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Published on 08/01/2010 at Sun Aug 01 11:25.
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Kolby Smith, welcome to the top of the Denver Broncos‘ running back depth chart.

Broncos running backs Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter both left the team’s first training camp practice Monday morning with unspecified injuries. Moreno was carted off the field before Buckhalter limped off just a few minutes later.

Head Coach Josh McDaniels wouldn’t comment or speculate on either player’s status after practice.

UPDATE: Buckhalter is thought to have suffered a minor hamstring injury. The Broncos are awaiting MRI results for Knowshon, who injured his right knee. CBS 4 reports they are looking at his ACL.

Good thing the Broncos have J.J. Arrington as well… oh, wait.

  • mikebirty

    are there any mobile phone salesmen that could fill in?
    maybe trade for hillis ;)

  • MilehiMac

    Looks like Moreno may be out for a bit. Not sure whats up with Buck. Not good for the 1st day of practice…


  • Anthony33

    Your really have to wonder just how valuble the OTA's are. First frickin' day of practice and a torn hammy. WTF.

    How about a little rest after 6 months of taking a beating???

  • 12508

    Moreno is a bust!!! Stop making excuses for this guy. Once again our scouts screw up. When is Mr. Bowlen going to hire someone that knows how to draft FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Why are we looking up to the COLTS, STEELERS, JETS, DOLPHINS, RAVENS, BENGALS, AND CHARGERS? Because they have beat us in the draft the last five years. These are just AFC teams. Now we are also getting beat by the Chiefs and Raiders. Our GM has also goofed on free agents and players that have been traded for a bag of balls. If Tebow is not the QB of the future we are in big trouble. I just hope we are not sitting around on draft day with a shot at the Washington QB and decide to pass on him. This GM is going to cost Josh his job. What a shame. Josh can coach. I just hope it wont be for another team.

  • Jon

    Come back in four years before you call Moreno a bust


    Reports are that his hamstring IS NOT torn. He most likely sit for awhile:

  • Ian Henson

    It's a slight tear from what I'm hearing, updated the PM blog post with details.

  • Joe

    Fox 31Alert: NFL source tells Fox31 Knowshon Moreno's hamstring is not torn.

    Ian, where do you get your info from? I hope theres no slight tear or any kinda tear, he needs to have a good season

  • Amilehigh7

    OK Bengals fan, very funny. We realized you were completely full of crap when you threw your lousy team in with the others on the phony list of teams supposedly drafting better than Denver. Now go back to your T.O and Ocho Stincko chat room. Your rant was all B.S Moreno a bust…yah right!


    Fingers crossed until we hear officially tomorrow. Gulp!

  • 12508

    im a Bronco fan. Moreno is a joke. he cant stay on the field. he was given a shot to play every down last year. did you ever see him call to the sidelines for a breather? he did it all the time. if he was a #1 back we wouldnt be looking for help at rb. stop drinking the cool aid.

  • Jaded5210

    we are hardcore bronco fans. we disagree and agree with each other but bottom line a real fan does not compare your own team to another or puts them down. thats the disagreement. now the agreement is your right the owners and president of this great team make stupid decisions like getting rid of cutler and marshall etc…. instead of shutting mcdaniels up about getting the QB from the chiefs to replace cutler. know what really hurts is that mike shannahan is in washington coaching some other team instead of keeping him and your right mcdaniels wont last long cause of the owners but he will prove him self when we are the best this year i have a feeling we will so just hang in there fellow bronco fans keep the faith to keep our team motivated as we are the heart and soul of this team