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Published on 10/29/2010 at Fri Oct 29 12:30.
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Knowshon Moreno

Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno has yet to crack 100 yards rushing in a single game. (Paul Cloud Photography)

Where are you, electrifying, game-changing Knowshon Moreno?

Last April, the Broncos drafted Heisman Trophy candidate Moreno out of Georgia with the 12th overall selection in the draft. Needless to say, the Broncos and fans had high expectations for the 23-year old running back. His rookie year, hampered by injuries, had its ups and downs. Not able to produce a 100-yard game in his nine starts, he finished the season with 947 yards and 7 rushing touchdowns – respectable numbers that were expected to be put to shame by his sophomore campaign.

This season however, it’s been more of the same for Moreno. After sustaining a hamstring injury in Training Camp, Moreno never fully recovered and re-injured it in Week Two against the Seahawks. After missing a few games, he was back in action for the Broncos the last two weeks. He’s looked good, one of the few – strike that – the Only bright spot in last Sunday’s loss. Knowshon rushed for 53 yards on 14 carries and added 37 yards off three receptions that went for two scores.

The Broncos however, didn’t draft him to be a good running back. He was a first round draft pick, and those are always meant to become great running backs. It’s time Knowshon Moreno started playing like one.

Now, the kid is still very young, so it’s way too early to cast many judgments on his career as a whole, especially when you consider that many other running backs who have gone before him struggled early on, only to go on to have great careers. But the Broncos need to see a potential for greatness.

Did they get their first taste last Sunday?

Known for his spunky and confident personality, Moreno only had two runs of 20 plus yards last season, and hasn’t broken 17 yards on a single carry this season, though he has missed three games due to injury. He’s rushed 65 times this season for 212 yards (a 3.3 yards-per-run average) and has proved to be a good receiving back, catching 8 passes for 108 yards and 2 scores, giving him four touchdowns on the season.

The Broncos rushing attack is ranked 32nd (dead last in the NFL), and could really use the big play Moreno that we all watched play in college. Having a big day against the 49ers 14th ranked run defense would certainly aid Knowshon’s résumé.

I know you’re hiding in there somewhere, former 2,736 yard, 30 touchdown Georgia Bulldawg Knowshon Moreno. We’re all waiting for you to break out, don’t hold back, release the beast!

  • Kyle

    Great piece Jon!!

  • Millisousent

    come on knowshon lets go

  • Rande12

    Seems to have nice vision, but just isnt explosive or fast enough.

  • Geoffhull03

    I believe it took three years for another great college back to blossom and start putting up big numbers in this league….
    Hint: His name starts with a D, and ends in arren McFadden and he ran all over the Broncos last week.

  • Joshua Manning

    Co-sign! The only thing is, DMC (Darren McFadden) was “faster” than Moreno and he got more strength than Moreno too. Knowshon Moreno don't have either one. So Knowshon Moreno will be a good RB but not great. He will have decent numbers but he might not make the Pro Bowl more that once so I guess he might be a bust but we'll see.

  • laramiefan

    Moreno may have run for a thousand yards 2 yards at a time . Blame it on the O line not making a hole . Blame it on no blocking . Get rid of Hillis just in case you drafted Moreno wrongly and Hillis would amplify that mistake by being a better back . Hopefully Moreno will do better and the Broncos can slowly ease him out the back door wrapped in a trade , then draft someone to take his place . Possibly next draft we will be in line to draft first the way the team is playing . Who knows maybe McD can be successful and develop a blocking scheme and get Moreno into the secondary where he can do some good .

  • Doom92

    I think the article hit it on the nail head… You don't spend a 1st round pick for a “Good” anything. McImmature passed on Dez Bryant and we can see where that is at, he is going to be great. So far in 2 years we have 4 1st round picks (one actually ended up being a 2nd round bust) and none are playing. In my opinion the only one that gets a pass is Tebow, QB's 1st pick or not always gets development time. Of course most defenders do as well…

    Any way, I've said before that Knowshow will be a bust. Eventually he'll end up on another team and maybe do “alright” (see Marshawn & Laurence). I for sure hope I end up being wrong here but I don't think so. :-/

  • areferee

    If the Boy Wonder REALLY wants Moreno to show his stuff, he'll have to trade him to the NFC.

  • Fox1978

    WHAT!!!!!! Bay Bay Thomas is doing good maybe better that Dez Bryant. The other 1st round picks are “decent” (Without Tebow) but Bay Bay is a BEAST!!!!!

  • anthony33

    They are going to have to wait a long time because it's not going to happen. He's not great at anything, just average or good at a few things a top notch back needs.

    On another note: Anyone else find it interesting the Bowlen didn't make the trip to London??? Coach hunting I hope.

  • Danno

    Are you guys high? First of all McFadden is the bust not Moreno. The only reason McFadden was drafted so high is he had Hillis blocking for him. Moreno is a good receiver and a good running back. He will find his groove. Know that he will likely receive as many yards as he runs from scrimmage because that is the way McD's offense is configured. Let's not forget his good pass blocking too. He had a decent rookie year with a slow start, and he has had a nagging hamstring injury this year. He will be solid for us…Just wait and see.

  • pdiddy

    If only Mike Shanahan had the luxury of getting Knowshon Moreno, he would have done wonders with his zone blocking. Moreno will be good but not a great back. He lacks top line breakaway speed to become one.

  • Yukafrut

    Knowshon “Glass man” Moreno should try playing barbies, is less risky

  • Jon

    Sound points, I hope your right

  • kerry

    dude Demaryius Thomas is NOT doing better then Dez Bryant. look at the numbers.

  • kerry

    dude Demaryius Thomas is NOT doing better then Dez Bryant. look at the numbers.