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Published on 08/02/2010 at Mon Aug 02 21:00.
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On why the offense had to run a lap

“False start, not enough in the huddle, sloppy. Too many mistakes late in practice and when you get tired things like that can happen and we certainly can’t allow it, so just a reminder that that is the kind of stuff that will get you beat.”


On the running backs

“They’re really learning, they’re all kind of like rookies, even though they aren’t all rookies in terms of the years in the league. They behave like rookies at times but they’re demonstrating toughness, which we like. We like that about all of them and the willingness to go out there and try to do what we want them to do, so we think this is a great opportunity because obviously you’re not just going to keep two backs on your roster so whatever time they get to spend out there in that huddle without (RB) Knowshon (Moreno) and (RB Correll Buckhalter) ‘Buck,’ hopefully it’ll serve us well as we go through the season so you’ll probably need them at some point.”

On a timeframe for RBs Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter to return from injury

“Each injury is different and each player – I’m not talking about just those two – but any player, they react and respond differently to treatment so we’re hopeful that both of them will be out here at some point sooner rather than later but again, there’s no timeline on those two. As soon as they’re healthy and ready to play and we feel comfortable with where they’re at in terms of rehabbing the injuries, then they’ll be out here.”

On DL Jamal Williams

“Hopefully, again, not too far off into the future but again, we’re not going to put any timeframe on that. We’re eager to have him out here too, as he is, but we’re going to be smart and make sure we do the right thing.”

On whether Williams is out due to injury or conditioning

“He’s just physically unable to practice right now.”

On whether the team’s execution was better today

“Better, but the thing we didn’t like is that it was better early and then faded late and we can’t do that. Practice is a microcosm of games and the season and we try to simulate a lot of those things in a practice and we can’t play well early in practice and then have two bad periods to end it – whether it be on defense, offense or either side. We’re just focusing on trying to put together two hours of good football and sometimes that’s hard to accomplish when you’re playing against each other, but that’s the goal.”

On the relationship between the veterans and the rookies

“We certainly don’t want anything silly to happen and those types of incidents but I think most of the things are good natured – the fight songs and those types of things – I don’t think anyone is too concerned about that and our guys have a good time with it. I think our veterans respect our rookies and the rookies know that they’ve got to continue to earn that respect through camp and certainly our rookies and young guys respect the veterans as well.”

On whether the defense had a better day than the offense

“I don’t know, there was some good and there was some bad. We made some progress defensively on some of the things we wanted to work on this morning, but I think it’s kind of back-and-forth. It’s hard to gauge that out here and some of those periods are carded periods where it’s really not ‘O’ versus ‘D’ and ‘D’ versus ‘O.’ We’ll watch the film and evaluate it. I thought the white (offense) did a nice job at the end of moving the ball down there in the two-minute drill, which is our first two-minute drill of the season and that’s always a good start offensively but there are things to fix on both sides.”

On whether the Broncos are using any new equipment this season

“Everything is available, I think until it’s mandated by the league that we have to do certain things, I think the best thing we can do is to make any and all equipment available to our players that they may want to use to try to protect themselves. We tell our team that there’s nothing more important than the health of the players and that’s the truth. So anything we can do will help our guys be safe we’re all for it and again, we’ll just try to provide that as much as we can.”


On how he prepared during in the offseason

“I just put in time – just worked and ran. You know, I worked real hard all offseason and it’s crazy, how winded you can still be out here during camp and stuff. You are just trying to give it your all. You know, I just put in the time. It’s important to me.”

On what has changed for him from last year

“You know, there was a lot of stuff on my plate last year –a lot of stuff that wasn’t just football and a lot of stuff that built up on me. But I just had to sit down and take a deep look at myself and realize that I am a football player and this is what I love to do. I really couldn’t tell you guys what I would be doing other than this, because I don’t know. I just had to check myself, this is what I love. This is what takes care of me and my family and stuff like that, so it’s serious now.”

On if he is looking for more playing time

“I want to play. Being a starter, that’s never been big on my list. Everybody would love to be, but I just want to contribute. I want to go ahead and start a legacy for myself and just live up to what people are expecting me to be. I know what I am capable of and I know what I expect to be.”

On if he is bigger than last season

“A little bit. I gained about six or seven pounds over the offseason and (I’m) just trying to carry it better. I have been carrying it for a few months now, so I can move like I was light.”

On if being bigger and stronger has helped him at his position

“Yeah, there’s still a lot of stuff technique wise that I’ve got to get right. as far as myself is concerned, if that’s what you are asking, but yeah I am stronger. I can feel that I am stronger.”

On how the competition is going at linebacker

“I don’t know. It’s a competition, and that’s what camp is always about. I don’t want to say anything to make it seem like I am a starter or, you know, that’s not even on my mind. I just want to help, and I want to get better and just do what the coaches are asking us to do out here and just gain their trust – whatever it takes.”

On how important the linebacker position opposite LB Elvis Dumervil is

“Yeah, it’s really huge. You know, a lot of spots are vital on this team and that’s one of the key spots. Opposite Elvis right now is (LB) Robert (Ayers), and he is coming along. I am confident he is going to be a great player and that’s just the type of team guy I am, Rob (Robert Ayers) is my friend and I am confident that he can get the job done, and I just want to convince the coaches that I am doing the same.”

On how he likes playing the linebacker position

“I love it. I realize this is what I should have been doing, for a long time. This is the most comfortable I have felt at it, especially after the OTAs. It’s kind of like I have been doing it for a few years now.”


On how today went for him

“Good. You know, the first few days are always tough, and you just have to push through. The guys are doing a good job of that.”

On what he has worked on most this offseason

“Conditioning. You want to be able to run all day as a receiver – that’s what you want to be able to do – outlast the defensive backs and come off the ball hard each play.”

On what he did different this offseason as opposed to years past

“Hills and kind of more focus on long distance running, not as much strength lifting – just try to maintain and just running track workouts.”

On how his mindset changed to make him want to try a new workout

“You look across the NFL and a lot of games are decided in the fourth quarter in the last two-minute drive and you want to be able to last – you want to be at your best when you need to be in the fourth quarter, so that’s what we’ve been focusing on.”

On what kind of distance running he did this offseason

“Like 400s, a lot of hill, resistance work, weight vest and so all the stuff you can think of I was doing. “

On the offense running a lap during practice

“It was just something. You jump off sides, you fumble the ball – you take a lap. It’s just a reminder that you can’t do those little things, so the whole time you are running around that lap the fans are cheering but we actually made some mistakes.”

On where his comfort level is at compared to the last two seasons

“Well, it’s my second year in the offense, so I am a little bit more comfortable in the offense. I know what every position is doing on the field as far the receivers, so you get comfortable with that and you know how to set other receivers up. You are being a decoy and you understand the offense and the ins and outs of it.”

On his comfort level at the slot position

“I don’t like to be labeled as a slot guy, but I do feel comfortable in there. Some of the stop-and-go stuff, quick cuts in and out – I like doing them both in the slot and on the outside.”

On what he has seen from the young receivers

“They’re big kids and they are learning on the run. They are throwing a lot at them right now, so it’s tough on them but they are doing a good job out here.”


On getting extra reps

“It was great – I wasn’t here for OTAs or during the summer workouts, so it was a great learning period for me.”

On learning a new system

“It can be difficult at times but that’s why we have to study at night when the coaches aren’t around.  We have to go around and study on our own.”

On filling in for injured players

“Yeah, I just have to get in the playbook a little harder. I was in there already, but with them (RB’s Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter) going out I just have to step up even more.”

On the difficulty of learning the playbook in a short amount of time

“Well, I came in with the rookies because I wasn’t here for OTAs, so that, hearing it one time and now hearing it again – you know, the repetition is coming to me.”

On whether he’d prefer to stay under the radar

“If I do that, I set myself up for failure.”

On the opportunity he has in Denver

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – I come from another team, you have two great backs in front of me and then it’s unfortunate that they both go down on the same day, but I just come in and that’s what they brought me in for, to help out when time is needed.”

On the difference between the offenses in Denver and Kansas City

“They have similarities with Coach (Josh) McDaniels and Charlie Weiss, the new offensive coordinator in Kansas City. They have similar systems but they all tweak something.”

On whether those similarities have made it an easier transition

“Yeah, but with the terminology and a few changes here and there, it makes it difficult.”


On why the offense had to run a lap

“You know, messing up. When you don’t do things right, those kinds of things happen. That’s just part of camp, part of what goes on, so I think it’ll make us realize we better start doing things the right way.”

On the entire offense running together

“Yeah, pretty much all of that. Everybody seemed like they were taking their turns messing up, so we’ve just got to focus. Everybody is tired and it’s hot and that’s when you really have to buckle down and focus.”

On his performance

“Everybody is just working hard, trying to get better and on the second day of camp, everybody is a little sore now. (We’re) just grinding away but it’s like that all around the league.”

On WR Matthew Willis

“Oh, the first two days he’s been awesome and he was like that in OTAs. He’s just been having a great camp and a great offseason and I saw that from him last year. He just keeps improving every day, so it’s been fun to watch.”

On the quarterbacks

“Great, they’re all throwing the ball great. They’re all working hard, so all three of them – I think we have confidence in all of them.”

On his son’s affinity for QB Tim Tebow

“Yeah, he does. He loved him at Florida and I’ve now taken (the spot as) his second-favorite Bronco now. Tebow passed me up, he’s No. 1 on the list. What can you do?”


On his offseason program

“I was here the whole time, 100 percent and I even stayed when we had those four weeks off. Stayed here, worked with (Strength and Conditioning Coach Rich) Tuten in the weight room and came out here and ran every day, so I was here from March 16 or whatever it was until July 31.”

On what he was focusing on during the offseason

“Everything – routes, quickness, hands, strength and power, everything.”

On his strong start to training camp

“It was 100 percent my goal to make a statement the first day and hopefully I did that and now I just have to build off of it and make sure it happens every day.”

On picking up the offense

“We’re building the offense so it’s new stuff every day so it’s being on top of the new things as well as the old things and preparing and being ready for your opportunity to make a play.”

On whether he feels there is an opportunity for him to make the roster

“Definitely. There’s always an opportunity for anybody willing to work.”

On being in his second year in the system

“That’s huge – last year was kind of learning just one position and it kind of held me back as far as being able to move around in the system and this year I understand all three receiver positions. If we go four wides, I understand the ‘Y’ so that automatically gives me more opportunity to get on the field and make plays.”

On whether there’s a wide receiver position he prefers

“Any, I just prefer to be on the field.”

On playing on special teams

“I’m on everything I can get my hands on besides field goal block so I’m multiple positions – kickoff, kickoff return – the more you can do.”

On whether he sees himself as a returner

“Hopefully, I’d love to return kicks, I want the ball in my hands and if I have to be on the front line blocking, I’m willing to do that as well.”

On drawing confidence from playing in last season’s final game versus Kansas City

“It was a good stepping stone. I know we talked about it earlier and that was good for me to have something to build off of last season coming into this season.”

  • mikebirty

    Matthew Willis sounds like an archetypal McDaniels player with the “do anything” attitude and also seems like a thoroughly bloody nice bloke. Can't wait to see him in the pre and regular season – could be a gem.

  • Kyle

    Easily the story of camp so far

  • areferee

    Brandon Stokley is a CLASS ACT!

    When his playing days are over, I hope the Bronco organization has the good sense to retain him on the coaching staff. He already sounds like a coach. Read between the lines in this interview. He is a pure Bronco and seems to be interested only in what is good for the team. We need to keep men like this…and this may be the year for his transition.

    Great article Kyle. Thanks.

  • Kyle

    Easily the story of camp so far

  • areferee

    Brandon Stokley is a CLASS ACT!

    When his playing days are over, I hope the Bronco organization has the good sense to retain him on the coaching staff. He already sounds like a coach. Read between the lines in this interview. He is a pure Bronco and seems to be interested only in what is good for the team. We need to keep men like this…and this may be the year for his transition.

    Great article Kyle. Thanks.