran which is only a hop skip and a jump from where he lives now so he wouldnt have to rearrange his life for the NFL, or he could go to Miami and get payed higher then any other coach in the league(via NFL networks Jason La Canfora) at $7 million a year. and then theres us. a team in shambles with only a very talented QB to work with thats 4 states away and is only offering an average salary to rearrange the mans life. obviously the broncos are the last option. If we r going to get a good head coach we might have to get one that hasn't had a shot yet( even though harbaugh hasn't had one either). But theres plenty of good, effective coaches out there who havn't had a shot yet and aren't as highly coveted as harbaugh. I'm not really worried about it. The Broncos head coaching job is a perfect situatiuon for somebody. they just have to find that person.

  • 5280

    and i just have to say doom and ayrers cant play 3-4??? what?? Doom had his best season under a 3-4 so how do u figure trog? and anyone in the NFL repects John Elway even though he hasn't been in the front office before. what the man did on the field is well respected around the league and thats whats appealing to coaches. Denver's never had that in the front office before and coaches will see that bowlens trying to start something positive that involves people who know first hand what the NFL is about. 1/3 say or not thats an atractive part of the job. the chance to create something unique and successful with a proven vet. people worry to much. Denvers gonna end up with a great coach. theres a lot of options. just be patient. Denver fans need to learn how to be patient.

  • isabel

    If they don't get a good coach their is no chance that the broncos won't win at all

  • isabel

    If they don't get a good coach their is no chance that the broncos won't win at all