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Published on 07/07/2010 at Wed Jul 07 07:18.
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Eric Decker is saying goodbye to Lis Franc at Larry Fitzgerald’s football camp this weekand greeting a new world of NFL route running. When it comes to health Decker has not been a man of fortune. However, geography is acting quite favorably towards him because Fitzgerald’s camp takes place at Decker’s Alma matter, the University of Minnesota. Fitzgerald himself is native to Minnesota. This year Fitz brought a variety of  stars, including Michael Irvin and Roy Green.

“Especially being in my backyard, you can’t miss this opportunity. Having Michael Irvin, Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Green, great quarterbacks,” he [Decker] said. “Everybody is working hard together for a common goal and that’s to be the best you can be going into training camp.”

Not only is this a great opportunity for Decker, this is a great sign of progression. Eric Decker is finally out of the training room and onto the field and just in time for training camp.

“I didn’t get a chance to practice in OTAs and minicamp,” he [Decker] said. “I’m a little nervous and I’m anxious because I’m back to football, I’m back playing, I’m done in the training room and that’s exciting to me.”

Decker isn’t one-hundred-percent just yet, but he thinks he’ll be ready to go by July 26, when the rookies show up at training camp.

“It’s still a day-to-day thing and the training staff is helping me to move along and progress at a very good rate. I feel comfortable every day so that’s the best I can say.”

Just because Decker isn’t ready to go full blast yet doesn’t mean he’s not getting everything he can get from these all-stars. Decker himself is not known as a speed demon, at 6’3 and 218 pounds he had to fight for every catch he could get. This is something Michael Irvin may know a thing or two about.

“It prepares you from a conditioning level. It’s another step up competition-wise with all these guys running around, and just getting that experience from guys who have been there and been successful,” Decker said.

The wide receiver battle is most likely going to be one of the most tough match ups this training camp. The Broncos have already waived Dicky Lyons and Landis Williams, but those weren’t guys to be concerned about. Decker will have to be concerned with putting the same man out of a job that helped him recover with his injury, Brandon Stokely. Stokely isn’t the only receiver that should be concerned with making the team as well. Brandon Lloyd, Matthew Willis, and Kenny McKinley all have had strong OTAs, but they need to prove that they deserve to be there.

I for one am very excited to see Decker practice at camp. If it was not for his foot injury during his senior year Decker could have possibly been a first rounder. Instead Decker ended up being the 87th pick, wearing 87 for Denver, and doomed to be compared to the last great 87. I hope you like composite numbers Eric.

  • Jon

    Glad to see he's running routes again, I think he could come up huge for the Broncos this season. Major sleeper fantasy peoples

  • Big_Pete

    Our WR success relies on QB play.
    Thomas could be huge this year if we have a QB throw it down the field. Royal and Decker could be huge this year if Orton is our starter and keeps refusing to take any sort of chances with passes further than 10 yards upfield.
    Again, it all depends on our QB.
    Orton = Starter = Royal/Decker being big
    Quinn = Starter = Royal/Thomas being big
    Tebow = Starter = Potential for everyone, or potential for no-one to be big

  • dogheadbrew

    I'm excited about our receiver stable, regardless of our QB (it will be Orton). Royal, Stokley and Gaffney have all proven to be capable receivers in the NFL. McD obviously knows how to use Gaffney, and admited he used Royal incorrectly last year. With Thomas and Decker we could have big physical guys who don't have to be as open to get catches. Mix in some consistent RB play and some rec from the backfield and this off will be fine.

    Sure, chicks dig the long ball, but we don't need it to win. If Kyle (and Brady when Kyle is injured, which will happen) has three to five legitimate receiving threats every time he drops back we WILL move the chains and we WILL score. If we keep throwing accurate (say 60%+) and short to medium (six to fifteen yard) passes, the numbers suggest a good number of long drives. And hopefully not a lot of up-the-gut-for-nothing runs on third and two. If we can execute a paced and methodical game plan, we will keep the ball and wear down the def. Then in the second half some of the big fun plays will show up.

    A couple things to keep in mind. Last season, when Marshall's percentage of overall touches went up, our winning percentage went down (balanced attack wins games). Second, one of the greatest indicators of chance of winning and NFL game, is time of possession. When we have the ball, they can't score (unless we still have Cutler).

    Thank you, I will take my answer off air.

  • Just do me

    Decker is actually more of a downfield type of WR. He is tall, has amazing jumping ability and he has an uncanny nack for putting himself in the best position to make a catch (probably due to his playing center field on the baseball team in college).

    He is very strong so can break through bump coverage well but he is a slower guy so short slants are probably not going to be his strong suite.

    If Quinn becomes the starter, it is a clear advantage for him. Royal and Gaffney will benefit the most from Orton starting.

  • OC bronco

    Rookie wide receivers rarely have a big impact and both of ours came in limping. While I expect Thomas and Decker to both get substantial playing time this year I have a hard time believing either will post comparable stats to Royal and Gaffney but we have to hope at least 1 other WR keeps the opposing Defenses honest.
    Of course the future looks much brighter for these 2 and alongside mcKinley and Royal could make a very devastating combination for years to come!

  • herc_rock

    He's white? Dammit.

  • Dan

    He runs a 4.45 40, and with his size and catching ability, he will definately get most of his catches on short slants…especially as a rookie with Kyle at QB and McD calling the plays.

  • Dan

    Do we really need list all the great White receivers in the NFL past and present…Yes, most are catching TEs but complete studs none the less. Do I have to remind you what Dallas Clark did to our LBs last year.

  • Reverendofrock

    What the heck is he doing with Eddie Mac's number on??????

  • Wonderman

    Yep, he's White, thank God…just like Wes Welker who led the NFL with 123 receptions last year, which is tied for the second highest total in NFL history and averaged 8.8 receptions per game, also the second highest total in NFL history.

  • SivNiz

    Big Pete, I love the avatar. Do you have a link for a bigger version?

  • Big_Pete

    I don't. I only have the jpg. Also, if you find me on other blogs, you'll see my kool-aid pitcher with 13-3 Baby! written down.
    I wasn't the creator of them, I just thought they were brilliant.

  • crazykid

    He's honoring him. Decker called eddie mac to see if he could wear 87.

  • herc_rock

    That's nice and all, but it's not exactly Eddie's number to give away.

  • crazykid

    I get what your saying but Eddie Mac thought it was cool that Decker respected him enough to ask to wear his jersey and honor it. Eddie Mac sent Decker a signed jersey or something and gave him advice for the future, so i dont think Decker was really “taking away” Mac's jersey #.

  • crazykid

    I get what your saying but Eddie Mac thought it was cool that Decker respected him enough to ask to wear his jersey and honor it. Eddie Mac sent Decker a signed jersey or something and gave him advice for the future, so i dont think Decker was really “taking away” Mac's jersey #.