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Published on 09/16/2010 at Thu Sep 16 12:21.
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  • TheTroglodyte

    Of course in Woody's plug for Hillis he failed to mention that Hillis also fumbled the ball TWICE out of just 9 carries which is exactly what landed him in the dog house with McD.

    Woody Paige is such a WOODY

  • areferee

    The more I listen to and watch our Mr. McFidget, the more I become convinced he can say nothing of any substance. Do you suppose it's because he has a “tick” or some sort of infection? He's beginning to make my skin crawl.

    He should be nervous. He's about to enter a stadium on Sunday, filled with 75,000 pissed off people running out of patience with him and his empty platitudes and weak-kneed responses to candy-coated fluff questions from the media.

    There. I feel better…again!

  • T-Money

    I'll tell you what. If we lose again I'm gonna be right there with you. I'm really dislike the way that he presents himself. He should have the word Hubris tattooed onto his forehead.

  • Joe

    To all you McDaniels haters, just go away!!! Because McDaniels needs to stay. Take a look at how Houston handled Gary Kubiak, a first time head coach, they had patience with him and its paying off!!!! Granted I hope it dosent take 5 yrs but if it does I'm sure it will pay off. That 's all we need is to fire him and have to start all over again!! And then he gets another head coaching job somewhere else and then takes that team on t the promised land. GO BRONCOS BABY!!!!!

  • areferee

    On the money, Money!

  • areferee

    I don't hate him and I wish him nothing but success. BELIEVE ME! He just drives me CRAZY. Not just the fidgeting, but his seeming lack of continuity and substance.

    T-Money has it right. Where does all this arrogance come from? Certainly not his 8-9 regular season record. Not from his squandering talent or his inability, (so far), of matching performance with rhetoric.

    Bronco fans have been more than patient with him. It's time for him to return the favor, or he can expect to feel the heat at Mile High Stadium. (Yeah, yeah! I know…Invesco).

    And you're right on with “Kube”. Good man, deserving of good things.

  • Kyle

    HAS IT paid off? He has 0 playoff appearances, one winning season, and a 1-0 start. Love Kubes but easy there.

  • lars94

    Gary Kubiak took over a 2-14 Houston team and has made steady progress. The former coach, Dom Capers won 18 games in 4 seasons. Kubiak won 29 games in 4 years. To be fair McDaniels took over an 8-8 team and has maintained 8-8–this year will will tell.

  • bpdouglass

    The Broncos have a pass rush?

  • Ken Boy

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