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Published on 07/28/2010 at Wed Jul 28 16:27.
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Tim Tebow takes part in drills during Broncos minicamp at Dove Valley in June. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Tim Tebow takes part in drills during Broncos minicamp at Dove Valley in June. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

You can get a lot with endorsement deals, but you can’t buy class.

This afternoon on ESPN’s NFL Live Ed Werder reported that Jimmy Sexton, Tim Tebow’s agent, has requested a premium be paid by the Denver Broncos. That being because Tebow is a quarterback, the premium would make Tebow a higher paid player than Dallas Cowboys‘ rookie Dez Bryant.

The problem here is that Bryant was drafted 24th overall, Tebow was 25th, Demaryius Thomas was 22nd… If Tebow leap frogs Bryant whose contract will Thomas eventual contract be based off of?

Tebow’s hesitation will likely expedite other teams in wrapping up their first round draft picks now. However, it will freeze Denver for the time being.

From Tebow’s perspective it makes sense, quarterbacks take more hits than wide receivers, they should get paid more. From the Broncos stand point we will have to see, if they agree, we could see Tebow earlier than some expect. If the upfront money is at a premium, Josh McDaniels could be filling pressure quickly for having a $8-12 million dollar arm riding the pine.

Werder went on to quote McDaniels message to Tebow as being, “You’re (Tebow) missing time and you can’t afford to miss it. You’re not going to get these snaps back.”

It is of note that both Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn were at practice and on the field today.

  • inquiringmindswanttoknow

    How does the first paragraph tie into the rest of this post? What does class have to do with the situation discussed in the post? Please expand.

  • Bamabronco

    Check your facts. Bryant was drafted 24th, Tebow 25th, and Thomas 22nd. By the way, Tebow doesn't have to buy class. He has more than most people will ever have. His agent, on the other hand, needs to get Tebow off the hook and get his deal done.

  • Flbronc

    agree with bama… tebow needs to get into camp pronto. he always says it is about playing football and being the best player he can be… by holding out, it says he is (or at least his agent is) for the money. take a little less now. if hes as good of a player as he thinks he is, after he becomes a starter, he'll get a starter raise. if he becomes a probowler, he'll get a pro-bowler raise.

    his draft went way better than most imagined…. he easily could have been in clausens shoes and slid way down the board. he ought to take what his draft slot says he should make, not be a baby about it and prove that he can be a qb in this league, put himself in better bargaining position and take advantage of the next contract.

  • Ausbrunk

    f-ing rookies. nfl system is so broken

  • dogheadbrew

    Organized pay scale for NFL rookies anyone? I find it hard to believe Tebow is the one that is driving this “QB premium” issue. In that vein McD is playing it right to prod Tebow's desire to work hard.

    All that said, in instances like this, I take everyone outside of Schefter as conjecture and space filling.

  • Ian Henson

    In regards to his agent, not Tebow. Tebow's not the one securing his own marketing deals. Sorry, I hope this comment clears that up.

  • Ian Henson

    Completel agree FLbronc, where's the mans humility? Why is the head coach having to call you out on the first official day you're supposed to be there? If you're here to compete, get in before Kyle Orton & Brady Quinn (who are already ahead of you on the depth chart). All for what? A couple hundred thousand that shouldn't be relevant in a year or two, because you will have out performed that money anyway…

  • Ian Henson

    Even if Werder's wrong, Tebow's still not in uniform…

    I think the deal's done either tonight or tomorrow though.

  • robtink242

    Is there a money shortage in Denver… I dont think so…. Pay the young man and get him on the feild… I'm sure Tim Tebow has football at heart… but after all that work he has done in college he can rest assure knowing that it's pay day… we drafted a QB in the first round i don't care if its the 32 pick he wants more money that the number 20th pick… it's not like Tebow is a slacker or you doubt his work ethics… he probably the hardest worker on the broncos offense… all i'm saying is give the guy a decent contract simular to the way jay cutler's was organized… that way he can earn his pay check

  • dogheadbrew

    True, Tebow is not signed, but the reasons are only really known to the guys in the room. It's hard to say definitively he wants more than Dez, and that really does not matter. Unless it doesn't get done by Thursday night (arbitrary deadline by me).

    I'm just saying, Werder says they are squabbling about “QB premium,” and I say “It's possible.” Schefter says the Tebow camp wants an extra $100 bucks and a pack of gum, I'm running to the ATM and Kings.

  • Omar

    Thomas and Tebow won't be considered holdouts, however, unless they remain unsigned when the full squad reports for practice Sunday.

  • DLMyers

    Hey Ellis and Xanders, get THomas signed and in camp. He is the important one here not Tebow.

  • Andrew E.

    Nope, not buying it. When the Broncos finally got around to signing their top draft picks, each draftee got at least day when his turn came around. First Decker, then Beadles. Now it's Tebow's turn. He gets his day to negotiate. If the Broncos want all their rookies in camp on time then don't wait until the last f—ing minute to start the serious talks.

  • Ian Henson

    A final note, Jimmy Sexton works for Tim Tebow. Not the other way around.

  • areferee

    A message to Jimmy Sexton and The X-Man:
    You're messing with the franchise…

  • NMBronc

    It's all about football….gonna have to raise the BS flag on that one Timothy. Prove you can actually play QB and then look for a paycheck.


  • AtomicLeo

    Tebow learns quickly. The NFL is a job and since this might be his only big contract in his NFL career, go for as much as you can. Love how fans rip the agent over money when they like the player and rip into the player when he's considered a heel. Agent doesn't do anything without Tebow's OK and since the quality of life for any pro football player once their playng days are done is horrible, get what you can while you can.

  • Mark

    the whole “qb premium” thing is actually really common. it happens every year, just look up any recent drafts and you'll see that qb's almost always get more money than a non-qb that was taken before them. tebow will get the money he wants because that's just what happens when you draft a qb in the first round.

    on a side note, for some reason i feel like we'll be seeing tebow publicly apologize for any missed camp time. i wonder how that will be taken around the league.

  • Mark

    and one more thing, as of now there are only 3 signed 1st rounders. that makes it really difficult for the broncos to gauge how much they can pay him, so they are probably low-balling the offers anyway.

  • LevonZevon

    “Get what you can.” Egads, Atomic Leo. I was thinkin' the same thing myself, but for nervously different reasons.

    I'm hopeful he'll be a star who'll revolutionize our concept of the QB position (like Staubach, Tarkenton and Bobby Douglass before him). But seeing all those long-delivery softballs being floated in rookie camp isn't exactly filling me with confidence that T.T. can put some mustard on the ball and fit it into some tight spots (like along Mark Jackson's shoelaces in the dog-biscuit-covered Cleveland end-zone).

    Hopefully that's only a product of clips that show him mastering the new-and-supposedly-improved pro delivery. But since I didn't see any zip on the few drop-back Gator passes shown in the incredibly-repetitive draft-aired film package, I'm wondering if this is the only contract Tebow ever signs in the NFL?

    I know this isn't a contract-signing comment as much as its an urging to the honcho's at NFL Network or to ease up on BroncoNation's growing anxiety about Tebow's throwing velocity.

    After all, most of us aren't privy to the practices (and although reading Andrew Mason's positivity is encouraging, I'd sure look to see this with my own eyes).

    Thus, at the risk of being repetitive, I'd sure feel more confident if the next few days produce some clips of laser-like traditional passes whizzing by helmet ear-holes and landing with some non-casual velocity at someone other than a coach 15-yards down-field.

    No Elway-crosses are necessary on the bruised skin of our receivers' rib-cages. Just some clips with zip.

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