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Published on 11/22/2010 at Mon Nov 22 18:09.
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  • adrenaline27

    Its time we see Tebow… I know Orton isnt the reason for us losing but we really having nothing to gain with Orton on the field this season. Lets see what Tebow can do and build off that if possible.

  • Billwaldron

    Embarrassed by the Denver Doncos

  • Kbryant3019

    I hear you.Orton is a lot better then he was last year.I just wish that Pat Bowlen would grow some balls.Maybe Sunday if people chant they want Mcdaniel's fired maybe the owner will start opening his eyes.Orton is not a champion q.b. But i think he is doing the best he can.but try Tebow that's what they drafted him for

  • Jbronoco

    Kyle Orton is one of the only bright spots on this team, along with Brandon Lloyd. Tonight we had too many offensive penalties, receivers dropping passes, and way too many sacks. Our defense is horrible…one of the worst in the league. The only person who is at fault is Josh McDaniels. I am embarrassed to be a Broncos fan. We have lost 15 of our last 20 games…last time this happened was 1971-1972!!

  • Kelli_386

    I am so disappointed with the Broncos tonight! To start was good with the touch down Orton could complete but after that Orton couldn't complete any other full play in the first quarter. Then Orton couldn't complete not one full play in the second quarter, We come back from half time and Orton didn't seem to be able to connect with the game “AT ALL STILL” in the third quarter. Fourth quarter comes up and we are still looking at the same thing. Then at the end Orton starts to score but too little too late. The Chargers were playing a great game but when the Broncos were up I felt like I was watching a High School Football game. Yes Tim Tebow is the quarterback I want to see playing but right now its looking like Tim Tebow may be the only “REAL” quarterback Broncos have so please when your losing a game as bad as this one went why on Gods green earth would you “NOT” try some one eles. No matter how Tim Tebow would of done when your losing that bad you have nothing to lose with some one new. I feel bad not only for Tebow but also for the rest of the team too. I'm a women & I know when a games not going right make a change. I'll only pray that the Bronco manager remember's there's more then Orton when it comes to a quarterback on the Bronco team. “I WANTA SEE “BRONCOS WIN”

  • nosky

    Awful performance for a national audience. Sigh.

  • Jon

    I'm so sick of Demaryius getting hurt every stinkin' time he gets the ball!

  • adrenaline27

    I'm not saying put Tebow in to save our season. We are already out of any playoffs spots. Now we have a chance to see what he can provide for us since we did draft him so high.

  • John Ritter

    I agree as I turned off the TV for the fourth quarter, was the most boring game I seen all season.. Hope there are allot of changes next season as this one is over for me.. John in Durango, CO

  • John Ritter

    I turned off the TV for the fourth quarter, was the most boring game I seen all season.. Hope there are allot of changes next season as this one is over for me.. John in Durango, CO

  • mikebirty

    worse than the raiders loss. At least with that one the Raiders just hammered the Broncos, with this one, the Broncos just weren't good enough. depressing.

    and the Rivers love in from the commentary team made me puke. So what if SD had the chance to draft Vick and Manning – duh, that's cos they sucked and had the first pick twice. That's not good management. That's like saying Indy had a good GM taking Peyton.

  • chooch76

    You sound like Shanahan replacing Plumber with Cutler.

  • chooch76

    Tebow played tonight. He handed the ball off real good.

  • chooch76

    I want to be as fair as possible. To do that I am going to post both positive as well as the obvious negatives. First let me get the negatives out of the way. Josh McDaniels and Pat Bowlen have single handedly ruined this team. Nothing has changed to benefit the broncos since the JM/PB take relationship has started. If y'all couldn't see the writing on the wall, well… now you know. The hostile take over of the Denver Broncos and current relationship can be compared to that of Gaius Cassius and Brutus, Shanahan being Julius Caesar. The Cassius and Brutus relationship ended when both of them committed hari kari. I think we are all witnessing Josh and Pat do that very same thing. The Defense is worse than it ever was. Spencer Larsen is still playing fullback… (I mean really! If the D ever needed a ballsy hard hitting run stopper it's now). The O line is MUCH worse than it was two years ago. The play calling is straight up goofy. The run game, what run game?

    To be positive, I think tomorrow will be a snow day where I live.

    I think the new Denver Bronco mantra should be “We can rebuild them — we have the technology” and start referring to them as the 600 Million Dollar Men.

    -Paid for by the Can Pat Bowlen Committee

  • Hope

    I realy like Josh Mc. Daniels and he will make the Broncos grate agian.He has a very young Broncos team and first year players.Also he needs to fire Marcus Thomas.Give that rookie center a full year is the system becuase he is clearly getting bullied.It looking pritty grim for the Broncos but thier not far.Thier one grate defenceive tackle away.Witch I think we should draft one in this year's first round draft pick.Number 6th in this years draft.

    Trade Kyle Norten for good draft pick.He is a cowerd after one good shot he freacks out.Time for Timbow.

  • Duce2mountain

    Mc.daniels suck the end of broncos is near 40 year fan

  • Duce2mountain

    Mc.daniels suck the end of broncos is near 40 year fan