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Published on 11/16/2010 at Tue Nov 16 12:56.
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Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow takes the snap during their NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Denver on November 14, 2010. (REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

Although he only accounted for 5 of the Broncos 442 total yards of offense in Sunday’s 49-29 thumping of the Kansas City Chiefs, Rookie Quarterback Tim Tebow is one of the finalists for the Pepsi Rookie Of The Week award on

Rushing twice and throwing once, Tebow scored twice in three plays – talk about efficiency!  Though his first score, a one-yard touchdown run, made the score 28-0 in the second quarter and seemingly put the game away, it was his second touchdown that we had all been waiting to see.  A pass.  It was beautifully designed play where Tebow acted as if he was going to run, then stopped and threw a 3-yard strike to Fullback Spencer Larsen.

His first pass in the NFL was completed, and went for a Touchdown.  Giving Tebow a 118.8 Quarterback Rating.

You can vote for Tebow by going to

  • mikebirty

    geez three plays can get you rookie of the week?

    maybe i'll get nominated next week

  • Bugs Bunny

    You wouldn't be nominated just because you're names not Tim Tebow. Moreno won a few times last year just because people knew who he was and Georgia and Bronco fans combined got him the votes. The same will probably happen with Tebow, only this time it being Florida and Bronco fans voting for him … name recognition is everything

  • Liveygrace79

    I would vote for Tim. He is an amazing player, on and off the field!!

  • herc_rock

    He's an amazing player off the field?

  • spencer5987

    keep on hating haters… jealousy always rears its ugly head

  • Guest

    Tim Tebow ROCKS!

  • Kelli_386

    Thank God we got Tim Tebow. It was great watching him become a great q/back in college football,always GO GATORS,and now we get to watch him advance in N.F.L. Glory to God.

  • Kelli_386

    LOL you got to make it through college football & then get drafted to pro football “N.F.L.” then once you've made it that far then start talking about any plays you think you can make if any but til then mikebirty & N.F.L. dont combine in any way besides you waching N.F.L. games on T.V. And by the way this is Tebows 1st year in N.F.L. as back up q/back & I think the Broncos made a great choice on drafting Tim. Time will tell.

  • Britt.

    I'm pretty sure that Liveygrace79is saying that he is a good player and a good person on the field and is a good person off the field.

  • Britt.

    Well he tied 2 team records and it's Tim Tebow. He gots the attuide that everyone likes and has a lot of talent.

  • Lurker

    Sorry Mike but you can't get nominated for going down on your boyfriend.

  • Lurker

    Sorry Mike but you can't get nominated for going down on your boyfriend.