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Published on 09/23/2010 at Thu Sep 23 14:13.
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Ryan Harris

From Mike Klis of the Denver Post

The comeback of starting right tackle Ryan Harris was put on hold after one practice.

Zane Beadles, a rookie drafted in the second round, is expected to get his third start at right tackle against the Colts.

Meanwhile, Champ and Goodman missed their second straight practice.

Beadles has played fairly well, but Colts DE’s Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, who already combine for six sacks on the year, are licking their chops.

Ryan Harris out [All Things Broncos]

  • areferee

    Wait a minute. Something's wrong. It's been over 48 hours since we have signed a new running back to the active roster. Did McDaniels miss practice today?

  • Kyle

    Did you see Lance Ball's tweet? Apparently he's staying the Denver area. Or thinks he is.

    He and Brown will probably alternate roster and practice squad all week.

  • MikEy55

    DAMN i really like ryan harris and i want to see him back on the field for once jeez throw this injury bug away so we can get the chemistry going! beadles back to RG!

  • areferee

    Good inside info, K-Man. Thanks.

  • anthony33

    Harris… out

    Bailey… out

    Goodman… out

    Manning… IN

    Not good… it would be one the biggest wins in Bronc history if they can pull this off.

  • areferee

    If we aspire to greater things, then we have to be able to play with the big boys. We CAN do this, despite the odds, the pundits, and Archie Manning's offspring.

    We have them at home, early in the season and we're on CBS. You're right, A33-Man, this will be BIG…and sweet. The cream always rises to the top. Let's see who steps it up, or if they roll over because they don't yet believe in themselves.

    I think most of us do. GAME ON!

  • anthony33

    It would be a turning point for the season and represent a turning point for the franchise… no doubt.