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Published on 04/22/2010 at Thu Apr 22 20:09.
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Tim Tebow holds on the ball as he looks down field for a receiver during Pro Day in Gainesville, Fla., Wednesday, March 17, 2010. (AP Photo/Phil Sandlin)

Tim Tebow holds on the ball as he looks down field for a receiver during Pro Day in Gainesville, Fla., Wednesday, March 17, 2010. (AP Photo/Phil Sandlin)

Tim Tebow is a Denver Bronco.

Arguably the greatest player in college football history was drafted by the Broncos with the 25th overall selection in the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Broncos traded 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round draft picks to move back into the first round and select Tebow. They earlier selected WR Demaryius Thomas with the 22nd overall pick.

After a year of trades that saw Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Peyton Hillis, and Tony Scheffler exported elsewhere, the Broncos’ offense has a youthful, long-term direction again. Will the picks pay dividends? Did the Broncos, despite trading down from 11th overall, reach for these players?

Broncos fans, we want to hear from you! Be sure to take our poll in the sidebar or after the jump. Your thoughts in the comments.

The Broncos select QB Tim Tebow in the 1st round. Do you approve?

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  • 1129jeff

    i doubt anybody as stupid as you, has season tickets.

  • Gambling addiction

    Hello Rick Mirer, good arm but won't use it, I think that his instinct is to run, run, run when the pocket gets tight.
    Mcwonder coach might be able to retrain him in time to save his job but, he certainly is “all in” ingnoring needs at o-line, d-line and jumping up and down the draft board for no apparent reason other than to benefit the Patriots.

  • Doom92

    LOL… fare enough. We will see, of course, if he is or not. But will you admit you are wrong and eat your crow like a man? Only since you know more than half of the NFL and its analysts, certainly more than McImmature (given your stand of course). If he sinks of course I would be the very first to say I was wrong. More out of disappointment than to say to you but none-the-less I would and will…

  • isaac

    ur trying to compare college stats when tebow clearly came from a better school and better talent thats just stupid if i have all day to trow the ball i have good stats 2..he could just throw the ball up and some one would catch the comparioson tebow and cutler just like when russel came out i knew he was a bust this is the same thing unless the move tebow to FB because he is not a QB..

  • spunkmeier

    Eat cock

  • spunkmeier

    eat cock

  • spunkmeier

    All Florida fans suck balls.

  • spunkmeier

    Hopefully for life. Fag

  • spunkmeier

    Ben, eat shit. Your thoughts are fucked and flawed.

  • spunkmeier

    Bandwagon Bitch!

  • spunkmeier

    You probably like chewing a turd though.

  • spunkmeier

    Finally, a logical thinker.

  • Joe Bob

    Where are your seats located?

  • gatordadincolorado

    Tim Tebow has been one of the best QB's in the college ranks. I feel he will make a big difference in the Bronco Lineup. I have followed his college stats and they are great. Being a Gator Dad living in Denver I think you poor losers of Bronco Fans should give Tebow a chance and keep your foul language in check! I've been a Buc fan for over 30 years but now I'm a Bronco's fan with TIM TEBOW. GOD Bless Him!

  • mike32570

    My guess would be his seats are located in the 3rd and 4th sh**er

  • mike32570

    are you just upset that your goat just died and you won't have anything to screw anymore…. look on the bright side you can always move to New Zealand

  • mike32570

    I love how you have broadened your vocabulary… I can tell you have your Masters Degree at McDonald's University

  • ivy

    elway was drafted to the colts, then traded to denver

  • lzr1

    Tim Tebow reminds me of another (bible thumper) Kurt Warner, they seem to have the same veiws. Maybe more of us should be thumping the bible. Give the kid a chance. It worked out pretty good for Kurt.

  • Lil

    Give them to me. I can't wait to see the player that ever mother wishes her daughter would marry play. Give me squeaky clean with values. I am just one of the tens of thousands of new Broncos fans because of Tebow.

  • NewTebowFan

    Your a D-Bag and Its obvious you don't have season tickets to make such a stupid comment

  • dennislittle

    Hi Markydenver,

    I will buy your season tickets. I think Tebow's faith is the best part, you ever read about David killing Goliath. Its the kind of faith that gets the job done. By the way hope u like extremely hot weather in case you don't find out the truth before its too late. :)

  • jay

    I've seen every college game Tebow's played, three in person. Truth about Tebow at UF: Looping windup; most of the time decides to throw/run after first read; operates out of spread (duh).

    Stuff you read that's not true: Below average arm strength and an inaccurate passer. Absolutely not true. Tebow can zip the 30 yard out pattern; he has above average arm strength and accuracy. He throws the deep ball very well.
    Tebow in college has a passer rating of 120, far higher than Peyton or Eli Manning did. He is one of the most accurate and efficient passers in college football history in the toughest conference.
    He averaged more than 1 yard per attempt more than either of them.
    He completed a TD on 8.9 percent of his pass attempts — easily outpacing Peyton, who threw a touchdown on 6.6 percent of his pass attempts. Tebow's accurate and makes good decisions: he threw an interception on just 1.52 percent of attempts — easily the best of other recent outstanding college quarterbacks.

    He's football smart and will work harder than anyone. So learning Denver's system won't be a problem.

    So it comes down to this: can he change is delivery to get the ball out faster? I think the answer will be yes and that Tebow will be an outstanding QB and team leader.

  • poston

    ur a georgia fan lol

  • Paul

    I do not know his religeous views, but by that remark I am guessing you are a hard core liberal. How do I know? You bash everyone that does not think your way and you think everyone should live YOUR way. Move to russia.
    As I read on, it appears that most of the Bronco fans have class, So Go Bronc's and Tebow My son will wear your number with Honor.

  • you r

    you just described a republican. Markydenver is just an idiot.

  • football fan

    You might think that Tebow is a waste of a first round pick but you are human waste. Who cares what this talented althete's personal believes are. People such as yourself should not be entitled to an opinion, only an ass kicking……… loser!

  • jeremy

    Tebow is a horrible quarterback. College and the NFL are two different creatures. If Tebow was serious about coming to the NFL he should have been working on his throw while he was in school, not a few months before the draft. Also he may be good but he is two years out and we could have taken him in the second or third round, saved a ton of money and if he fails it wont hurt the pocketbook as bad.

  • jk

    what does that have to do with football d/a

  • jk

    what does that have to do with football d/a

  • Army-84

    What a dumbass thing to say! Tebow’s faith and leadership are the very things that will turn around the Broncos franchise. His love for God and his strong work ethic are things that Denver will thrive off of. I wish I had your season tickets because they would not be wasted. Its funny that the bible says on Judgement Day EVERYBODY WILL CONFESS THAT HE IS LORD! This is whether you choose to accept Christ or deny him!