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Published on 07/26/2010 at Mon Jul 26 16:52.
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Broncos Camp Football

Former Bronco rookie quarterback Tom Brandstater (3) shows off his new haircut to rookie center Blake Schlueter (63) who also received a special trim. (AP Photo)

The NFL tradition of rookie hazing has become more publicized as of late, in light of Dez Bryant refusing to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads.

The unwritten rule is something along the lines of: “Hey rookie, carry my helmet, sing a song for your lunch, let me enhance your hair style,” or, as Stefan Fatsis recorded in his book ‘A few seconds of panic,’ the rookies can “suffer the consequences.”

When a rookie doesn’t cooperate, that’s a big no-no, or so I’ve heard. That’s why Bryant’s actions are getting so much attention – because he broke the rules. Disrespecting the vets isn’t a good way to start off an NFL career, and that’s something the Broncos’ rookies are aware of. A much better approach is to kiss up, as Tebow did during team OTA’s.

“Oh, that [rookie hazing] hasn’t started yet but it most certainly will,” said Broncos QB Kyle Orton. “The higher you get picked, the more hazing there is. Tim goes about it the right way – he offered to grab books for everybody and grab helmets for everybody and all that stuff so he goes about it the right way, he knows the deal.”

Tebow will undoubtedly have a less eventful camp than Bryant, as Bryant could find himself thrown into a cold ice tub, duct taped to the field goal posts, or worse. In the end, a rookie is still a rookie, and Tebow shouldn’t expect to be totally overlooked when it comes time for the Broncos annual rookie hazing.

I’m anxious to see what the vets may do to Tebow’s full head of hair – if they do anything at all. Former Notre Dame center Eric Olsen may be in some serious danger of his own. As Eric Decker pointed out, neither him or Demaryius Thomas have much to fear, as Tebow is the only one of the three that uses hair gel.

  • Tom

    How is Stanley Daniels doing, Jet fans miss him

  • Tom

    How is Stanley Daniels doing, Jet fans miss him